Episode 4: You’re Never Too Young


Hello again readers, family and friends. Thank you for joining me to review “You’re Never Too Young”! It is a fun and memorable episode that is light on drama. Many of us likely remember fondly that first experience that introduced us to the notion of romance. In this episode, we get to see Bobby’s introduction to a thing called love. The episode first aired on October 5th, 1973. It includes a guest star who would later be a most recognized face on classic TV. Let us begin reviewing, “You’re Never Too Young”!


The story opens with Bobby outside playing basketball. He encounters Greg and Peter leaving and is not happy they won’t be joining him to shoot some hoops. Both of Bobby’s older brothers have dates. Peter mentions he will be visiting Wendy. I guess he and Kerry Hathaway did not work out after all. Bobby can’t believe his brothers would rather spend time with the opposite sex than shoot baskets. The youngest brother is warned that he too will someday enjoy the company of females. Bobby swears it will never happen. He’d rather kiss a basketball or a catcher’s mitt.


Bobby’s “never” lasts only a few more seconds. As soon as Peter and Greg are gone, Cindy’s friend Millicent comes walking up. Bobby initially thinks she is there to visit Cindy, but that is not the case. Millicent is there to thank Bobby for taking up for her when some bullies were giving her trouble. Do you think he did this while serving as safety monitor? Bobby says his taking up for her was nothing, but Millicent assures him it was. She makes the value of his chivalry known with a kiss. With one peck from a kiss4pretty young lady, Bobby’s dormant hormones are awakened and he sees skyrockets! As he stands there in a romance induced dazed, Millicent questions if he is okay. Once he is brought back to reality, he asks that Millicent keep their smooch an eternal secret. He is relieved that nobody else witnessed the kids.  However, the worst possible witness spied the romantic encounter. From inside, Cindy stares at the pair with a devilish grin.


As Bobby walks back into the house, the romantic daze has returned. He ignores Alice’s offer of a snack. As he walks into the living the episode’s b-plot is introduced. Mike is trying on his costume for the Roaring 20’s party the family will be attending. Bobby takes little interest in seeing his dad in a raccoon coat. Mike and Carol try to see if something is troubling Bobby and he only replies with “Not really” to each question they ask.


Up in Greg’s attic abode, he, Marcia and Jan are looking at old record albums. Greg laughs at the song titled, “Can Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away?” I Googled the song and it appears the song is “Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away”. The songs Marcia and Jan laugh about, “Does The Spearmint Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight” and “Yes, We Have No Bananas” are actual song titles. As the trio has a chuckle over the tunes of yesteryear and carelessly toss about borrowed records, Cindy enters. She is at her most annoying as she says, “I’ve got a secret, I’ve got a secret”. What adds to the annoying nature of Cindy’s actions here is that some time must have passed between her seeing Bobby and Millicent kiss and her decision to go around childishly chanting, “I’ve got a secret”. Bobby and Millicent had their moment after Greg had left for a date. He is now back home perusing old albums. It is as though Cindy has sat around for hours gleefully basking in the knowledge of her secret and just now went around sharing her news.


Downstairs, Carol visits Mike in his den and he displays his ukulele playing prowess. He and Carol engage in a fun duet of “I Want To Be Loved By You”. Typically, I am not a fan of sitcom actors breaking out in song, but this was a nice little rendition of the tune. Alice soon pokes her head in the door with her own “Boop-Boop-Be-Doop” to close out the fun little music session.


Up in his room, Bobby reimagines the romantic encounter experienced earlier. It is a humorous reenactment of the peck Millicent gave him. This time, they are running to one another with their arms outstretched. Upon meeting they join hands and spin around. The daydream ends with another kiss. Bobby then walks over to the mirror to annoying2view his pucker and reflect on the moment. Peter enters and asks if Bobby is practicing for an ugly contest. It looks like Peter is still a horse’s rear in season five. Bobbly cleverly says he was practicing for a whistling contest. Just then, round two of the annoying Cindy chant occurs. She lets Bobby and Peter know she has a secret. After leaving, Peter says she has nothing on him and Bobby coolly shares the same sentiment.


