Episode 5: Cyrano de Brady

Hello friends!  Thank you for joining me today as we review “Cyrano de Brady”.  Today’s review is actually being written by my older brother who is hiding under the table, dictating to me what to write.  Only kidding of course, although my brother’s sense of humor and observation is very similar to my own.  Older brothers really do come in handy at times and Greg certainly does Peter a solid twice over in this episode.  “Cyrano de Brady” is a very fun episode that is very light on drama.  There is little to critique in the way of the story as it was intended to be a silly and fun experience all around.  Let us begin our review of “Cyrano De Brady”!

The story opens with Jan bringing home a friend, Kerry, who is new to the neighborhood.  They first encounter Greg who is working on the family station wagon.  What ever happened to Greg’s plans for a ride of his own?  After meeting Greg, we see from outside Kerry meeting Alice.  Inside, she meets Carol, Bobby and Cindy.   The three

“Pleased to meet me.”

are working on a jigsaw puzzle.  The puzzle’s placement on the dining room table seems most inconvenient.  Assuming it can even be finished  before dinner, it would need to be dismantled and moved to make way for the meal.  As Jan and Kerry start upstairs, they encounter Peter.  Peter is love struck with Kerry.  So enamored with her beauty is he that he says to her, “Pleased to meet me” instead of “Pleased to meet you.”  Jan and Kerry laugh at him and head upstairs as Peter walks away with his head in the clouds.  jan


Peter requests a private audience with Jan so he may discuss his prospects with Kerry.  Marcia is having none of that and insists on listening in.  Both of his sisters assure Peter he has plenty to offer the opposite sex.  Marcia even says he has a good personality.  This remark immediately took my thoughts back to “The Personality Kid” when Peter sampled the personas of an English gentleman and Humphrey Bogart.  As they talked, it looked as though Jan had a totally new look going for season four.  She has that Bohemian hippy vibe going in this scene, but will look like her regular self for the rest of the episode.  Peter decides to call Kerry and ask her out.  As he leaves the room, he deems the call he is about to make the most important of his life.

The scene that follows offers the only credibility strain of the episode.  Peter calls up Kerry and she has no idea who he is.  Upon learning the caller is Jan’s brother, she suggests it was the brother working on the car or the cute boy with the freckles.  This should have given Peter pause and had him reconsidering dating a girl with such an awful memory.  The way Kerry and Jan laughed at Peter’s love struck ways would surely be remembered a few hours later!  How does one so quickly forget somebody saying, “Pleased to meet me”?  A more plausible and funny scenario would have been that Peter was helping Greg work on the car and was behind the wheel to operate, at Greg’s instruction, whatever needed fixing.  As Peter is awestruck at Kerry’s beauty, he leans on the horn and lets off a deafening honk that angers Greg and sends Kerry and Jan away with their ears ringing. Instead of Peter saying, “We met on the stairs in my home a few hours ago.”, he ends the call.


Kerry’s bad memory is no turn-off for Peter.  He will be trying again in person.  He enters Mike and Carol’s room adorned in a powder blue suit.  This was no doubt high fashion of the day, but not something a kid wore to school unless it was picture day.  It seems a prospective date might find Peter’s attire more laughable and out of place than endearing.  Peter asks Mike Frost Limeif he might borrow some of his aftershave lotion.  Mike questions if Peter shaved, but Peter says he hasn’t and questions if one must shave to wear aftershave lotion.  Mike obliges Peter with a green bottle of aftershave.  Mike warns Peter not to use too much, but Peter pays little heed.  In a very “natural” line, Peter smells his hands and comments, “Hey, that smells good.”  This line and its delivery just seemed so real.  The aftershave Mike offers Peter appears to be Aqua Velva Frost Lime.  The shape of the bottle and the color of the liquid suggest such.  Aqua Velva no longer offers this scent.

