Episode 13: The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses

Hello again readers, friends and family.  Thank you for joining me to review “The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses”.  It is a solid episode dabbled with humorous bits and it is quite enjoyable.  It treats us to only one guest star, but the part he played is a memorable one.   It’s the second time something is broken in the house and the kids must scheme under the radar to see it is fixed.  This time however, their intentions are much more noble than when Carol’s favorite vase was shattered.  Let us begin our review of “The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses”!



The episode opens with a location shot.  Jan is riding her bicycle down the streets of some nameless suburb.  Back at the Brady house, Mike and Alice discuss their scheme to get Carol out of the house.   Mike is having a photo taken of the children as a surprise anniversary gift for Carol.  Alice is faking a toothache so that Carol will have to take her to the dentist.  Let’s hope it was actually time for her regular checkup/cleaning because seeing how her tooth really didn’t hurt, that would make an awkward trip to the dentist chair, not to mention paying for the visit.  “Oh hi doctor, the man I work for needed his wife out of the house…..”  In a funny line, as Alice feigns her toothache and need to see a dentist and Carol expresses her concern, Alice says, “I wouldn’t dream of letting you drive me” before Carol has even offered such.  In a chuckle worthy line, after Alice has left the room, Mike says to Carol “Poor Alice”.  For some reason I just got a kick out of Robert Reed delivering this line.  Mike and Carol soon receive a call from the man who oversees the playground stating that Jan left there riding another girl’s bicycle.  There is even an eyewitness who said she stole it!  This eyewitness must be some kid who likes drama.  To say he/she “witnessed” Jan “stealing” the bike would suggest that Jan was seen sawing the lock off and darting away or that it was pointed out to Jan that wasn’t her bike and she replied to some effect she was aware of that and rode away.


As soon as Jan is home, things are cleared up and what should have been Mike and Carol’s first thought is confirmed.  Jan took the wrong bike by mistake.  Carol even acknowledges the similarity between this bike and Jan’s.  This bicycle must be a dead ringer for Jan’s as the only difference that is pointed out is that Jan’s has some damaged chrome over the front wheel.  Jan is told to return the wrong bike and hurry back so she and her siblings can go have their picture made.



To keep Carol fooled, Alice has crammed some chewing gum along her jaw to suggest it is swollen.  It is totally unnecessary as one can have a severe toothache without having a swollen jaw.  Carol states she thought Alice’s toothache was on the other side of her mouth as they leave for the dentist.  As soon as both ladies are out the door, Mike summons the kids and they all come downstairs dressed in their finest duds.  It is a good thing Carol didn’t bother to poke her head in their bedroom doors and tell them she was leaving!  She’d have known something was up when she saw them all dressed up.



The next scene is one of the funniest of the third season, if not the series.  The photographer, Gregory Gaynor, is a memorable one time character.   After Mike says the positioning of the children looks great, Gregory Gaynor says it would to an amateur (pronounced by him as ama-teer) but not to Gregory Gaynor.  Then he doesn’t reposition the kids at all!  Just as he is about to snap the photo, he realizes he forgot to put film in the camera.  After rummaging through some things, he finds the film and puts it in the camera.  Again, just before snapping the picture, he realizes he has forgotten something else.  He wants to use color film, but inserted black and white.  As he struggles to get the film back out of the camera Mike even asks if he needs a hand.  I only noticed this on the third playback of the scene.  It was a nice subtle touch.  After the film debacle is resolved and the picture taken, Gregory Gaynor says, “That was perfect kids, now lets take some better ones.”  With the picture taken, Mike and Gregory discuss the final details.  Gregory says he will have the picture delivered and Mike explicitly instructs him not to as the picture is a surprise anniversary gift. Gregory Gaynor likes surprises.  He asks Mike how long he has been married and Mike replies three years.  It’s the first blended family reference on the show in some time.  Upon seeing that Mike has six kids after being married three years, Gregory laments how everything nowadays is “rush, rush, rush”.

