Episode 16: Dough Re Mi

Greetings once again fellow fans, family and friends.  This week we review “Dough Re Mi”.  If first aired on January 14th, 1972.  While it is an entertaining episode, part of me still sighed when I realized what episode this was.  This episode set our happy blended family on a new course that would be prevalent in the rest of the series; the producers aspired to make the kids singing stars.  Personally, I liked the Brady kids as just normal suburban kids dealing with typical teenage problems.   Thankfully, not every episode going forward would focus on the children’s singing careers.  However, this episode marks the beginning of another phase of the series that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.  The episode itself is fairly solid, save the ludicrous conclusion.


The story begins with Peter and Bobby seeking entry to their bedroom.  Greg has locked them out.  They seek entry through the bathroom and for some reason must go through the girls’ room to get there.  The girls follow as Peter tries to quietly enter his bedroom.  Before he can, the door slides open and Greg says, “Get lost”.  Marcia asks, “Is he kidding?”  In a funny moment, Greg opens the door again just to say, “No.”  In his bedroom Greg studies over sheet music.  Satisfied with his work he rises and exits the house.  He passes through the kitchen and tells Alice and Cindy he’s “got it” and leaves.  Unless he shared with Mike somehow, he let nobody else in the house know his destination.


Outside, Carol and Alice are firing up the barbecue grill.  They both mention Greg’s telling nobody where he was going.  The phone rings and Peter answers.  It is Sam calling and he mistakes Peter for Marcia and then Jan.  This scene must have been cut in syndication because it was during this viewing that I first saw it.  I recalled  later in the episode Alice mentions Sam calling and thinking Peter was a girl, but never seeing it happen during the episode.


Peter goes outside and offers words of comfort that if Greg fails to come home due to some major injury, the police will call.  Greg then arrives home alive and well, yet bummed.  He shares that he is out $1 million dollars.  In a funny reply, Alice says it was easy come-easy go.  Greg knows the song he just wrote will make a pile of money.  However, to record his sure fire hit song, the recording studio will charge him $150.  In 2017 dollars, that is around $930!  Greg refers to the recording studio owner/manager as Mr. Dimsdale.  Peter ponders if this is the father of a classmate.


The next scene begins with an establishing shot of the Mercola Building.  A Google search of the name Mercola Buidling produced a result on the webpage http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2016/06/06/the-brady-bunch-megapost/.  It appearing in this episode must have been the peak of its notoriety as the Mercola Building.  It is now the Fred Hayman Building.  That link has some other fun Brady references.


Peter is visiting the recording studio to plead his brother’s case and hopes to get a discount for Greg since he is a friend of the owner’s son.  Greg refers to the place as the best recording studio in town.  Mr. Dimsdale must offer top notch recording at low prices because he saves money on office space.  The door from the hallway leads right into the studio’s control booth.  There is no front office, reception area or anything of the sort.  Peter’s entry interrupts a recording being done by The Five Monroes.  Mr. Dimsdale is polite enough and lets Peter know that $150 is the lowest price he can offer.  Peter assures him Greg’s song will result in a gold record.  Mr. Dimsdale tells Peter if he wants to see a guaranteed gold record, he should just watch The Five Monroes.  The Five Monroes were likely just an imitation of The Jackson 5, created for this scene.  I wondered if they might have been a legitimate band making a small cameo appearance.  A Google search produced only a reference to this episode.  Perhaps they were a group trying to make it big back in 1972, but the guaranteed gold record never came to be.


Back at the Brady house, Greg is suggesting to a very inattentive Bobby ways he could raise the rest of the $150.  In a humorous moment, Bobby replies to everything said with “Sounds great Greg” while watching a cartoon.  Peter suggests to Greg that the Bradys record his song as a family.  He even adds they will make three times as much as The Carpenters as there are only two of them and six Brady kids.  For those who may not know, The Carpenters were/are a legit singing duo.  Peter suggests that by doing this, the other kids can contribute to the recording studio fee and the recording can happen.


Greg gets clever in getting Marcia and Jan on board.  One will notice here that Jan is wearing her glasses.  Neither girl is interested in being part of The Brady 6.  As they both secretmoneytell Greg no, he suggests they said it wonderfully and asks them to each sing the word.  Then he has them sing it together.  He loves the sound and tells Peter it is too bad such melodious sounds will go to waste and the girls won’t be rich and famous like him and Peter.  This motivates the girls to contribute all their funds to the recording effort.  Cindy enters and is told to do the same.  Her money is hidden in a decapitated doll.