In a funny and effective scene transition, the next shot opens with Bobby demanding Cindy share with him the secret. Cindy shares it via a pointless round of charades. Bobby is quite distraught that Cindy knows what occurred. Just then, the other Brady siblings enter the room and demand to know the secret. Cindy decides not to share the secret of her smooching brother, claiming she was only chanting about a secret for attention. While she was super annoying earlier, she somewhat redeems herself here.


Down in Mike’s den, Carol is modeling her 20’s style dress. She says she got it out of a trunk in the attic. Seeing how the attic was vacated of stuff last season, she must have liked the old dress enough to hang it in her closet until such a time that 1920’s attire was needed. Bobby then enters and asks for a father-son chat with Mike. Bobby and Mike have a nice chat about experiencing a first kiss and being in love. A simple kiss has Bobby’s young mind all ready thinking about love, engagement and marriage. I am sure many a young teenager watching this episode identified well with Bobby’s emotions. Mike says one must be very certain that he or she is in love.


Bobby’s efforts to find out if he is in fact in love or not causes him a world of trouble. He visits Millicent’s house and gives her a kiss as soon as she opens the door. Prior to this, there was a nice touch to the scene as Bobby’s was fixing his hair as he approached the door. After kissing her and confirming the reappearance of fireworks, Millicent lets Bobby know he should not have done that. It is possible she has the mumps! It seems the simple raising of an arm or step back would have seen Bobby not being able to lay one on Millicent, but she just stood there while Bobby kissed her.


Do any readers recognize the house used for Millicent’s from another TV show? It sure looks familiar, but I can’t place it.


Bobby’s mumps worries are evident as he arrives home. Alice notices his sullen demeanor and the pair discuss mumps symptoms. Alice says it is best a person who might have the mumps stay away from everybody else. In my life, I’ve known of only one personal acquaintance who had the mumps. When I was in the first grade (1983 or 1984), I recall the teacher telling us a classmate had the mumps. My mom had them when she was a kid. Today, vaccinations against measles, mumps and rubella have seen a large decline in the ailment. Readers, if you have any stories of the mumps you’d like to share, please do so.  Bobby’s search for mumps symptoms leads to a second encounter with Peter. Bobby says he was measuring his neck and Peter says it will never be as thick as his head. Dang Peter, why are you such a butt to Bobby? When Peter offers to measure his head, Bobby jumps away from him.


Down in the living room, Alice and the Bradys (minus Bobby) practice the Charleston in the living room. They do this in full 1920s attire. I guess they wanted to make certain those aged dresses and clothes could withstand all that dancing and thrashing about. It would be very easy to identify this scene as cheesy, corny or hokey. However, everybody looks to be having such a fantastic time dancing around the living room that it made for a very sweet scene.


Bobby phones Millicent to see if there is an update on her having the mumps. She lets him know that she will know the following morning. The young lady playing Millicent is Melissa Sue Anderson. Fans of classic television will immediately recognize her as Mary Ingalls from the long running western, “Little House On The Prairie”. She was the only cast member for the show to ever be nominated for an Emmy. She continued to act after the show before taking a break to be a stay at home mom. Her most recent acting credit is from 2018 in the film “The Con Is On”. She is also now a Canadian citizen, although I did not find (or really look for) a reason for her changing her citizenship.


Carol goes to look in on the youngest boys that night and finds Bobby gone. He made his bed up to look like he was sleeping there. Carol is alarmed and awakens Peter. She, Peter, Greg and Mike go in search of Bobby. They check to see if he might have run away by looking for his bicycle in the garage. In a funny line, Peter suggests Bobby ran away by walking or hitchiking. Upon sharing that Bobby could be in another town, Mike tells him to knock it off. Then they hear music coming from the dog house and find Bobby there. I could not help but notice he was not wearing pajamas. It seems it would have been noticed earlier that Bobby was still in his regular clothes as the evening went on.