Robert Nadder as Gregory Gaynor

Gregory Gaynor (listed in the credits as Mr. Gaylord) was played by Robert Nadder.  This episode was his first on camera appearance per IMDB.  It would be one of two appearances on The Brady Bunch.  While never having a recurring role, he would go on to appear on several other hit shows like Starsky and Hutch, Knot’s Landing and My Two Dads.  He also appeared in a number of feature films to include “Foxy Brown”, “The Main Event” and “Love At First Bite”.  His final acting credit was in 1993 in a film titled “Assolto per aver commesso il fatto.”  Robert Nadder died in 1995.  He has no Wikipedia page and there was not much additional information available online  about him.



The episode’s b-plot begins in the next scene.  Carol has received a letter from Jan’s teacher stating her grades are slipping.  In 9th grade (1992) I had an old fashioned teacher call my mom about some slipping grades.  I am sure an earlier era would have seen a letter go home.  Perhaps some readers with school age children can confirm if teachers still make outreaches like this.  Jan is summoned to Mike’s den where he and Carol notice Jan struggling to read the letter.  It is suspected here that Jan might need glasses.  Jan is quite distraught at the idea.  She fears she will look goofy and Vernon McGuire will go bananas.  Carol asks if that is bad and Jan confirms such.  I was kind of curious myself as I would have thought “going bananas” meant crazy in a good way.


It is a new day and Mike is arriving home.  As he heads to the house, he is instructed by Alice to follow her to the garage.  The mixed up photographer has delivered the photo, even after Mike instructed him not to.  Alice hid it in the garage since Carol had all ready searched that location high and low for her anniversary gift.  Instead of hiding it again, Alice leaves it out in the open in plain sight.  I sure hope nothing happens to it!



Jan and Carol are arriving home in the next scene.  Bobby and Cindy discuss Jan’s new look while working a jigsaw puzzle.  Cindy suspects Jan will look funny in her glasses and Bobby has all ready taken to calling her four eyes.  Mike enters and says there’ll be no more of that kind of talk.  Jan feels low enough being bespectacled and comments like that will only make things worse.  Jan enters and Mike tells her how nice she looks and Bobby and Cindy agree.  The scene continues here and includes a part that must have been cut from syndication.  Bobby and Cindy stare awkwardly at Jan and she instructs them to confess how they really feel about how she looks.  Bobby and Cindy continue to share how nice Jan looks with a barbed compliment that she looks like a school teacher.  Cindy has a funny line and says they are not saying nice things because Mike told them to.  Bobby boasts he didn’t even call her four eyes once.  Jan walks away irked.


Despite a scolding from Marcia, Jan doesn’t wear her glasses when going to the library to see Vernon McGuire.  If she was going there to meet him to study or something like that, there must have been a lot of squinting and confusion on her part.  Perhaps even Vernon suggested Jan needed glasses.



Jan’s failure to adorn her glasses will result in some major problems.  While arriving home from the library, Jan’s impaired vision prevents her from seeing the garage wall that lies before her.  The garage wall where the photo Mike is giving Carol sits!  Jan smashes into the photo, ruining it.  Okay readers, if Jan’s vision was this poor, how did she even make it home from the library?  If her vision impairment also has her depth perception so skewed, she should not be riding a bike, or even walking, on a city street!  Perhaps she is stricken with tunnel vision as she failed to notice the garage walls around her as she continued barreling into the garage.  It wasn’t like she was slowing down either!  Her collision with the photo/wall left her and her bicycle laying on the ground.  The level of the destruction of the photo makes obvious it took one strong hit!  Greg tells Jan, ” Boy, have you done it.”


The next scene has Carol still searching for her anniversary gift.  Mike catches her in the act and she feigns searching for a sweater.  This scene must have been filmed late into the day/evening.  That is the most unkempt I recall ever seeing Robert Reed while playing Mike Brady.



Any repair efforts put forth by the kids prove to be futile.  The picture is ruined and must be retaken.  Jan called the photographer and he has lost the negative. To Greg’s relief, the photographer says he won’t have to charge for another negative, but in a funny line has shared he will have to charge for another photograph.  Kudos to the writers of this episode for even mentioning the possible solution of a negative and working a funny line into it.  Jan hits her brothers up for a temporary loan, but they are all tapped out.  The same applies to her sisters.  We get the first “dumb Cindy” line a while as she says she could loan Jan her coin collection, but she hasn’t started it yet.  Jan states she has a way to get the money, but won’t share how.