Earlier in the episode, Greg shared he had $43.12 to his name.  At that point, he was $106.88 away from recording his sure fire hit.  The next scene has him pleading with Mike for $96.88.  The other kids pooling their money resulted in only $10.  Greg tries to offer Mike a percentage of the first million his record makes, but Mike won’t hear of it.  If the kids want $96.88, it will come via an advance in their allowances.  In today’s dollars, he was giving the kids a collective $600 advance in their allowances.  .50 cents will be deducted from each week’s allowance until it is repaid.  That adds up to a shorted allowance for the next 32 weeks for The Brady Kids.  This might have been a good time for Mike to discuss with Greg that even after the record is cut, more costs await.  Recording that money making tune is only the beginning.  It is highly unlikely that Mr. Dimsdale is going to press copies of the record, promote and distribute it.  I know little about the recording business, so maybe Southern California at the time offered these things at no cost if the production company saw promise in the recording.


The viewers finally hear Greg’s guaranteed hit as the kids rehearse it in the family room.  “We Can Make The World A Whole Light Brighter” is a nice ballad that resembles many of the other popular songs of the day.  This is one of two songs performed in its entirety for this episode.


The next scene has Greg paying Mr. Dimsdale for use of the studio.  Mr. Dimsdale was played by John Wheeler.  This was his second appearance on the show.  He previously appeared as the postman in “The Tattle-Tale”.  He would also appear later in The Bradys in another role.  Per IMDB he has not acted since 2001 and he is still with us.


With the first conflict of the episode resolved, the second one arises in the next scene.  While the kids rehearse in the family room, Peter’s voice begins cracking.  Carol calls the first instance a clinker and Alice refers to the second as a clunker.  Carol then realizes those noises aren’t clinkers or clunkers, but Peter’s voice changing.  Here Alice references Sam’s phone call earlier in the episode where he thought Peter was a girl.


Greg tries to combat Peter’s cracking voice with steam and honey. Peter sits under a towel while warm vapors rise to his nasal passages.  Carol did something similar in “The Voice of Christmas”.  Readers, do any of you recall ever treating ear, nose and throat issues this way?  Or do you know of anybody who still uses this remedy today?


The next scene begins with Carol being awoken by strange noise.  She wakes Mike who asks if anybody in the neighborhood owns a pet coyote.  That is really what came to his mind to ask when being woken up?   The pair go downstairs to investigate.  As they make their way toward the noise, they encounter Alice yielding a baseball bat.  However, she is walking away from the noise.  The three find Peter laying in the front seat of the car squelching like an injured dog.  He is hoping that by making ongoing and continual noise, the changing of his voice will complete itself in time for the recording session.  It’s a sound enough line of thinking for a thirteen year old boy.  Alice goes back inside while Mike, Carol and Peter have the episode’s talking to in the front seat of the station wagon.  Carol references her brother, who has never been mentioned before, underwent a change in his voice.  Mike recalls when it happened to him.  Peter is unhappy that his voice changing is letting the others down.


It is a new day and the kids are taking a vote on whether to keep Peter in the group or “dump” him.  In the episode’s “dumb Cindy” moment, we learn she voted twice, thereby making the vote useless.  Although, it was funny how when they realized somebody had voted twice, they all knowingly glanced Cindy’s way in irritation.  The kids commence to arguing the matter again.  Carol enters and they discuss the matter with her.  Here, Jan presents the most reasonable and fair for everyone solution.  She thinks the kids should record minus Peter but still include him on any profits the record yields.  They really are dreaming big aren’t they?  They’re all ready thinking about profits when the song isn’t even recorded.  Marcia said that wouldn’t be fair since the group was his idea.  It’s also not fair to the other kids who are also vested to have Peter foul up the recording either.  Peter’s idea to form the group, speaking to Mr. Dimsdale and helping Greg convince Jan and Marcia to join shows he certainly had a talent for managing things.  Peter should have been kept on in a management capacity and brought back in as a singer once his voice was finished changing.  I can’t imagine this was the only song they planned to record with all their thoughts of profit and fame.  Carol is of no help.  She says it is a problem the kids will have to solve themselves.  I can’t help but think if they let her know Peter was for certain out, then she’d be making some decisions and highly encouraging them to keep Peter in the group.  She does give a strange line, sharing with them that money and fame are important, but so are people.  For her to say money and fame are important just rang strange.