Bobby shares his dilemma with Mike and Carol. Mike makes a funny comment in that if Bobby does have the mumps, he got them the best way possible. The next morning, Bobby anxiously awaits a phone call from Millicent. Upon hearing it ring, Bobby answers the phone questioning if Millicent has the mumps. He is discouraged to find it is Sam calling to share with Alice a good deal on lamb. As Bobby laments having to wait, the girls find out he is worried about having the mumps because he kissed Millicent. I was surprised they did not all ready know at this point. Why would Bobby be so concerned about a girl having the mumps otherwise? It was stated earlier that Millicent was Cindy’s friend. It seems Cindy would have reason to worry too if it was just casual contact that risked exposure.


Bobby gets the phone call and it is good news. Millicent is mumps-free and declares Bobby a good kisser. With that he is off to pay her a visit. Mike briefly mentions the excitement of young love and the awe a kiss can bring. Carol states it doesn’t necessarily have to be young love to elicit an amazing reaction to a kiss. She lays one on Mike at the breakfast table and he sees skyrockets. It was a cute wrap to a fun episode.


The epilogue wraps up the b-plot. The family arrives home after a night of revisiting the 1920s. Alice and Sam won the Charleston contest, but by less than honest means. Alice put some ice cubes down Sam’s shirt before the contest started.

Thank you for reviewing “You’re Never Too Young” with me! There was little to question or pick apart with the story. It is just a fun and believable tale of a boy’s first kiss and the craziness that romance can bring. I know it had me thinking back to that tumultuous age of thirteen that saw the world changing around me so quickly. Please share any thoughts you would like to share about this episode, the mumps or young love!  Next week, we review “Peter And The Wolf”. Have a great weekend!


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I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

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  1. Great review, great episode. Yes, I agree that Cindy was annoying with he “I’ve got a secret” game. I think she’s a little old for that at this stage, don’t you? But, I did think her charade game with Bobby was funny. Especially the part where Bobby asked, “what you know about Millicent?”. And Cindy responds, “nothing, but this: SMOOOOCH!” LOL moment for me.

    Why did Millicent even answer the door? Wouldn’t her parents have made sure she was confined?

    Nice touch using the Joe Namath uniform, don’t you think?

    Once again, another great father son scene with Mike and Bobby. I’ve mentioned it before. While Robert Reed had great chemistry with all the kids, the scenes Mike and Bobby scenes seemed to flow best. Funny how Mike couldn’t keep up with Bobby when Bobby got to engagement and marriage! SLOW DOWN KID!

    Melissa Sue Anderson’s first big screen role was a cheesy horror movie called, Happy Birthday to Me. I actually remember going to see it in the theater back in the summer of ’81. It was gory and graphic.

    Mike Lookinland returned the favor to Anderson by appearing on Little House. He had a brief scene at the end of an episode when 16 year old Mary was traveling by train back to Walnut Grover with her father. The were returning from Chicago and Mary was distraught because the young man was the love of her life had moved on and was no longer interested. They encountered a new young man on the train (Lookinland) who immediately expressed interest in Mary.

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  2. Thanks for commenting Tripp! Those are some great observations. I too wondered why a potentially mumps stricken girl would answer the door. Thanks for pointing out the Joe Namath uniform! I almost mentioned it, but did not. Glad a reader caught it! That was a great scene between Mike and Bobby. I watched the LHOP clip on YouTube a couple of months ago. It’s too bad he didn’t show up a few more times on the show.

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  3. I read somewhere in one of my many Brady books that this episode was actually the screen test that got Melissa Sue Anderson her LHOP role. I also already knew she’s now a Canadian citizen (became naturalized in 2007 after her and her family had lived in Montreal for the past 5 years). This episode also contains one of the few glancing mentions of lesbianism during the series’ run. Cindy: “if we do get mumps, it will be all Bobby’s fault!” Bobby: “MY fault? Millicent’s YOUR friend!” Cindy: “Yes, but I don’t go around kissing her!”

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    1. Cindy told everyone that she had a secret. So everyone came to tell her what was it, but then she said there wasn’t any secret. She wanted to protect Bobby and not make him mad about squealing at him.

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  4. There was a blooper. You can only catch the mumps once! In the first season episode “Is There A Doctor In The House?” Alice & Carol were making a chart of the kids’ illnesses. Carol mentioned that Marcia & Cindy had had the mumps already. So when the girls were complaining about possibly getting it, the only one that had grounds for worry was Jan!