Peter’s attempt to talk to Kerry in person results in one foul up after another.  She apologizes for not knowing who he was the night before when he called her.   She takes notice of the aftershave Peter is wearing.  He says he shaves all the time and he and his father use the same aftershave.  Peter’s gentlemanly efforts fail as he knocks Kerry’s books into the mud.  He clumsily attempts to use his handkerchief to clean them up and then hands them to Kerry to hold while he gets some water from the fire hydrant, eh, water fountain.  The water pressure on the water fountain could blind a person looking to quench a thirst.  Peter muddies up Kerry as he attempts to dry the water from her face.  The water splash on the muddy books also dirties up her clothes.  This is a very funny scene and one of the best of the series.  Before this, we thought Greg ripping the senior girls’ book while dressed like a hippy was embarrassing.  Peter’s folly here trumps Greg’s!

The very minor b-plot begins in the next scene.  Mike arrives home from work, sans the tie he had on that morning, and is irked to learn that Carol bought tickets for an art show.  Mike doesn’t appreciate modern art and doesn’t want to look at crushed soup cans posing as art.  Peter arrives home bummed about his failed attempts to woo Kerry.  Mike recalls a crush he had and his own folly with her.  He suggests Peter write a letter to Kerry to share how he feels.


With Alice’s help, Peter completes a love letter for Kerry and drops it in her locker.  That day at school, he approaches Jan to find out Kerry’s thoughts on his letter.  Jan asks if it was a “gooey love letter”.  She says Kerry found it well written and poetic.  Kerry also found that Peter forgot to sign his name to it.  As a kid and even today, I question why this was such a big deal.  Peter could have easily written a second note or letter revealing his feelings and his being the author of the first letter.  Why not have Jan tell Kerry it was her brother who wrote it?  However friends, one must question anybody writing a girl a “gooey love letter” after having only met her two days before and hardly knowing her.  How much “love” could be communicated so quickly?


Peter’s next plan to win Kerry’s affection gives the episode its title.  Using the methods from the play “Cyrano de Bergerac”, Peter will win Kerry’s affection.  He seeks Greg’s assistance in feeding him the words of love that will win Kerry over.  Greg is initially resistant to assist his younger brother, until Peter shares that Greg’s suave ways have earned him the moniker “Old Silver Tongue”.  Whether this is true or not is not made clear, but the flattery offered by Peter inspires Greg to help his brother out.

Peter’s efforts at imitating Cyrano give us a set never before seen on the Brady bunch.  It does appears to be some alteration of the Brady abode, but with a country fence and some bushes added.   Fortunately for Peter, Kerry is in her room when he tosses some pebbles at the window to alert her of his presence.  She is understandably curious as to why Peter is outside her window and not at her door and why things seem a bit strange.  Greg’s delivery to Peter goes well at first.  However, when Greg attempts to have Peter deliver a longer line, he fouls it up and the moment is lost.  It would appear Kerry is too as she leaves the window.

When Peter thinks things can’t get any worse, they do.  Kerry comes outside and finds Greg hiding behind a bush and the source of Peter’s words of love.  Kerry thinks that Peter was there on Greg’s behalf and that Greg is interested in her.  Writing this blog led me to research the original “Cyrano de Bergerac” more and found that in the original play, both the guy delivering the love lines (Cyrano) and the guy speaking them were in love with Roxanne.  Kerry seems familiar with this play and even states it is “just like Cyrano”.  If she was going to let Peter know she wasn’t interested in his affections, this was a harsh way to do it.  If the boys were imitating Cyrano, she’d have known of Peter’s affections too.  Ouch.  Poor Peter.

Kym Karath as Kerry Hathaway


We will now pause to review the episode’s guest star.  Kerry Hathaway was played by Kym Karath.  She did a fantastic job in this episode.  She is quite the beauty and if Peter was going to be awestruck at first sight, the producers picked a very good actress for the part.  Her most notable role was in the film “The Sound of Music”.  She was the youngest of the Von Trapp children in the film.  She also appeared on several hit series to include Dr. Kildare, Family Affair and The Waltons.  Her last acting credit was in 1988 on All My Children.  However, she continues to appear as herself in reflections of “The Sound of Music” and was a judge on Cake Wars in 2015.