The decision is made to cancel the recording.  The kids are on their way to let Peter know when he enters the family room.  He graciously bows out of the recording.  After he leaves, the kids seem unaware of what to do again.  They had just decided not to record at all.  Then Peter bows out, telling them while it sucks he can’t sing, he wants them to do so.  There was too much time left in the episode for it to end with a normal and believable conclusion like this.  Bobby again says he wants Peter to sing with them and foul things up.  Greg says the song can’t be recorded with Peter’s voice changing throughout it.  If Greg thought this way, why was he even hemming and hawing over Peter’s inclusion in the recording?  The idea of Peter’s voice changing through the song gives Greg the idea for another hit song!


Hoy, the recording session has to be one of the most idiotic scenes of the entire series.  Greg has managed to write an entirely new song titled “Time To Change” in less than 48 hours.  Somehow, he also found instrumental backing for he and his siblings to record to.  While this is a fun and upbeat song, possibly a hit, Peter’s cracking voice is part of the track and sounds awful.  Also, how on earth were they able to know Peter’s voice would crack at the exact moment during the song when it needed to?  It’s just dumb, dumb, dumb!  I remember feeling this way even when I was a kid watching this episode.  I can see Mr. Dimsdale stopping the recording equipment at Peter’s first delivery and saying, “Hey kids, somebody hit a sour note, let’s start over.”  Greg says, “No Mr. Dimsdale, that’s part of the song.”  Cindy gleefully adds, “We are letting Peter sing, even if he does sound terrible”. Mr. Dimsdale shrugs, tells the studio tech to record it and goes for coffee thinking of how he just made the easiest $150 of his career.   I noticed Mike was not present to watch his children sing.  I daresay Robert Reed refused to be present for this nonsense!


Dear readers, I hope you will tolerate my sharing another personal experience.  Some years ago, on Christmas Eve, I was plagued with a sinus/throat infection like I’d never experienced before and like I never have since.  My voice would go from a muffled hiss to a weird shriek within the same sentence.  I was at least 25 at this point, so it wasn’t puberty, just some bizarre ear, nose and throat malady.   While my entire family convened to celebrate the holiday my manner of speaking did not go unnoticed.  At one point, I looked over at my sister, a fellow Brady Bunch fan, and said with my strange voice inflections “Sha-na-na-na”.  We both laughed so hard for so long.  My cheeks were hurting we laughed so much.  So, while I think the previous scene was beyond dumb, it did give me a memory to cherish the rest of my days.  A more recent experience came just the other day as I was watching this episode for the review and my wife, who was never really a fan of the show, passed through the room and heard Peter sing his line.  She had the most quizzical look on her face and asked what I was watching.  That too was funny.


The epilogue has Greg and Peter going downstairs for a snack.  Greg is doing all communicating for Peter.  Alice flips out at the idea that Peter has lost his voice.  She is worried Peter has laryngitis because they have to record Greg’s song.  This scene must have been filmed and planned to be included in the episode itself; they have all ready recorded Greg’s song.  Surely “Time To Change” hasn’t sold enough copies or generated a generous enough advance that more studio time has all ready been purchased.  Greg assures Alice that Peter’s not speaking is being done to preserve the group’s special sound of Peter’s changing voice.

Curiously, the closing credits give no writing credits for either song the kids performed.  The Brady kids get a singing credit only for “Time To Change”.  In “Where There’s Smoke”, the closing credits acknowledged the writers of “Till I Met You”.

This concludes the review of “Dough Re Mi”.  Thank you for joining me!  Aside from the conclusion, I found it to be a very enjoyable and fun episode.  Your own thoughts are always welcome!  Next week we review “Jan’s Aunt Jenny”.  Have a great weekend!





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I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

21 thoughts on “Episode 16: Dough Re Mi”

  1. 1. In the opening scene, how does Greg manage to ‘lock’ the sliding bathroom door, and do it so quickly?
    2. In the barbecue scene, Florence Henderson says that she won’t stop worrying about Greg till he’s 60. That would make it 2016 when she can stop worrying. Spookily, this is when she passed away.
    3. Good call on Jan actually wearing her glasses in a subsequent episode.
    4. My allowance in the early 70’s was a princely 20 cents!