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  5. The reason that Millicent’s house looks familiar is because it is the house where Carol and Mike Brady were married, i.e., the Tyler house, in the pilot episode.

    Cindy is indeed too old to chant “I’ve got a secret,” just as she was too old to be the new Shirley Temple. (I thought that I’d get a jump on that episode later this season.)

    I had the mumps when I was two years old, but I don’t remember it. I’m told that I was kept in bed. We had measles vaccines then, but I was just ahead of the mumps vaccine.

    The still shot of Mike and Carol’s kiss makes it look pretty passionate, mostly because of the way that Carol’s arms are wrapped around Mike.

    I found the ongoing presence of the dog house, and especially Mike’s use of the words “dog house” in this episode interesting, given that we haven’t seen Tiger in a couple of years.

    We didn’t know Melissa Sue Anderson yet when this episode first aired, but when The Brady Bunch went into syndication in the fall of 1975, this episode appeared several months later, and my sister and I, both Little House fans, said, “Wow, look who it is!”

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    1. According to the first Brady Bunch book, published in 1990, Susan Olsen was quoted saying that the doghouse was left in the backyard set because a light had once fallen over there & burned the turf, so the doghouse was put there to cover the hole in the turf.

      I must correct the name of this episode. The correct name, both from http://www.tv.com and the DVD Season 5 set, as well as every other reference that I’ve seen, is just “Never Too Young”. “You’re Never Too Young” comes awfully close to the name of that hated (by a lot of people here) episode from late in Season 4, reviewed just a couple months ago, that had Mike & Carol playing their grandparents. 😉

      Speaking of this title, there was a teenage soap opera aired on ABC 1965-1966 called NEVER TOO YOUNG that included a couple former child actors, Tommy Rettig (Jeff Miller from LASSIE) and Tony Dow (Wally from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER). I can’t find the opening credits or theme song anymore, but you can see the Castaways play their single hit, “Liar, Liar”, on the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXJ7Bn73BsE

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  6. You give more credit than I do about Carol mentioning the dress being from a trunk in the attic. Before reading your review I also wondered about the attic comment. Specifically that the attic was cleared out so how could Carol find the dress in the trunk there? I just assumed that it was sloppy writing where the writers forgot or didn’t know about the attic episode from previous season. I didn’t even think along the lines at Carol may have hung the dress in her closet. And where did Mike store that humongous furry coat once Greg took over the attic? I love the Bradys attic for another reason: anything they needed seem to come out of this room… just like on Sherwood’s other show where the Castaways seemed to have unlimited props that appeared on Gilligan’s Island.

    Is this the first episode that Bobby has braces?

    So last season we had a terrible episode “You’re never too old” and this season we have a good episode called “You’re never too young”. Wondering if the season 5 episode title was purposely a reference to the season 4 episode or if it was just coincidence.

    Based on all the Brady books out there, in real life Mike Lookinland was a little hound dog when it comes to girls – nothing like his anti-girl stance at the beginning of this episode. On set, he regularly swapped kisses with Susan Olsen in the early seasons.. all 6 of the child actors even performed a fake wedding between Mike and Susan where they lived “awfully ever after”. Mike supposedly then turned his attentions to both Eve or Maureen depending on who was developing faster at the time.

    Hey the next epsiode Peter and the Wolf – is number 100 in the Brady Bunch episodes!

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  7. By the way, I forgot to mention…Bobby is the only Brady boy to kiss a girl in the entire episode. And the only kid to kiss someone of the opposite sex (not including family members) except for Marsha who kissed Davey Jones and got kiss by Desi Arnez JR.
    Florence Henderson pointed this out in some Brady Bunch documentary that she narrated. She even said some like (I’m paraphrasing) “that kiss came for a young and spunky Melissa Sue Anderson!”

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    1. I was watching this episode just now and that revelation popped into my mind immediately: Bobby is the only Brady kid to lock lips with a love interest. He was way ahead of everybody else. We all remember how eager he was to go skinny dipping along with Cindy in the neighbor’s x-rated pool. Bobby Brady was a sex monster.

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  8. Great review and great comments, everyone! This was a fun episode!