The next day, the kids attempt to sneak out of the house in their best attire.  Greg says he has a hot date to meet a girl at the pizza place and wants to look really heavy.  Peter and Bobby tell Alice their play clothes are clean, but their nice clothes are kind of dirty.  So, they are looking to further dirty their nice clothes and keep their play clothes clean.  It’s an absurd line and premise.  On any other episode, Alice would have sent them right back up stairs to change out of their suits.  Can you imagine Bobby coming home with the red dirt of a baseball field smeared across his suit or Peter’s slacks smelling like swamp water after catching frogs?  To Alice’s credit, she states she does detect some “fancy footwork”.  Alice then fires up the vacuum.  The sound effect has changed since we last saw her clean the carpet.  It sounds like an actual vacuum this time and not a ray gun from a science fiction show.  The noise of the vacuum allows the girls to slip unnoticed past Alice.  They are confronted instead by Carol at the front door. Marcia says they decided it would be fun to dress this way.  Carol is suspicious but not deducing enough to figure out this could be related to the anniversary gift she’s been searching high and low for.



The photographer is just as befuddled as he was before.  Greg notices the kids are not standing in the same position as before.  Cindy and Jan trade places .  Gregory Gaynor reminds the children he took the photo and remembers their positions exactly. He then realizes they were correct in repositioning themselves.  The funny scene continues as Bobby asks if there is film in the camera.  Gregory Gaynor assures him there is.  Peter then asks if it is color film and he too is assured.  However, the photographer then checks to make sure it is color film.  I bet this man took some wonderful pictures as his subjects were often laughing and smiling at his absent minded nature.



Things wrap up quickly from here.  It is the day of the wedding anniversary and Carol and Alice are making breakfast.  We get the first line from Alice in a while to suggest she is a lonely old maid.  Carol says “You know how husbands are” and Alice replies she does not, but wishes she did.  Mike enters and gives Alice the signal to summon the rest of the family.  There is a brief moment of affection between the two before the kids come busting in with their anniversary gifts.  Carol opens Mike’s gift first and asks how the kids managed to sneak out.  Does she not recall confronting the girls at the door a few days before?  She then delights that Jan wore her glasses in the photo.  This clues Mike in that the photo was not the same one taken when he was present.  Upon confronting Jan, she fesses up to what happened to the first picture.  The episode’s talking to reminds her how dangerous it was to be without her glasses while riding her bicycle.  The punishment given is a two week grounding from her bicycle.  Ever the noble Brady, Jan says this punishment won’t suffice as she sold her bicycle to pay for the photo replacement.  Mike determines that to be punishment enough and suggests they might find a way to buy the two wheeler back.


The epilogue has Carol hanging the photo in the bedroom.  It appears to be taking the place of the wedding photo that hung there previously.  During the epilogue we learn that Alice’s dentist found three cavities during her visit for the fake toothache.

“The Not -So-Rose Colored Glasses” is The Brady Bunch in top form.  The episode’s plot is very believable with some good doses of humor included (Cindy’s coin collection line notwithstanding).  The only real issue I have is Jan’s vision impairment that saw her going full speed into the garage and Alice allowing Bobby and Peter to go play while wearing suits.  The acting is solid all around and Robert Nadder played a very funny guest role.  Next week we will review “The Teeter-Totter Caper”.  See you then!



Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

26 thoughts on “Episode 13: The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses”

    1. This is another case of a sitcom where an episode is all about a big acquisition (e.g. pets, upright piano, etc.) and the new item never appears again. This case is even more pronounced when the Bradys get a new Jan for their variety show. I don’t recall the new Jan ever wearing glasses when she appeared on the show.