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    1. Thanks for commenting Jefferson! Good question about locking the door! That is a bit spooky about Florence Henderson’s and Barry Williams’ ages in reference to her comment. By the early 90s, my allowance was $3!


  2. Greg was not smooth in keeping his songwriting activity under wraps, keeping the boys’ room locked while he was busy. Couldn’t he find some other place, like a library, to do his work? And it couldn’t have been good to use all that paper to write “Time to Change”, in contrast to the environmental message in the first song.

    Mr. Dimsdale was gracious to give Peter a first hearing about his offer. But Peter was rude to barge into the control room and interrupt the recording before the first note could be sung. (This scene has been cut from the most recent screenings of the episode I’ve seen, probably because of the rudeness and the illogic of the studio’s layout.) Now we’ll never know how The Five Monroes rocked! (cries)

    It might have been cool if The Five Monroes came back and faced the Bradys in a “Battle of the Bands” episode, whether in a televised talent show or not.

    Whenever I watch this episode, I can’t help thinking that, if there was any studio time left, they could have had Peter record his version of “The times, they are a- chaaAAAan-gin’ “, with Greg accompanying him on guitar. And what’s with everybody dressing up for the recording? Were they going to shoot the photo for the album cover afterwards??

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    1. Thanks for sharing that about the cut scene. I am surprised the Partridge Family was never put up against the Bradys. I’d have probably enjoyed them up against The Five Monroes more though!
      As for dressing up, if Mike wore a sports coat to the supermarket (as seen in previous episode), the Brady kids might in fact be underdressed for an occasion $150 was paid for!


  3. My allowance was also twenty cents…And yes, I used the vaporizer when I was younger, to treat loss of voice and sinus blockage. Peter’s cracking voice during the recording, especially “Sha na na na” is one of the most hilarious moments of the show’s run.

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  4. Good Review!

    I had forgotten about the craziness regarding the continuity of this episode’s conclusion about how Greg could write “Time to Change” in just a few days. I thought the song was so fun, (although “Keep On” is my favorite.) that the time to write and rehearse it, and the lack of doing so in this episode never crossed my mind until now!

    Also forgot the epilogue, which must have been intended as part of the original episode, and was tacked on to its end in the interest of saving time. I could see that Robert Reed probably had some rolling eyes and words with Sherwood over the above contents. I also thought that Carol directing the kids when they rehearse, “We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter” looked dumb! LOL! However, dumb in a funny way! It does bring back memories of Julie Andrews teaching the kids to sing “Dough De Mi” in “The Sound of Music.”

    Yes, Peter taking Sam’s phone call, and him making the coyote noises in the car, with the family wondering what it is are often cut from syndication.


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    1. Thanks for commenting Jack! My favorite Brady tune was “You Have To Be In Love to Love A Love Song” or something like that.

      Thanks for confirming the syndicated cuts!

      I heard once Florence Henderson was somewhat envious that the kids got to sing on the show and she did not. I believe Pop Up Brady shared that.


  5. Always liked this episode a lot… but I too am glad that the show didn’t emphasize the singing aspect too much.

    I’ve enjoyed looking back at these BB episodes and “analyzing” them from an adult perspective.

    1) Greg’s yelling “I’ve got it, I’ve got it!”. To me, this is one of the most annoying actions a sitcom character can do. No one ever does that in real life. When have any of you ever run out of your house, telling everyone along the way “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”. This is a fairly common “gag” in sitcoms from that era… I know Beaver Cleaver used that same device on an episode or two of Leave it to Beaver, I found it just as annoying on that…and LITB is even higher on my all time TV Show list than the BB (but they’re both way up there).

    2) Sam’s call, which Peter answered, displayed a lack of telephone manners on the part of both parties. If Sam misidentifies Peter with his first guess, he should then “oh, sorry, who is this?” instead of hazarding another guess… At the same time, Peter, knowing it was Sam, should have immediately identified himself after the first guess, instead of saying “This isn’t Marcia” and allowing the guessing to keep going. That said, I understand the purpose of the scene was to drive home the point that Pete’s voice was changing.