    1) Cindy’s “I’ve got a secret” is extremely annoying. She’s definitely too old for that. Greg asked “when is she (Cindy) ever going to grow up?”… that’s what I’D like to know! There’s an episode of “Leave it to Beaver” (Season 4, “The Big Fish Count”), in which a pet store holds a contest involving people guessing the number of fish in a tank. Eddie Haskell (who works at the store) tells Lumpy Rutherford the correct number, and Lumpy tells a pretty girl the number (in order to impress her). A little girl, who is probably in first grade, overhears the number, and then starts skipping around the neighborhood singing “I know something you don’t know, I know something you don’t know” (same tune as “I’ve got a secret, I’ve got a secret”)… it’s much more appropriate for a girl that age, as opposed to Cindy in Season Five.

    2) Mike: What would you like to hear?
    Carol: “I wanna be loved by you”
    Mike: Later, right now I’m playing the ukulele!
    Great line!

    3) The slow-motion scene of Bobby and Millicent running to each other was hilarious; made even better with the “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet” playing in the background (violin, of course!)

    4) That was a great camera cut from Bobby saying “Who cares about Cindy and her dumb old secret?” to showing him confronting her “okay Cindy, what’s the secret?”

    5) The kids reaction to finding out that Cindy really doesn’t have a secret was not realistic … I would think at least one of the kids would have called her a jerk!

    6) Bobby’s thinking of being married to Millicent is realistic…that kiss really hit him hard. Millicent is Cindy’s friend, so Bobby would have seen her around plenty of times. Apparently she was just a dumb girl until she kissed him.

    7) I love the sound of that muted trumpet (I think that’s what it is) that plays just before Bobby sees the skyrockets…we hear that instrument a number of times during the series at funny moments.

    8) I guess it’s possible that Millicent’s parents weren’t home when Bobby came over, which is why she answered the door… but her parents should have told her not to answer the door because she might be contagious. Oh well, it moved the plot along

    9) When Bobby asks Alice about the mumps Alice describe some symptoms and Bobby checks to see if he has them … but he just came from Millicent’s house a minute ago… what does he think happens, that mumps suddenly appear out of nowhere, and instantly?

    10) If I was Alice I probably would have told Michael Carroll that Bobby was asking about the mumps…that’s a pretty serious thing to be talking about, and if Bobby really does have a “friend” who might have them, Mike and Carol should know about it.

    11) When Carol goes to check on Bobby and Peter thinking they’re both in bed, she sees Peter’s arm outside the blanket (other than that, he’s covered up by the blanket) and she picks his arm up and tucks it under the blanket… at Peter’s age, is having his arm exposed going to kill him? I mean, so what if his arm is not under the blanket?

    12) Why would Carol assume that Mike has had the mumps?

    13) Mike’s line was great about the best way to get mumps… lol I have to agree with him there!

    14) I’ve heard that Melissa Sue Anderson got the role on Little House without even having to audition…apparently seeing her in this episode convinced Michael Landon that Melissa was just what he was looking for to play Mary

    15) I always wondered how Mike Lookinland got that bit part on “Little House” when he met Mary on that train. In the scene, he says he’s heading to Poplar Point, which is apparently about a mile from the Ingalls’ home, and we find out he’ll be going to school (with Mary) in Walnut Grove. But we never see him again in the series. I always wondered if MSA suggested him for the part…

    16) Re: Tripp’s comment “Happy Birthday To Me”… I remember that movie, Melissa was the star. It turned out to be very gory. I never saw it in a theater, but it ran on Cinemax a couple of years after it came out. I may even still have it on VHS!

    17) I heard that Melissa Sue Anderson became a Canadian citizen because her husband was one.

    18) I remember two other roles MSA played… around 77-78 there was a TV show called “James at 15”, starring Lance Kerwin. The show was about a boy who grew up in Oregon but when he is 15, his father (a college professor) gets a job to head up a department at a college in Boston…so the family moves. In the TV-movie which served as the pilot for the series, Melissa Sue Anderson plays James’ girlfriend. Kim Richards played his younger sister. And Kate Jackson also had a guest starring role in the pilot movie, and was nominated for an Emmy that year.

