Episode 6: Getting Greg’s Goat

Hello again readers, family and friends!  Today we review another fun installment of The Brady Bunch.  “Getting Greg’s Goat” is just a fun story with some crazy antics.  I recall not thinking much of this episode when I was younger, but watching it again for this review, I found I enjoyed it.  I found it interesting that Robert Reed directed this episode.  I thought by Season 5, he and the Schwartz family were at such odds that such a privilege would not have been granted.  There is no moral lesson or over the top dramatics in the story.  It is just a crazy situation with the Brady family.  Let’s get started reviewing “Getting Greg’s Goat”!


The story begins well past the rest of the family’s bedtime.  The establishing shot of the house looks to be a static picture instead of filmed footage of the Brady house at night.  Greg is sneaking in the house and speaking to someone (or something) off camera.  Upon determining the coast is clear, he ushers a goat named Racquel into the house.  She is sporting a Coolidge High sash.  Greg takes the animal all the way up to his room.  Greg has taken part in the stealing of Coolidge High’s mascot!


Okay friends and readers, what kind of mascot is a goat?  Was the football team for Coolidge High known as the Coolidge High Goats?  Nannies?  A Google search for this episode shared that goats are part of the goat-antelope subfamily Caprinae.  Coolidge High Caprinae? I doubt it.   Also, did any of you attend a high school that had a live animal as the mascot?  Or know somebody who did?  I never experienced such in my own high school days.  I’ve only seen high schools with live animal mascots on television.


The next morning, Greg awakens to find Racquel dining on his history paper and tennis shoe.  Greg goes downstairs to fetch the critter a more suitable breakfast.   I find it hard to believe he would leave the goat completely alone and unhindered in his bedroom.  It could have come down the stairs and started bucking at the attic/bedroom door.  At the breakfast table, a funny exchange occurs.  After stacking up his plate with too much food, Greg claims nerves about the game later that night have him up early.  Mike and Carol discuss how the newspaper shared the mascot thievery taking place between Westdale High and Coolidge High.  Mike recalls his own mascot stealing antics and Greg defends his father’s actions to Carol who finds the entire thing foolish.  Here we learn that Westdale has a bear cub as the mascot.  In the previous episode, , we learned that the Westdale team is The Bears.  Did Westdale High keep a baby bear around for a few months each year until it was too big to use as the mascot any longer?


The hilarity continues as Bobby finds himself in need of a towel.  He enters the linen closet where towels abound.  From here, through an air vent, he hears the goings on up in Greg’s room.  With this scene in the linen closet, we have seen the last room of the Brady abode we will see in the original series.  Perhaps this is where Great Grandma Hutchins-Brady slept when she visited.  Peter joins Bobby in listening in on Greg and Racquel.  In a funny line, Peter says Bobby’s listening in is an invasion of privacy.  He adds that doesn’t mean they can’t listen in, just that it is an invasion of privacy.  Naturally, the boys think that Racquel is a female human and not a female goat.  While they snoop on Greg, Jan and Cindy both venture to the linen closet in search of a washcloth.  To rid the girls of their presence, Peter lies and says his snake from a science project is in the linen closet.  As clear as the boys can hear Greg up in his room, it is surprising Greg can’t hear the boys down in the linen closet.


The true nature of Greg’s female guest is made known to Marcia.  She knocks on Greg’s door to see if he has anything that needs to go to the cleaners.  Mike must have made a really good salary to be able to afford dry cleaning for the kids!  Greg brings Marcia upstairs and reveals the presence of the goat.  It is a good thing he does too.  As Marcia goes downstairs, she encounters Alice.  Alice shares she is bound for Greg’s room to do a linen swap and straighten up.  Marcia discourages such and Alice agrees to wait.