    3) Greg leaves for the recording studio as Alice and Cindy are pressing the meat into patties to be put on the grill. He arrives home just as they’re putting the patties on the grill. Apparently Greg could get to the studio and back in the time it takes the coals to heat up. The studio must have been pretty close by, as Peter goes over there by himself later in the show.

    4) Carol tells Alice to go ahead and put hamburgers on the grill, as Greg should be back “any minute”. How does she know this? No one knew where Greg was going or what he was trying to do. I guess she figured Greg would know to be home around dinner time.

    5) Did greg drive to the studio? When he returns, Carol, Pete and Alice are out at the grill, but there was no sign that Greg had been driving… no “oh, here comes Greg now” as the car pulls into the driveway… Greg just suddenly appears out of nowhere, as if he cut through the Dittmeyers’ yard.

    6) Greg mentions that he has saved up 43 dollars 12 cents … as a kid in those days, if you’re saving up for something that costs $3.00, you might mention that you have two dollars and 28 cents or whatever…but if you need $150, you don’t include the 12 cents when noting how much you have; you’d say I have 43 dollars or “about 43 dollars”. I can just see Greg buying his first house… “I need to put $5,000 down and so far I only have three thousand eight hundred and twenty one dollars and four cents saved up”.

    7) Good catch about the Recording studio not having any kind of reception area, seems like that would be a natural thing for units in an office building to have. I guess it does have glass windows to sound proof the recording area, but it was strange to see Pete walk in from the hallway directly into the studio itself.

    One thing I would point out is that commercial buildings that are intended to contain several units to be rented will often build just basic office spaces; then, when a tenant leases a unit, the tennant can do the build-out to their own specifications, with the approval of the landlord. So I guess Dimsdale could have rented a generic space and then built the sound proof recording area, leaving out a reception room. Still a good catch on your part though!

    8) Greg later refers to raising the 107 dollars he’s short… gee Greg, why not 106 dollars and 88 cents?

    9) Bobby’s “Sounds great, Greg” lines were funny and well delivered. Just like a kid, Bobby’s eyes were glued to the cartoon he was watching.

    10) At first, Greg likes Peter’s suggestion about the Bradys forming a family group… then he says “Wait, that’s a terrible idea”…when Pete asks why, Greg replies it’s because he’s still short of the amount of money needed for the studio. Well, pardon me for pointing this out, but one has nothing to do with the other… How did the family group idea become so terrible all of a sudden simply because he’s still short of money?

    11) When Greg first asks Marcia and Jan to sing “No”, he gives them the note to sing, which they both do.

    But then, when he asks them to sing it one more time, Marcia and jan again sing “No”, but on a different note than they did before. But they both choose the same note to go up to… how did they do that? Odds would be against it.

    12) When Cindy asked why she’s giving her money to Greg, Jan says don’t worry about it, just do it… that was rude…you’re asking Cindy to give up all of the money she’s saved up, how hard would it be to explain the reason?

    13) When Pete asks Cindy to sing something, Cindy was cute when she said “I don’t feel like it”. Seemed like she was holding back some giggles when she said the line. The line itself wasn’t funny, I wonder if she was chuckling over something that happened while they were doing the scene?

    14) After they convince Cindy to give up her money with promises of wealth and fame, Cindy starts singing “Home, home on the range… “. Then the other four kids pick up the 2nd line (“Where the deer and the antelope play”), but in a different key than what Cindy starting singing. Yet, all five of the kids pick the same key. Odds would be really long on that one.

    15) For those of you who were too young to remember the early 70s (or maybe you weren’t born yet) Ecology was HUGE at that time. Greg’s “We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter” fit right in to that culture. My 6th grade class spent a lot of time “studying” ecology the very year that this show aired. And boy, the things they tried to scare us with…

    16) In the “We can make the World” song, why sing unison all the way through? During the “don’t you know it’s now or neverrrrrr” line, the harmony blend of their voices was pretty good. Why not put some harmony in there? The tune wasn’t that complicated, it would have been easy enough to do. Musically, it doesn’t get much more boring than a group of six singing a song with several verses, and singing 98% of it in unison.

    17) lol, as already pointed out, Carol “directing” the kids rehersal just looked stupid. By that time, the kids already had the song memorized. They knew what they were doing.