    That series was praised for its realistic portrayal of teenage life. I remember liking the show, but it never found a time slot and was moved around a bit…I think it only lasted one season. I know a number of episodes are available on youtube, including the pilot.

    I never watched “Dawson’s Creek”, but for those of you who did, the creator of the show (Kevin Williamson) was inspired by “James at 15” and basically wanted to make Dawson’s like a “James at 15” for the 90s.

    Here is a link to the James at 15 pilot (TV Movie, 1 hr 36 min in length)… James would sometimes have “Walter Mitty” like fantasies, so if you watch the first 4 and 1/2 minutes of the pilot, it ends with a fantasy scene involving James and Lacey (Melissa Sue)…

    19) The other TV movie I remember seeing MSA in was called “First Affair”…. She played a college student who ended up having an affair with the husband of one of her female professors, who was played by Loretta Swit.

    20) I seriously doubt that Cindy’s line about Millicent “I don’t go around kissing her” was meant to be a glancing reference to lesbianism (there were others?)… it was a perfectly natural line for Cindy to tease Bobby with.

    I think Peter and the Wolf is another fun episode… looking forward to reviewing it!

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    1. Thanks Tweety! I enjoyed the extra info on Melissa Sue Anderson. I will watch that pilot on YouTube this week. Well, more listen to it. I play YouTube at work for some background noise. Good thought on Millicent’s parents not being home.

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    2. If I remember correctly, the other kids deduced that the secret was about Bobby.. and that’s when Cindy said there really is no secret. You are right, they shouldn’t have dropped it that quickly….it would make more sense that they would have pushed Cindy to reveal the secret.

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    3. I remember seeing the original JAMES AT 15 movie, and I liked the series that followed it. Vincent Van Patten, Dick’s youngest son, played Rip, the “football friend” for which MSA dumps James after he moves away.

      I also remember her in a 1981 tv movie called “Burnt Offerings”, where she played an evil girl named Vivian who attacked another girl who had similar powers. Mary Elizabeth McDonough, who played Erin Walton in THE WALTONS, played the other girl, so this was in a sense Little House vs. Waltons showdown.

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    4. I remember “First Affair”. I remember watching it when it aired on TV because Kim Delany was in it. At the time, she was just getting started as an actress and was playing the part of Jenny on the soap opera, “All My Children”. Which I was a big fan of at one point in my life.

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    1. Marty – good question, but no, not the same…

      Here are Bobby’s skyrockets:

      The “Love American Style” fireworks were all over the screen, and appeared as they would if seen from a great distance away.

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  9. I remember this episode so well. Oyyyyy the mumps. I did remember some of the kids catching mumps in an earlier episode.
    I would say adults have reason to worry about getting one of the childhood diseases, it’s more serious as you get older.
    I read Alison Arngrim’s “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” where she stated that Melissa Sue Anderson had some emotional problems and a troubling relationship with her mother, somehthing pointed out to her by her aunt (who talked to the girl). It was more present when they all went to a theme park and Anderson enjoyed herself until her Mother came to collect her.
    I think the biggest lesson is: be careful who you kiss and make sure to get someone’s permission to do so.

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    1. Mumps is a mild illness, in fact in pre-vaccination days, 90% of adults would test positive for having had it, and many never knew.

      Even in adults the main issue is the swelling of the testicles can occur and this may hurt fertility later on in life. It’s not life threatening in adults, it’s mainly a male fertility thing in adults.

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  10. I remember ABC used several scenes from this episode in promos for the 1973 fall season, including Alice singing “poo-poo-pe-doo” with the feather duster. The best one though was a mash-up that spliced together Greg saying “Can Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away?” with Bobby saying “Not really!”

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  11. Observations (some I’m surprised no one else has mentioned):

    As Bobby first enters, Alice is on the phone with Sam and, seemingly annoyed. “Yeah Sam. Look I’ll talk to you later about it (or words to that effect)”, and hangs up whilst rolling her eyes. Was Sam telling her another long rib/short rib tale?

    My female cousin, born a month after me, would go around saying, 🎶”I know something you don’t know!”🎵 When you asked what it was, her response always grinded my gears: “That’s for me to know and YOU to find out.”
    Perhaps she got it from this episode; she’d have been 3 days shy of her 7th birthday, when it aired.