When Alice enters the linen closet, she too hears the actions up in Greg’s room.  It sounds like Greg is saying “Alice, you be a good girl or else”.  Readers, please confirm if I heard this correctly. Why Greg would suddenly call Racquel Alice is not clear.  Maybe he was finishing a sentence saying, “We don’t want to upset Alice, you be a good girl or else.”  Mike then enters the linen closet as he thought he heard Alice speaking to him.  Boy, this linen closet sure is a high traffic storage space!  Mike also hears the events taking place in Greg’s room and decides immediate action is needed.  He summons Greg down to his den.


Another funny exchange takes place in the den.  Mike is lecturing Greg about hiding Racquel in his room.  Mike is talking about Greg having a young lady up there and Greg thinks he knows about the goat.  Mike is aghast to find that Racquel was in Greg’s room all night.  In a peculiar turn of the conversation, Greg refers to Racquel as a beast.  The line would have been just as funny if Greg said goat.  Here is where it is made clear there is a communication gap and Racquel’s true nature is made known.  As I watched this scene, it occurred to me this entire episode could have been based on Mike and Carol’s misunderstood belief that Racquel was a female classmate.  I am really glad it was not as the simple plot of a stolen mascot made for a funnier story.  In a nice touch to the episode, while Mike can’t condone Greg’s action and states they are not running a goat motel, he does seem kind of proud of Greg’s stealing Coolidge High’s mascot.

Soon, we learn that Carol is en route to an emergency PTA meeting.  The mascot stealing has gotten out of hand!  The boys’ vice-principle, Mr. Binkley, has gone as far as attending the PTA meeting on a Saturday!  As Carol leaves for the meeting she shares her relief that the Brady boys are not caught up in such hooliganry.  With this Mike takes immediate action.  He suggests a truce and a mutual exchange of mascots between Westdale and Coolidge.  To both he and Greg’s relief, the exchange is agreed to.


With Greg out of the house, Bobby and Peter decide to snoop some more on Greg’s attic room dealings.  As they listen at the vent, they hear all four of the goat’s feet hit the ground and surmise he has two ladies up there.  With their curiosity peaked to the max, the pair venture upstairs.  Since they did not close the door behind them, the goat escapes into the house!  As they give chase, the goat passes all three girls on the stairs.  It escapes outside the house, unnoticed by Alice.


In a most inconvenient turn of events, the PTA group meeting over stolen mascots arrives at the Brady home.  The original meeting place, Mrs. Gould’s house, had to be changed.  As the ladies all enter, Carol offers a tour of the house.  Just before setting out for the tour, Mike and Greg arrive home.  Greg asks that the ladies not tour his room as it is just a half finished attic that really should not be used as living space.  Just kidding of course, he says the room is a mess and should not be seen by company.  Just as the tour begins, the doorbell rings.  Greg answers and finds his vice-principal at the door.  This guy seems like the stuffiest of administrators.  He calls Greg “Gregory” and seems none too happy in being at the Brady house.  He just seems like one of those perpetually irritated and unhappy people.


Mr. Binkley was played by Orville Reddenbacher, the famous popcorn icon!  Again, I am kidding.  He was played by George D. Wallace.  He had a long career in TV and film.  He appeared on Gunsmoke 3 times, with each appearance in a different decade.  He was a regular on Sons and Daughters.  His final appearance on TV was a 2004 episode of Joan of Arcadia.  George Wallace died in 2005.


As the group tours Mike’s den, the goat reenters the house.  Greg gives chase.  He has to dodge the most inconveniently placed hallway chairs.  My annoyance with hallways chairs has been expressed in previous blogs.  This episode saw it renewed once again!  Maybe Alice moved the chairs out there as she prepared to sweep or vacuum the bedrooms.


The group heads upstairs and the only really questionable moment of the episode occurs.  After chasing the goat through the boys’ and girls’ rooms Greg decides to hide with it in the linen closet.  The door to his room was just as close by!  He had all ready requested the tour not visit his bedroom, so going up there with the goat would have solved the problem.  However, we’d have not gotten the funny conclusion we did had Greg taken a sensible  course of action.  A funny alternative that comes to my mind would be Greg trying to go to his room and the door knob coming off.