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      1. That is true. There was a Simpsons episode when Mr. Burns gave the family a huge Polynesian statue. Later episodes saw it sitting in their basement. I appreciated that. However, on Good Times there was a big to do over JJ’s painting of Black Jesus hanging on the wall. In the end the family decides it will stay, but it is never seen or mentioned again!

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    2. There is a line from Season 4’s “Goodbye, Alice, Hello” where Alice, noticing Jan squinting at the diner menu, tells her to wear her glasses. I don’t recall if Jan did that or not, but they were mentioned at least.
      While there was big drama in Season 1 when Marcia had to get braces, Jan(!), Bobby & Cindy all wore them later on with no problems at all.

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  1. Is Mike under obligation to explain to the photographer that “six kids in three years” is because of the blended family/remarriage, not because of any extraordinary effort on his part?

    The Bradys have a tendency to drop inside jokes on unsuspecting people. This happened when the Bradys left the Grand Canyon and the kids called themselves the Brady Braves to the tollbooth lady. It happens again when the parents explained to the teacher how they got Peter back on track, portraying Benedict Arnold in the school play.

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    1. I suppose it is Mike’s prerogative to explain or not explain. I think the question and answer was there just to afford us another glimpse at the photographer’s flighty ways. A similar exchange occurred in the first episode when Mike and Carol checked into the honeymoon suite.

      You are right. The Bradys did enjoy an inside joke from time to time.

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      1. Recently I saw a commercial that illustrates the opposite of how Mike handled his exchange with the photographer. In the ad, a couple rushes through a maternity store, buying things for their new baby. At the checkout line, the cashier asks when the baby is due. When the mother-to-be says “four hours”, the cashier reacts with a puzzled look. Then the father-to-be gives her an explanation.


  2. Another fascinating review. I always enjoyed this episode, especially with the absent-minded photographer.

    I am a bit puzzled when you refer to your Freshman English teacher in the early nineties as “old-fashioned” for calling about grades. Isn’t that how one would expect a teacher in the pre-internet era to contact the parents? Had she sent a letter, that would have been old fashioned. Once telephones became the norm, notes became passé, almost two generations earlier.

    Also, as a veteran teacher, I can assure you that all teachers contact patents, sometimes by phone, sometimes by email, when students are failing. It’s part of the job, and in this day and age of CYA and liability concerns, when parents don’t hesitate to complain, we spend much more time contacting parents than ever before. Sadly, with cell phones and voicemail, it can also be harder than ever to reach them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the kind compliment and for working to educate young people! If I had it to do over again, I would have been a teacher. Today, family obligations prevent me from returning to school and also meeting the student teaching requirements (6 months with no pay!).
      As for the “old fashioned” comment. This was the first time since first grade that a teacher contacted my parents about poor school performance and this was not the first time my grades had slipped. To me, her making this call was definitely out of the norm and something I’d only seen on television. Perhaps my school system just held the teaching staff to a lower standard. I am happy to hear there remains that motivation among today’s educators to elicit parental involvement. Again, thank you for what you do!

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  3. Great review and great comments everybody. Here are a few random late night thoughts from me.
    1. This episode aired in December 1971… Only two years and three months after the Brady Bunch premiered. I was getting ready to nitpick that Mike’s three year anniversary statement was incorrect.. but as I’m writing this I realize that the pilot was filmed a year before the series debuted (why the kids are noticeably smaller in the pilot)… so it is certainly plausible that they got married around December of 1968 – three years before this episode aired.
    2. Greg has the goofiest face ever when he watches Jan right before she runs into the picture in the garage. The only other time I’ve seen Greg with a goofier face is the episode where Barry Williams is high on camera.
    3. Since they went out of their way to mention that Jan’s bike had a dented fender…the one or two times they showed her on her bike.. and not the one she accidentally stole… I don’t see any dented fender…even AFTER Jan crashes into the photograph.. does anyone else?
    4. I don’t like the way they do jigsaw puzzles on The Brady Bunch. Most people I know put the frame together first but they never do that on The Brady Bunch… LOL
    5. The humorous way that the kids rearrange themselves for the second picture reminds me of when the boys rearrange themselves on their Tiki poles in the Hawaii episode about 9 months after this episode. Betting that the same writers did both episodes!
    6. Mike pays more interest to the photographer and the camera than Greg and Bobby do… when just a few episodes back both boys were very active with their photography hobby and had even fancy equipment. I found this funny for some reason.
    7. Arguably could invent a drinking game for this episode where every time a striped shirt appears one takes a drink. Never seen so many striped shirts in a Brady episode!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for commenting Marty. I noticed that about Greg too when Jan was coming into the garage. I didn’t think to look at the chrome on Jan’s bike, but I am glad you observed that for us! Striped shirts were everywhere! The one Marcia was wearing while she told Jan she was very flattering on her.