Peter returns home angry that Greg stole Kerry’s heart.  He calls his brother the ultimate sitcom of old insult; he calls Greg a rat.  Peter explains what happened and Mike gives an odd query of “What did you do about it?”  Maybe he thought  Peter would say, “I left him lying there moaning in the grass after I…” or  “Nothing yet, I am heading upstairs for my baseball bat.”  Instead, Peter flashes some attitude and says, “I left.  What should I do, take pictures?”  Greg then arrives explains what happened and how Kerry would not listen to his explanation of things.  He then goes upstairs.  Mike suggest Peter forget about Kerry for now.  Carol adds there are a lot of other fish in the sea.  Peter replies, “I know, but I got Moby Dick for a brother”.  This line just screams of a subtle insult snuck past the censors.  I don’t see how Greg’s “stealing” Peter’s girl can be compared to an elusive albino whale.  Readers, perhaps one of you are more familiar with the book and can provide some additional insight.

Kerry refuses to believe that Greg is not interested in her.  She is planning to knit him a sweater and dropped off some homemade fudge.  Again, this was a good chance for Peter to question wanting to date this girl.  She is quite obsessive and can’t face reality.  Upstairs, Peter is still lamenting the loss of Kerry.  He tells Bobby to be happy he is still young.  We do get a look at a neat vintage slot car set.  Greg enters and shares with Peter a plan he and Jan have conspired.  Jan is going to tell Kerry that Greg is a no good, two-timing, double-crossing rat.  In a funny line Peter states that Jan will be telling Kerry the truth.  After sharing with Kerry how awful Greg is, she will share with her how wonderful Peter is.


Jan’s dogging of Greg does nothing to change Kerry’s opinion of Greg.  It only makes Kerry determined to save Greg from his awful self.  With this knowledge, Greg decides to take things to the next level.  He is going to show Kerry firsthand what a bad dude he is.  He enlists Marcia’s help to play Debbie, his ex-girlfriend.  She will adorn a brown wig in her role of the broken hearted woman.  I could not help but wonder why Carol has a brown wig in her closet.  It would have been funny if they still had Jan’s old wig laying around and used it and even referenced the past episode.

The next scene is one of the best of the entire series.  It really does push credibility in some ways, but the idea of teenagers trying to pull off a stunt like this is believable and fun.  Greg has set the mood in the living room with lighting and music when Kerry arrives. She compliments his attire and in a very funny reply, Greg tells her his clothes are his “working threads”.  Greg then goes over the rules for dating him.  Kerry is allowed to date only him.  He however may date whoever he wants.  Kerry states how that doesn’t sound fair.  Greg asks, “What do you want?  Fair or me?”  Kerry only replies, “Well-”  What if she was okay with this?  Greg would have been in a huge jam then!  Greg begins to explain rule three and moves in on Kerry for a kiss.  She pulls away and just then the doorbell rings.

Greg answers the door to find Marcia disguised as Debbie.   She says she must talk to him and then is upset she has found another woman there.  The hilarity continues as Greg kerrysays, “You caught me at a bad time, I usually have three or four.”  During this time, Alice enters the kitchen and observes what is taking place.  Greg gives Debbie the boot with “Come on loser.”  About this time, Mike and Carol arrive home and observe the shenanigans with Alice.  Kerry tries to intervene on Debbie’s behalf and call out Greg’s deplorable treatment of her.  Greg says Kerry can leave with Debbie if she doesn’t like it.  Just then, Peter arrives home and the jig is up.  He immediately identifies something phony going on and identifies Debbie as Marcia. He even pulls off her wig.  He chides his brother and sister for putting one over on Kerry like this and adds if she were his girl, she’d be treated like a queen.  With this, Kerry finally sees Peter’s true affection for her and invites him to walk her home.  If one takes a closer look, maybe he should be walking her to Denny’s or Howard Johnson’s as it would appear by the dress she has on that she is late for her waitressing shift.  Mike and Carol are surprisingly chill about Greg and Marcia’s efforts and have a laugh about it. I would expect Mike to say, “Just because this had a happy ending….”