Carol looks to show off her pride and joy, a walk in linen closet.  Upon opening the door, she sees Greg and Racquel inside and immediately halts the closet viewing.  The group then goes to tour the master bedroom.  Greg attempts his escape, but encounters Alice coming up the stairs.  Somehow, Alice’s mop and bucket trip Greg and cause Racquel tobusted4 escape to the master bedroom.  More hilarity ensues as Greg chases the goat into the bedroom and gets caught up in a shower curtain.  Then Greg finally traps the goat in the closet, without realizing Mrs. Gould had hidden in there to escape the beast.  Mr. Binkley advises Greg that the poor woman is in there.  He tells Greg he hopes he has a good explanation for this to which Greg replies he does too.


The PTA ladies were played by Sandra Gould, Margarita Cordova and Selma Archerd.  Sandra Gould had a long career in Hollywood.  She was a regular on I Married Joan and Bewitched.  She appeared on many other classic TV shows. Her final appearance was in a 1999 episode of Boy Meets World.  She died the same year.  PTA Lady # 1 was played by Margarita Cordova.  I was surprised at the acting resume she has.  With so few lines, I figured she was some random extra used for this episode.    She has been acting since 1958 and was a regular on Santa Barbara and Sunset Beach.  Her last credited role on IMDB was in a 2006 episode of Criminal Minds.  The second PTA lady, referred to by Carol as Selma, was played by Selma Archerd.  This episode of The Brady Bunch was her first credited role.  She has played many small parts through the years and was a regular on Melrose Place.  Her last credited role was in a 2000 episode of Charmed.


All is well as the goat fiasco is concluded.  The PTA ladies leave and laugh off the whole incident.  Mr. Binkley doles out a 5,000 word essay on the ills of mascot stealing as Greg’s punishment.  As the punishment is discussed, we learn that Mr. Binkley was suspended for a month when he stole a rival mascot in his own high school days.  We finally see the man crack at smile at this memory.


The epilogue has Carol and Alice cleaning Greg’s room.  One might think that cleaning up after the smelly animal would be part of Greg’s punishment for taking it.  Maybe Carol and Alice wanted to make certain the job was done well.  Greg reveals that Racquel munched on a pair of his pants.

Thank you for reviewing “Getting Greg’s Goat” with me!  It is a fun episode without much to question or critique.  Greg hiding in the closet and not hearing Bobby and Peter’s discussion while they were inside of it were the only things I really found questionable.  Your own thoughts are most welcome!  Next week, it is vacation time again.  We will not be reviewing an episode.  However, there will be two blogs posted next week.  On Wednesday, there will be a brief discussion on the future of this blog.  We are in season five and running out of episodes to review!  On Friday, a review of The Brady Kids cartoon series will be posted for you to read.  The episodes being reviewed are on YouTube if you care to watch them.  They are “It’s All Greek To Me”, “17 Wings” and “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Tape”.   I look forward to your thoughts on this blog and those being posted next week.  See you in two weeks!




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I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

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  1. Hi. I too have wondered if schools really use live animals as mascots. Especially in this day and age when PETA is likely to have issues with such a thing. My own high school (San Benito in Hollister CA)’s mascot is the Hay Baler, and most of our main rivals have non-animal mascots as well, though one school, Gilroy High’s mascot is the Mustang (and I don’t recall them having a live mustang). Another school we frequently played, Live Oak in Morgan Hill, has the Acorns. Other rivals include Palma whose mascot is the Chieftain. It’s a private boys school and its sister school, Notre Dame, has the Spirits. Another private school that played against Hollister is named for Robert Louis Stevenson and not surprisingly has Pirates as its mascot. One of the schools in Salinas has the Vikings. And these are just a few of the ones my school played against. At my school, we had someone dress as a Hay Baler in our school colors (red and white) for rallies, game days, etc.