    18) Re; lyric “God made the land For each and every man”… whew, good luck with that lyric today… what was Greg trying to do, start a war on women??

    19) Why did Mike and Carol have Greg haul his stupid pennies and nickels to the studio and write a check only for the difference? Why not write a check for $150 and have the kids give Mike and Carol the money they pitched in… I mean, what kind of a way is that to do business?

    20) Mr. Dimsdale asking Greg if the check was whole or in a lot of little pieces was a great line. Sarcastic to be sure, but still a good natured delivery.

    21) I have never heard anyone’s voice change the way Pete’s did. Pete trying to make his voice crack during the episode was at least as bad as his imitation of Lloyd doing Humphrey Bogart.

    22) Re: the way Greg was feeding honey to Peter… you can’t eat honey off a spoon like that … Greg sticks the spoon under the blanket and Pete is able to eat the honey inside of two seconds… um, I don’t think so…

    23) Greg takes honey out gives spoon a quick turn…no way that works, the honey would be dripping all over the place.

    24) Which all brings up another question… why in the world does Greg have to feed the honey to Peter? Doesn’t Pete know how to operate a spoon?

    25) When Pete gets the first spoon of honey, he says “Mmmm, that tastes pretty good”. Was this the first time he ever ate honey? He seemed genuinely surprised to find out how good it tastes.

    26) Has mike ever heard a coyote? Has Alice ever heard a mountain lion? I don’t suppose they ever have if they thought Peter sounded like one of them…

    27) Peter goes to the car so his noise making won’t wake anyone up… but he leaves the Car window open (I suppose they had to do it that way because of studio lights…

    28) why would Mike and Carol talk to Peter in the car? Why not go inside to the family room to sit down… It’s not like they’d wake Alice up, she’s already awake… Then after that, they all get out on the passenger side even though they’re sitting three across the front seat.

    29) Why did Greg reach for another ballot after already counting five votes?

    30) The ballot to “keep or dump” Peter is a secret one, but from their ensuing conversation, we all know how everyone voted:

    Jan and Greg voted to dump Peter, at least for the upcoming session.

    Bobby and Marcia voted to keep Peter.

    And of course, If they take another vote everyone would know how cindy voted as well.

    31) I also always thought that Carol’s “Money and fame are very important things” line was just strange. In the Johnny Bravo episode (later in the series), she tells Greg “Fame is a fleeting thing but a college education can last you a lifetime”. So is fame fleeting or very important? Perhaps in Hollywood, it’s both.

    32) Pete solved the keep/dump problem by voluntarily dropping out… if they all think they’re going to be such a hit group, wouldn’t they realize that there will be plenty of opportunity for Pete to be on the albums once his voice completes its change?

    33) How long were Pete and Bobby going to stay in the hall and knock on their door? Seems like they kept knocking even as Greg made it obvious he wasn’t going to unlock the door. Shouldn’t Mike or Carol have told Greg that the room was Peter’s and Bobby’s every bit as much as it was his? Where are the parents on this????

    34) When Alice mentions how proud she is of the kids, Carol says “YOU’RE PROUD??” as though she’s saying, “you’re just the maid, those are my kids in there…well, at least three of them are, anyway”

    35) After Dimsdale tells the kid that their song is a “take”, Greg shakes Peter hand. Then they cut to a shot of Carol and Alice, followed by another shot of the kids behind the glass… at that time, Greg shakes Peter’s had a second time… reminds me of the opening credits of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in which Rob enters the home, sidesteps the ottoman and then greets everybody while shakeing Buddy’s hand …and then he shakes Buddy’s hand again a couple of seconds later.

    Well, as I said, this was a fun show, and “Time to Change” is a fun song to listen to. I think seasons 3 and 4 were very good during the series.

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  6. For those of you who wish the Bradys and Partridge Family would have engaged in a “Battle of the Bands”, I’m here to tell you that this actually did happen.

    In February of 1992, Susan Dey hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. At that time, she was one of the stars of “LA Law”.

    In one skit, Susan played Laurie Partridge, and the family was rehearsing in their garage. Dana Carvey played David Cassidy’s part, I believe Mike Meyers played the Danny Bonaduce role and Julia Sweeney played Mrs. Partridge.