Here is one good look at Marcia as a brunette.  Blond hair certainly suits her better in my opinion.


The epilogue has Bobby and Cindy trying some Cryano action of their own.  Cindy, with Bobby’s coaching, touts the merits of being allowed to have two donuts.  Carol agrees with Cindy’s (Bobby’s) reasoning and gives one donut to Cindy and one to Bobby.  It’s a cute scene with the two youngest Bradys.

“Cyrano de Brady” is a classic Brady Bunch episode that includes that fun level of crazy mixed with comedy.  Surprisingly there was no real talking-to or moral of the story scene.  Mike telling Peter to just move on and find another girl was about as close as this episode got as far as a lesson.  Please share your own thoughts and observations!  Next week, we will review “Fright Night”.  This one will be fun for me as aside from a bust of Mike’s head scaring Alice, I remember very little of it.  See you then!


Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

22 thoughts on “Episode 5: Cyrano de Brady”

  1. Outstanding review. Thanks! I want to make a few comments. Mine are never as good as Tweety’s but here goes.

    1. This is one of my favorite Brady Bunch episodes…I might be saying that a lot going forward because my fave episodes mostly happened in Season 4. Some in Season 5.

    2. This one is hilarious on so many levels and as I have said before, I personally find the ones that center on Peter to be the best and the funniest. Chris Knight to me is the best actor with his lines and deliveries. “What should I do, take pictures?” “Yeah but I have Moby Dick for a brother!” Classic. Though, I have to say that the scene where Peter meets Kerry for the first time is a little painful to watch.

    3. My statement in number 2 not with standing, the “teenage soap opera” scene was indeed one of the best, if not the best in BB history. In fact, I feel that Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick should have been nominated for Emmys for that scene. They both stepped completely out of their characters and portrayed completely different people. Even though they overacted the parts, that is what makes scenes like that even more funny. Love how Debbie was going to throw herself off a bridge because, in Greg’s words…”Debbie, you bore me!” I don’t know why that line cracks me up. Also love how Mike, Carol and Alice are watching while munching on popcorn.

    4. The scene where Peter goes to talk to Jan is also great. I love Marcia is such a diva. “I wouldn’t DREAM of leaving”. When did she become such a nosy busy body? Actually, I think it’s around that age that high school girls start acting that why. Kind of a stereo type thing thrown in the mix. Another classic line is Peter proclaiming…”This is going to be the most IMPORTANT phone call I’ve ever made!” Another laugh out loud line. His delivery was perfect. I understand why Marcia and Jan cracked up after he left.

    5. Kym Karath is probably my favorite female guest star on the Brady Bunch. I can see why Peter was smitten with her and I would have been at his age too. I thought she was adorable and her spunk and confidence were endearing for sure. Though I recall my sister, who often watched BB with me, didn’t agree with me, especially during the first scene. She would state that she looked unattractive and overweight (she used harsher terms). It’s true that Kym did look maybe a tad thick. She definitely wasn’t petite and apparently during her younger years was a little heavier than she should have been. Julie Andrews and Christoper Plummer have commented that it was sometimes difficult to do certain scenes with her while making the Sound of Music and often times a double had to be used. I had heard that she gained a lot of weight during the making of TSOM due to the fact that she didn’t like the food being offered at the studio in Austria so she usually ate only bread, bananas and sweets. She was only 4 at the time I think.

    6. Interesting how season 4 has multiple connections to the sound of music, as we will discover down the road in another classic episode.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tripp! I really like this episode too. My favorite line during the teenage soap opera was “Come on loser.” Marcia was a bit out of line not affording Jan and Peter the privacy he asked for. Kym Karath definitely had nothing to be ashamed of in the looks department!