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  2. Another great review of a fun episode.

    You made some good observations about the plot. It is true that an entire episode could have been made from the belief that it was a girl that Greg had upmon his room, but that sounds more like a Three’s Company episode than a Brady Bunch. (Picture Roper or Furley listening in and jumping to a conclusion, complete with facial expressions of astonishment.) Such a complete plot would be a bit too suggestive for our Bradys—though the brief mention of that joke is, like last week’s X-rated reference, and Cousin Oliver’s upcoming comment that Mike and Carol are hung up about sex, a sign of how much TV changed over the five years that The Brady Bunch was on.

    I laughed at the line about Grandma Hutchins. Indeed, that closet was suddenly a high-traffic place. You’re right that Raquel should’ve have simply been brought upstairs, and equally right that a broken doorknob (frequent plot device, but being saved for two episodes after this one) would have worked.

    I don’t imagine that any high school ever really has a live mascot, because of the care and expenses involved. I figure that the few times you might see one at a special event or game, it has simply been lent to them.

    It was odd to see Sandra Gould’s last name used for the character, but apparently they did that with the other PTA ladies, too. You mentioned Bewitched, and certainly that is where readers of this blog would most know her from, since she played Gladys Kravitz for six seasons there, having taken over the role when the first actress, Alice Pearce, passed away. I remember seeing the lovely Margarita Cordova in a Twilight Zone episode. It was interesting to see her in this small role, since she was usually cast in either a sexpot role, or an Hispanic role, often both. I guess that she was not available the previous week, to play Mrs. Calderon. But it’s good that she was able to get other roles, too.

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts. They are much appreciated.

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    1. Benedictine High School in Cleveland has had a live Bengal tiger cub as the team mascot every year. I know this because my husband and older son are both graduates of the school. The cub doesn’t just serve as a mascot, though; the students actually study the animal in various classes in the areas of biology, genetics, zoology, animal husbandry, conservation, etc. At the end of each football season the tiger goes to an animal sanctuary or zoo where he or she goes on to live the life of a happy tiger.
      For years until his passing, one of the monks at the Abbey associated with the school was responsible for keeping the tiger cub each year, having it live with him in his quarters. What can I say about him is that he was kind of a wild guy. 😹

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  3. A fun review for a fun episode! Kudos to Robert Reed for directing all this, ’cause it’s been awhile since we’ve seen The Bradys dashing through their hallways. I always liked the ending with Mr. Binkley; even school officials were young once!

    I’m looking forward to reading next week’s blogs. Most of The Brady Bunch’s spin-offs aren’t readily available on home video to review. As an unabashed fan of the cartoon since it’s 1972 debut, I’m interested in reading your thoughts on their animated adventures. Enjoy your vacation!

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  4. Good catch that Greg should have heard Peter and Bobby’s etc. conversations through same air vent where the two boys could clearly hear Greg’s conversation.

    Greg is not saying “Alice be a good girl”. Subtitles confirm he says “Now listen, young lady, you be a good girl or else”. I guess the inflection heard when Greg says “else” could be misconstrued as “Alice”.

    Early in the episode Alice has a line that includes “retire the side”. I had to look this term up for its meaning. I find it hard to believe that someone like Alice would have known and used this baseball term.

    Kind of ironic hearing Peter say invasion of privacy about Bobby listening to Greg’s conversation. Bobby should said to him “Peter, you’re one to lecture me on invasion of privacy… don’t you remember you and the tape recording incidents, Mr Watergate????”.

    Another episode where Marcia really mangles the pronunciation of school to sound like “skew-ell”.

    Writers had fun with the names. Mr. Binkley, Mrs. Dingle, and I too noticed that Sandra Gould’s real last name was used on the show which I found to be interesting.