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    2. About the anniversary nitpicking, I thought about the same when Mike stated that he & Carol were facing their 20th anniversary during “A Very Brady Christmas”, which aired in 1988, but I remembered the same about the pilot and soon after knew that it had been filmed in 1968, not 1969.

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  4. A solid episode! The absent-minded photographer is one of the funniest guys in the series! He also played Alfred Bailey, the Silver Salesmen in “Amateur Night.” Syndication cuts out some of his lines when the photo is taken for the first time, which sucks because they are hysterical! Good that ME TV leaves them intact!

    I recall his name to be “Gregory Gaylord.” (Not Gaynor.) The name of Jan’s boyfriend to me that she is supposed to meet at the library sounds like “Bernie McGuire.” What do you readers think?

    Agree that with Jan’s visual perception, if that bad, she should not be riding her bike. Barry in his Growing up Brady book says that at the time this episode was filmed, Eve Plumb became near-sighted and had to wear glasses in real life. It was nice to have this storyline reflect an actual personal experience from one of the kids! Barry says that Eve wore her glasses in every episode filmed after this. His book has a lot of mistakes and continuity errors and I am not sure about this.

    Yes, Cindy’s coin-collection line was stupid. Also, no way that Alice would allow Peter and Bobby out to play in their good suites. I never really thought about that until this review! Great observation, Mike! Maybe the writers could not find another way to make the scene work? They probably should have just omitted the scene with the kids leaving the house for the photographer’s studio, and just pick up with the kids getting ready to take the second photo. The script flow would have been better that way.


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    1. Thanks Jack! It seemed to me when the photographer referred to himself he said Gregory Gaynor. However, when Alice referred to him it sounded like Gaylord. The credits also said Gaylord. Maybe the name was different in another version of the script.

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  5. Excellent review as usual! And great comments, everyone!

    This episode seems to be among the favorite episodes of a good number of Brady Bunch fans, and I’m certainly no exception.

    Some thoughts:

    1) Re: whether or not we ever see the portrait again… I was thinking that we did see it again at some point, I didn’t think it just made this one appearance and disappeared, but maybe it did…

    2) I’ll bet Alice thought of the toothache idea so she could get a look at this dreamy Dr. Vogel guy.

    In an online dicussion about this episode, a bunch of us thought that a toothache was a stupid idea since the Dentist would probably charge for the appointment time… but then someone brought up the point that if the Bradys gave this Dentist all their family business, he probably wouldn’t have minded not charging Alice under the circumstances. Of course, it turns out that she did have some cavities anyway.

    3) Ann B Davis’ delivery was great when she said “Oh I wouldn’t dream of having you drive me” lol

    4) The bicycle Jan “stole” could have been just parked there at the park, not necessarily locked to a bike rack. I’ll say one thing, the Brady girls sure did wear nice clothes when they went to the park to play!
    As I recall, Marcia and Jan were both nicely dressed when they first came home from Woodland Park to announce that the park was closing. And Jan wears a nice blue dress here.

    5) Hard to believe that a little damaged chrome would have been the one and only difference between Jan’s bike and the one she “stole”. But I guess it’s possible.

    6) You’re right about having a toothache without a swollen jaw. I guess Alice just wanted to lay it on thick

    7) The zany photographer was well cast. I remember thinking his voice might be a good fit for a silly cartoon character of some kind, but I don’t guess he ever got involved as a voice actor. Excellent catch by Jack to point out that he made another appearance as the silver platter salesman.