  2. Greg wasn’t Moby Dick..he was BENEDICT ARNOLD, the writers favorite historical reference but somehow not used here.

    Comment about Kerry dressed in her waitress uniform..and you superimposing a name badge …was hilarious and had me literally laughing out loud!

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      1. Kym Karath turned 6 during the summer of 1964, when “The Sound of Music” was being filmed. I have a book about the filming of the movie where I remember seeing a picture of her with a birthday cake. She’s just a few weeks younger than Debi Storm (aka Molly Webber).

        I felt sorry for Kym having her face covered in that mud. Several episodes of TBB, including the previous one, showed that the Paramount prom department certainly knew how to make nasty-looking mud.

        I also loved the waitress uniform reference. I’d never noticed how much her dress in that scene looked like a uniform.

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    1. Lol. I enjoyed the added waitress badge myself but funny enough, my sister and I both had that same dress at that tune.

      Btw I didn’t see Kym Karath as at all overweight. She was very good looking imo. I also had no idea she played Gretl in TSOM!

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  3. Great review. I loved the reference to Kerry’s waitress-like outfit, right down to the added name tag. You gotta love seventies polyester styles!

    As for the Moby Dick line getting past the censors, I’ll admit that as many times as I’ve seen this episode, I’ve never thought of that angle. But since it comes immediately after the other fish in the sea line, it makes comedic sense, and avoids obvious innuendo. As for Greg’s being compared to Moby Dick, I think the idea could be that Greg was callously swallowing up his brother Peter’s life, so to speak, just as the whale, after first taking Ahab’s lower leg early in the story, takes Ahab’s life in the end. (There are only so many literary puns and other word-plays that revolved around fish.) Peter is upset with Greg when he realizes that Kerry found him attractive (lose a leg), then becomes irate when Kerry completely falls for Greg after the Cyrano bit (lose a life).

    Then again, this may be overthinking it, and probably the writers simply thought that the Moby Dick line was a funny line in response to Carol’s typical parental admonition that there are other fish in the sea. After all, Moby Dick swallowed up numerous sailors, wholesale.

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    1. Thanks for the extra insight on Moby Dick. I might read it someday, but it’s size alone has always discouraged me from doing so. It seems Peter saying, “My brother is a shark!” would have accomplished what the writers were trying to convey. As always, your comments and feedback are most appreciated!


  4. Great review, this has always been a favorite episode of mine. I remember seeing this as a kid and having a big crush on Kym Karath from this episode. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out that she was little Gretl in The Sound of Music.

    1) We first get the idea of Kerry having a crush on Greg when, after meeting him, she looks back at him a couple of times while she and Jan walk towards the house.

    2) I wonder what Barry Williams actually thought of Kym Karath, being four years older than her. And knowing how “teen” magazines are, I wonder if any magazines at that time tried to link them “romantically”.

    3) When Marcia and Jan are telling Pete what a great guy he is, Jan tells Peter that is very kind and considerate of people. Really? Because frankly, I thought lately he’s been kind of a jerk. We’ve documented this for several episodes now.

    4) As an alternate scene to the Peter/Jan/Marcia scene, how about this… Peter asks Marcia to leave. Marcia gets up to leave the room but kneels down by the bedroom door. Pete says “Come on Marcia, would you scram already?”. Marcia replies “I dropped something and I wanna pick it up, do you mind?”. We then see Marcia turning on a tape recorder. She stands back up and says “have a nice talk”, then exits the room.

    5) Regarding the Dum Dum who forgot to sign his name…I agree with the reviewer. I don’t know why that was a deal-breaker considering the fact that Kerry couldn’t recognize Peter’s name when he called her and she didn’t recognize him when he came up to her in school wearing the suit, I would think that forgetting to sign the letter could be overlooked. It would basically be the same as getting a letter from a secret admirer.

    6) When Peter first asks Greg to help him out with the Cyrano plot Greg asked Peter “where’d you get this crazy idea” then Pete shows him the Cyrano de Bergerac book that Marcia turned him on to… Pete then starts explaining the plot to Greg and Greg says Peter “I know the story”. Well if you know the story Greg then why did you ask Peter where to get the crazy idea from, seems like it would be pretty obvious it’s from Cyrano.