    Bewitched was over for a year by the time this Brady Bunch episode aired, but it’s so easy to picture Sandra Gould on Bewitched with Darren turned into a goat and running around the house like on this Brady Bunch episode. Sandra really played the nervous neighbor/woman beautifully.

    I can’t think of a better episode that shows the layout of The Brady Bunch home. And we will see one more new room two episodes from now.. in My Brother’s Keeper we will see the inside of Bobby and Peter’s closet. And hugely in the news this week is that the actual Brady Bunch house in Studio City, Calif, used for the exterior shots, is up for sale!

    Greg’s punishment of 5000 words. Trying to picture how long this might be pre computers. If Greg wrote/typed 100 words per page that’s 50 pages! Even at 200 words per page that is still 25 pages! Yikes!

    Caril sure likes to show off that house huh? Do her visitors really care about her upstairs bathroom and shower curtains????

    I have never seen a live animal as a mascot.. only on TV shows. However, I have seen people dressed as animals as mascots in real life. No way could a high school own a bear – even in 1973! Even baby cubs are very dangerous and could mangle a person.

    Another potential plot hole is that it appears that Greg and others stole the goat the night before but by early morning it already reached the papers. This might happen today in an internet world but it is hard to believe back then it would have hit the Morning Edition. Mike also seems to be reading it off the front page of a section of a paper – was it really that newsworthy a story?

    Marcia’s hair seems to be tied up quite a bit in season 5, including episodes we will be reviewing soon. I wonder why this is.

    Anybody else think that Raquel the goat was somehow an homage to Raquel Welch?

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    1. I think Raquel was specifically named for Raquel Welch. THE BRADY BUNCH BOOK noticed that the show had the same kind of obsession with Raquel Welch that it did with other things like pizza. It might have added the show’s obsession w/ Benedict Arnold at the same time.

      I thought the scenes with the PTA meeting were the best farce in the show’s history, from Mr. Binkley’s angry expression when the “fun” started to all the running in & out of doors. Robert Reed did a great job directing this one. I also noticed the annoying presence of those chairs in the hallway. They were obviously put there as an obstacle for the farce to follow, but maybe Alice had left them in the hall to vacuum the bedrooms. I love the bit where Greg’s tangled up in the shower curtain while Carol’s complaining about Greg messing it up. To me today, shower curtains are pretty easily obtained for maybe $5 or $10, but they may have been more elaborate then.

      Sandra Gould was great as “Mrs. Gould”. She was the perfect person to come out of that closet after Raquel joined her there, and I love how she ran out fanning her face in shock. Though I greatly preferred her predecessor, Alice Pearce, as Mrs. Kravitz, she had fun w/ the part too.

      PTA member Selma was played by Selma Archerd, wife of Hollywood reporter/interviewer Army Archerd, who was a columnist for VARIETY magazine. He was often “on the carpet” to interview celebrities as they arrived at awards shows like the Oscars. The 2 of them appeared together on the celebrity couples game show TATTLETALES in the 1970s. It’s likely that the writer didn’t want to bother with coming up w/ names for minor characters, so Sandra Gould played “Mrs. Gould” and Selma Archerd played “Selma”. Selma Archerd, widowed since 2009, according to IMDB is still living at age 93.

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      1. I agree Jon – Reed did a fine directing job, keeping the farce moving and I’m sure he may have thought a door knob suddenly falling off was not “realistic”, under his direction, and so opted for the hiding in the “pride and joy” of Carol’s linen closet. Id’ve liked to have seen another turn by Reed in the directing chair.

        Speaking of closets, Mrs. Gould’s exit from the bedroom closet always made my middle brother and I laugh the most out of any Brady scene; her expression of terror and vocals are priceless.

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    2. I may be cutting a little slack here, but Greg was using his regular speaking voice up in the attic, while Peter and Bobby were more or less whispering while they were in the linen closet. Greg DID hear Mike when he called him downstairs while he was still in the linen closet though:
      “Just give me a couple of minutes, Dad.”
      “Your couple of minutes were up a couple of minutes ago!”