    8) lol at Greg saying he’ll have the picture delivered… really stupid, Greg, you want Carol to see the picture before the big day?

    9) Re: Letters from teachers…When I was in school (I was almost 10 when the BB first went on the air), we got report cards 4x per school year. However, in addition to report cards, some kids got what were called “Progress Reports”. Not sure if these were mailed or given to the kids to bring home with them. I never got one of those, but I think these reports were sent home to parents if either 1) a child started out the year doing well but their grades started to slip; or 2) a child started off poorly but was showing good improvment. It was a way to keep parents up to speed on their child’s grades so that problems could be dealt with without waiting for report cards to officially come out.

    10) I would agree that Jan did not use the term “bananas” correctly 🙂

    11) Re: Carol snooping to find her anniversary present… that is one aspect of this episode that’s always mildly annoyed me. What is Carol, like ten years old?? She has to snoop around for her present? Her anniversary will be here in a couple of days, just be cool already! Geez!

    I guess I could give it a pass since giving and receiving surprises is a fun part of marriage, and having been married only three years, Mike and Carol could still be said to be somewhat in a “honeymoon” stage.

    12) Amazing how Bobby and especially Cindy just never knew when to shut up. Cindy was funny though when she told Jan that they’re not just saying nice things to her because Mike told them to. That was her cute line of the episode (dumb line comes later).

    13) When Marica and Jan are in the driveway and Marcia scolds Jan fot not wearing her glasses, did you notice that when Jan took off, she says “Ciao” to Marcia, who then repeats the line “Ciao??” That was funny

    14) lol I always wondered how Jan managed to get anywhere without her glasses if her vision is that bad. In fact, I figure it would be more like the Jan from “The Brady Bunch Movie”, running into mailboxes and accidentally hitting Mr. Dittmeyer (who’s in his car).

    15) It was indeed a good catch for the writers to mention the negative as a possible solution, and to devise a scenario which made it impossible. Lots of Brady episode have major plot holes, but they covered that one well.

    16) Great obervation about the vacuum cleaner sound effect!

    17) lol I also always wondered how Carol never made the connection between catching the girls at the front door being all dressed up and the fact that they’re wearing those very clothes in the picture.

    18) Without Carol pointing it out, I wonder how long Mike would have gone before he realized that Jan had her glasses on in the picture? I can see him, months later, looking at it and saying “Hey, wait a minute…”

    19) Good obervation by Jon H that the BB dealt with both getting braces and getting glasses. Those are probably the two things feared most by kids, even though a huge percentage of kids have to get at least one of those, if not both. And the fact that so many other kids have glasses/braces doesn’t make a kid feel any better about having to get them himself.

    20) ClassicTVLover – Thank you for your service in teaching… teachers are, for the most part, underpaid, under appreciated, and overworked…and not respected nearly as much as they should be.

    21) Marty McFly – lol, I’ll have to check out the jigsaw puzzles the next time I see any of the Bradys doing one…you’re right, most everyone puts the frame together first.

    22) lol, I loved when Alice snuck up on Peter and Bobby as they tried to sneak off… I’m sure she let them off the hook since it’s obvious they were scrambling to come up with a reason for being dressed the way they were. She knows they would never actually wear those clothes to play in, so she kindly let them off the hook, since they also seemed to be in a hurry.

    23) Good point from Jake about Jan telling everyone to meet her at the photographers and then she ends up leaving the house with Marcia and Cindy.

    I think this episode will always be a favorite with most fans of the show, it was indeed top-notch.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tweety..very entertaining comments. Jan would have been in the very early stages of near-sightedness…it is progressive over time. The way the writers made it appear that see couldn’t even see the garage is unrealistic. It made her appear that she had advanced stages of glaucoma or something! But they needed a plot line…hahaha. Loved the Ciao comment from you!

      Liked by 3 people

  6. If Carol had not pointed out that Jann was wearing her glasses in the picture, and Mike did not notice for several months, one might wonder if he might have forgotten that the picture was taken before Jan got her glasses.

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