    7) I always wondered, if Pete thinks Greg is such a great thing with the ladies, then why didn’t he ask Greg for help on
    his letter?

    8) LOL “they call you old silver tongue” Silver Tongue?? What the…

    9) When Peter is talking to Kerry during the Cyrano scene, she says “I’ve never seen you act like this before”. Well heck Kerry, that’s not surprising considering you’ve only seen him a couple of times. That’s a line I would expect to be said about somebody you’ve known for a few years

    10) Regarding true love most people probably think they know what love is when they’re 14. I totally agree that they don’t but they certainly THINK they do. Emotions can run very strong at that age.

    11) When Kerry walks out into the yard to talk to Peter, she walks right by the bushes, unaware that anyone is in there. So how did she instantly know it was Greg who was scrunched down behind the fence in the bushes with his face hidden.?

    12) Don’t be shy Greg you don’t have to use Peter to speak for you. … Ouch is right!

    13) Pete’s response was great when Mike asked him “What you do about it?” … “I left…what should I do take pictures? “

    14) When Pete and Greg are arguing about Kerry in front of Mike and Carol, Greg says “look pal I can’t help it if…oh nevermind goodnight Mom goodnight Dad” then he storms off.. If I were Mike and Carol I’m not sure I would have let Greg walk away on that note. After all, you know the Brady saying…”A wise man forgets his anger before he lies down to sleep”

    15) “I got Moby Dick for a brother”. I don’t think that was intended to sneak anything past the sensors. I think Pete was simply making a reference to Greg’s dominance when it comes to romancing the ladies and that whatever romantic gestures Pete is able to come up with would be dwarfed by Greg. I don’t think the writers on the Brady Bunch were ever about trying to sneak things past the censors. More on Moby Dick later.

    16) Cindy’s comment about the afternoon being better than mornings in the school was a very good line for her…it’s about time they gave her a funny line and she delivered it well. Nothing stupid about it, it was just funny.

    17) Does Jan think the brewing romance between Greg and Carrie is serious? I mean, why would she just loan Greg’s sweater without checking with him first? Good job, Jan!.

    18) The scene where Kerry comes over to see Greg was awesome! Btw, it was pretty good timing on Marcia’s part in ringing the doorbell at the exact moment Greg was about to show Kerry “Rule 3”

    19) LOL “Debbie, you bore me”….“Stick around kid, watch me throw her out… come on loser “ Fantastic!

    20) And another LOL with Marcia putting the wig back on her head after Pete rips it off… that was great!

    Re; Kym’s career – Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I saw Kym on a number of other TV Shows while growing up. I remember a 1966 Season One episode of “Lost in Space” (my favorite TV show when it was in its original prime time run). Kym played a young girl that Will Robinson and the Robot found sleeping on a fancy bed. The Robot tells Will to kiss her in order to wake her up. He does, and she awakens. Turns out she is a princess and ruler of a subterranean world.

    The role of Will’s sister, Penny Robinson, was played by Angela Cartwright, who also played one of the Von Trapp children (Brigitta) in The Sound of Music. Again, it was not until my adult years that I found out that the cute little princess was Gretl from T.S.O.M. Always wondered if Angela Cartwright had a part in suggesting or recommending her for the part.

    Kym made a brief appearance on an episode of “My Three Sons”. She did a cute scene with Fred MacMurray. Later in the series, Angela Cartwright appeared in at least one episode as son Chip’s girlfriend.

    Kym also appeared in three episodes of “Family Affair”, the first and last appearance being five years apart (1966 and 1971). She was a real cutie in season 1 and she had a speaking part in an episode, she then appeared during seasons 2 and 5.

    She played one of the children in the Doris Day/James Garner comedy “The Thrill of it All” (1963). Fun movie.

    Her appearance as Kerry is actually the most recent thing I’ve seen her in.