    During the skit, Melanie Hutsell (who played Jan in the Brady Bunch Movies and was, at this time, an SNL cast member) comes into the garage and “discovers” that the Partridge Family actually lip-synchs their music! She is shocked, and says “I’m gonna go get my brothers and sisters!”.

    The Bradys return a few moments later… I’m not sure who all was in the Brady family here, but I remember that Greg was played by Kevin Nealon, Peter was played by Adam Sandler, Cindy was played by Victoria Jackson. Those three did most of the talking i believe… not sure who played Marcia , I don’t think it was Jan Hooks, it may have been one of the extra SNL actresses…

    Anyway, Jan tells the Bradys about the Partridge Family lip-synching, and the Bradys are all disappointed about this finding. In a hilarious line, Adam Sandler (as Peter) says “You could set a really crummy example for other bands” as his voice “cracked” all the way through saying the line … that was great!

    I’ve never watched the Partridge Family, but I assume the character of Laurie Partridge was every bit as sweet as Susan Dey was beautiful… but here in this skit, Laurie definitely has a hard “edge” to her…

    Laurie tells the Bradys that they treat Alice “like crap”… to which Victoria Jackson (as Cindy, with a lisp) replies, “That’s not true, we love Alith”… Laurie then replies “yeah right, you don’t even let her eat dinner with you!” lol

    Dana Carvey (as “Keith”) tried to hit on Marcia, who tells him “forget it, Keith”.

    Laurie even says to the Brady kids “none of you are even related as brother and sister…so what’s going ON there?”… then I think either “Marcia” or “Jan” says “Oh, we’re all dating each other, is that what you wanna hear Laurie?”

    Eventually, they engage in a battle of the bands… they go back and forth singing about 2 or 3 songs each… I think the skit ends with Chris Farley (as Reuben Kincaid) grabbing Mrs. Partridge and planting a kiss on her…

    I’ve always thought that the Dana Carvey/Jan Hooks/Victoria Jackson/Kevin Nealon era were the best years of SNL… I like the original cast, but the women (other than Gilda Radner) weren’t that funny and didn’t have a whole lot to do… I think Hooks, Jackson and Nora Dunn were fantastic and versatile comic actresses.. And this Battle of the Bands was one of the classic SNL skits of that era.

    I’ve tried to find this skit online, haven’t seen it anywhere yet… but it’s a must see if you ever get a chance. I do have it on a VHS tape SOMEWHERE… I’m very slowly going through our old VHS tapes to see what we want to tranfer to DVDs… haven’t come across that SNL show yet…maybe some day…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As always Tweety, your feedback is most appreciated! I too am a big fan of Leave It To Beaver (especially the earlier seasons). A friend even suggested I review it after the Brady Bunch.

      I recall an SNL skit that had “1,2, tell me who are you? The bears!” from The Brady Bunch.


  7. -Totally intentional to have the 5 Monroes be Brady’s salute to the Jackson 5. This was the beginning of 1972 and the Jacksons just had come off two incredible years at the top of the charts and popularity ( they were about to decline soon). Jackson and Monroe were both Presidents too..not a coincidence.
    -Two totally hilarious Peter facial expressions. The first you captured above when he is singing into the microphone using his changing voice. The second when he hangs up after Sam thought he was Marcia..his little scowl at the phone…hahaha. Personally I think he sounds just like regular Peter and not either Marcia or Jan on the phone in that thing…but it was a necessary plot device of course
    -Mentioned by Tweety…I’ve always wondered why Cindy giggles at that line when they asked her to sing and she says I don’t want to.
    -Either Lloyd Schwartz or another crew member provided Peter’s Time to Change/ Sha na na na voice.. anybody know? I know I’ve seen this in one of the Brady books…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. One of the girls in the Five Monroes is wearing Marcia ‘s yellow knit poncho from the Davey Jones episode.
    Love Cindy’s groovy purple velvet hotpants overalls! Don’t recall the character wearing anything else this hip on the show 🙂
    And Peter ‘s voice crack was actually performed by someone else who worked on the show. For the life of me I can’t find it in a Google search.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. “Money and fame are very important things” I don’t see this as being out of character or strange. Carol is saying, that because everyone wants to be rich and famous and she immediately counter balances it by saying, “so are people.” This is in order to drive home the point, the value of the individual will get lost in the familiarity of everyday life.

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