    I feel the “fun” duet of “I Want To Be Loved By You”, would have been fun if they didn’t go through the whole song; after the first stanza, it felt more like a time killer.

    Did ANYONE else notice that in Bobby’s dream (and did anyone else ever dream as much, on that show?) when he went in for the kiss, he clearly only got cheek from Millicent? She turns away as he draws near and, when he pulls back, the side of her cheek is facing the camera. Either Bobby’s subconscious still couldn’t deal with kissing a girl or there was only so many “rehearsal” takes MSA would put up with.

    When Bobby asked Mike if he saw skyrockets when he kissed his first girl, I wonder how much acting was involved for Robert Reed to truthfully answer, “Well, not skyrockets.”

    Never having the mumps, I think Bobby acting realistically when he checked himself for symptoms at home, immediately after kissing Millicent. Back then, he had no internet to check when symptoms first appear.

    Your comments about Peter always being a butthead to his siblings, never cease to make me chuckle.

    I agree that Cindy’s line about never kissing a girl had no underlying connotations.

    Those Brady Kids sure are empathetic, aren’t they? They have so many “friends” who have problems that the Kids feel the need to seek out advice on their behalf. How come no one ever asks the names of these “friends” or thinks to follow up on their well being?
    Although in this case, Alice would well have presumed Bobby was speaking about Millicent’s condition.

    How did Bobby avoid everyone at dinner? He could claim he didn’t like doing the Charleston but, saying he wasn’t hungry would have been suspicious.

    The dance scene was more enjoyable to me, than the duet with ukulele, earlier.

    I wonder how much extra smooching went on between couples who watched this at home together, and then turned to one another to ask, “Do you see skyrockets when we kiss?” with the response being, “Let’s find out.” 💋

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  12. Honestly, if I was in charge, I’d have edited Janis Joplin’s cover of Summertime into Bobby’s dream sequence. That song just seems to be rather fitting given the slow mood of the scene.


    1. Jimi, especially I’m thinking in that “Billy the Kid” dream, when he’s wearing that porkpie hat and boy shorts, that the Little Rascals all wore!

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  13. A fun episode. A few quick points:

    1. I enjoyed Cindy using the charades to let Bobby know she knew about him and Millicent. I think she was just trying to torture him by drawing it out as long as she could.

    2. When Bobby goes to visit Millicent at her house he’s wearing the same green shirt that he’s wearing in the opening credits for this season.

    3. I hope Mike Lookinland didn’t get rugburn when Robert Reed dragged him out of the doghouse. I’ve heard astroturf can be rough on the skin. His shirt rides up a bit when he gets dragged out which means there was probably some direct contact between the turf and his skin.

    4. This episode reminded me of my first kiss. I was only 6 years old and it was with a girl down the street I used to play with. It lasted about 20 seconds too which I would imagine is much longer than most kids first time. I was quite popular with the ladies back then. Sadly, that has not carried over into my adult years. LOL!

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  14. Since I was born in the Spring of 1971, it’s just possible that I got my MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) shot right about when this episode first aired.

    Well, at least I think it’s cool.


    Liked by 2 people

  15. Here are 5 things I liked about this episode:
    1. “Not me, I’ve got the cleanest conscience in town.” – Bobby
    2. The Brady family (sans Bobby) doing the Charleston in the living room.
    3. Bobby’s reaction to his first kiss.
    4. Bobby reimagining the romantic encounter he had with Millicent.
    5. “Remember, the trick is to never let your feet leave your legs.” – Mike

    Here are 5 things I disliked about this episode:
    6. Cindy watching Millicent kiss Bobby.
    7. Cindy’s “I have a secret” catchphrase.
    8. Bobby randomly showing up at Millicent’s house and giving her a kiss, only to find out that she has the mumps. This does not go well.
    9. Why would Alice put ice cubes down Sam’s shirt before the roaring ‘20s contest started?
    10. Bobby doesn’t join the family when they rehearse the Charleston.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gogetter
      #7 – my cousin, a month younger than me, used to pull that “I’ve got a secret,” baloney all the time. Boy, did that grind my gears.

      Liked by 1 person

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