    Re: Moby Dick – every kid knew that Moby Dick was a great white whale. Even if they didn’t read the actual novel, there were all kinds of children’s books about the adventures of Moby.

    But, here’s something I’ll bet a lot of you didn’t know… Moby Dick had his own Saturday morning cartoon!


    The cartoon series “Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor” ran for two years, beginning in September of 1967. The half hour show would feature three cartoons, one of Moby and the other two would be the adventures of the Mighty Mightor. Mightor was basically a prehistoric superhero.

    So Moby Dick was a well known character, and as I mentioned, even kids who never read the novel would have understood the reference from this episode.

    Here’s a two minute clip from a Moby Dick cartoon…

    Anyway, I don’t know that there’s a single BB fan out there who doesn’t enjoy this episode. Kym Karath was a beauty. It wouldn’t occur to me to describe her as overweight in this episode. She’s not as thin and Jan or Marcia but so what? But there’s that body image thing again. We saw it in comments about Maureen McCormick in the Hawaii episodes and our reviewer mentioned some comments his sister had made about Kym. I thought she lit up the screen in her scenes. And heck, she was only about 14 when this episode was made. I think she was one of the cutest girls ever to come down the pike in TV Land.

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    1. Great thoughts Tweety! I laughed out lout at comment #4. Also, regarding Jan handing Greg’s sweater over to Kerry, I had not thought of that. She must have had some role in fostering Kerry’s imagining a relationship with Greg. Surely she knew it was Peter and not Greg who was interested in her, so why hand over Greg’s sweater, without even asking him?


  5. One other historical (and hysterical) note… Mike’s aftershave comment to Peter (about having to fight the ladies off with a stick) has some basis in fact. In the early 1970s, Hai Karate did a series of commercial in which a man would put in Hai Karate aftershave and it would literally drive women WILD! Here are a couple of commercials illustrating Hai Karate’s campaign:

    Great stuff! What made it possible to air the commercials is that even though the guys try to fight off the women using “karate chops”, they inevitably hit (and usually destroy) something else, like a table or a shelf, instead of actually hitting the woman.

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    1. I use Aqua Velva Ice Blue Aftershave. After a half hour or so, the smell is gone. I have found this is also true with Skin Bracer. It seems that at one time aftershave lotions had more staying power. Kerry notices Peter’s scent a while later and Marcia noticed Warren’s on their date.

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      1. I don’t think I’ve thought about some of these things in decades either 🙂 I kind of figured that younger fans of the show (and this blog) might not know about the Hai Karate ads that used to run, and how Mike’s comments about fighting off the ladies was based on actual commercials from that time. I wasn’t sure if I could find the Moby Dick/Mightor info, but I guess these days, everything that’s ever been on is out there somewhere!

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    2. We used to buy my dad Hai Karate every Christmas, Fathers Day, etc. After he passed I don’t remember how many unopened bottles of that stuff we found. He never used it but was too kind to say anything 😀

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  6. One more thing I forgot to bring up: this plot is probably one of the most used plots in sitcom history. It never gets old. Where the object of the younger siblings desire is more drawn to the older sibling. Often to the older sibs dismay. In fact, we saw it two seasons ago with Jan’s crush Clark being all into Marcia.
    Usually it’s a guy thing…I know it’s happened many times but the few that come to my mind now include episodes of My Three Sons where Ernie made good friends a girl who was into stamp collecting–who was just using him to get to Chip. And, another where Chip made a date with a girl who was in love with Robbie.
    Some others that come to mind in Leave it Beaver, Diff’rent Strokes and The Wonder Years. Actually, the Wonder Years episode was a reverse situation where Wayne’s girlfriend fell for the younger brother, Kevin.
    There was once even a creepy episode of Love Boat where a father and son were competing for the same woman. This was a case of an adult son. Not like the episode of Andy Griffith were little Opie fell in love with his teacher, unaware that Helen was Andy’s girl. (Opie ended up being thrilled when he found out because all he cared about was Helen some day joining the family…either as his wife or his mother)

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