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    3. Hey Marty – the story about the cub bear being stolen was reporting on something that occurred at least a day or more earlier. Mike remarked he was surprised that Greg’s school took something like that “lying down”, and didn’t know of the retaliation.
      For Greg to steal the rival school’s mascot, they must have needed at least a day after theirs was taken, to formulate a plan, then dump it into Greg’s lap, to carry it all out.

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  5. This was a great episode; funny and just enjoyable all the way through!

    1) That does look like a static shot in the opening scene. Usually the branches of the tree are moving in the breeze, but it does look like a static shot.

    2) Why does Greg need to turn the lights on when bringing Raquel into the house? He can certainly make his way around in the dark; turning on a light can only alert anyone who might still be awake that he’s home.

    3) Both the boys rooms and girls rooms were open when Greg was trying to sneak Raquel to his room… but they never leave their bedroom doors open at night.

    4) The use of the name Raquel could only mean one thing…it was an obvious reference to Raquel Welch, who was easily the number one sex symbol of the time. I know some folks at the time thought that distinction might be held by Sophia Loren, but Sophia Loren was never the equal of Raquel Welch.

    5) Greg did not leave Raquel roaming free in the room; she was tied up to the railing at the top of the little stairway leading to his room

    6) I don’t know of any high school that ever had a live mascot that the school actually took care of… my high school teams were named after a dog breed, and there was a dog at some of the football games, but the dog belonged to someone who lived in town…there may have even been more than one dog who made an appearance at games. And Marty McFly is correct… a bear, even a young one, could tear a person apart.

    7) As far as stuff going to the cleaners the only thing that kids might have had would maybe be a suit although back in the 70s maybe some shirts and things were too delicate for a machine wash.

    8) Alice is really falling down on the job if the bathroom doesn’t have towels or washcloths… in “The Great Earring Caper”, Alice always replaced whatever towels she took with clean ones.

    9) In Mike’s den, Greg makes another annoying reference: “Dad, I think we may have a communication gap going here”. This is at least the third “communication gap” reference in the show… (Cyrano de Brady, Jan: “Peter, we’ve got a communication gap going here” Then, in Greg Gets Grounded: Greg wants to use exact words so there’s “no communication gap”. And now here we are again). Instead of talking like regular people and asking “What are you talking about?”, they seem to feel it’s necessary to work the “communication gap” phrase into their dialog. Nobody really talked like that at the time. But that was still a GREAT scene with Greg and Mike in the den!

    10) The very stupidest part of this episode involves Peter and Bobby. When they hear what they think are two girls in Greg’s room (before deciding it might not even be human), they decide to go up to his room… when they get to the top of the stairway, they see the rope tied to the railing. Obviously, there’s nothing on the other end of the rope, and they could easily see that from where they are…instead, Peter picks up the rope and slowly pulls it toward he and Bobby, as they both continue to look straight down…then they finally look up when the end of the rope finally comes into view in Peter’s hand. That’s about as bad a directing job as one could do with that scene…and Robert Reed did it?

    11) I don’t think Carol claimed that the walk in closet was her pride and joy… on the way upstairs, Mike claims the kitchen is Carol’s pride and joy… Carol introduced the walk in closet as “something that every home should have”

    12) I also “remembered” Carol referring to the walk in closet as her pride and joy too…and I remember thinking, “yes, we have a son who’s a starter on the varsity football team; our oldest daughter won every award imaginable in Jr. High and she’s kicking butt in high school as well … but my pride and joy is my walk in closet! “

    13) Carol cleans Greg’s room with Alice while still wearing her nice yellow dress.

    14) Marty McFly – re: Alice’s use of the term “retire the side”… it seems that Alice did have some knowledge of baseball… in an early episode, she was tossing apples to Greg, Peter and Bobby as the boys made their way through the kitchen, and she referred to the boys as “Tinker, Evers and Chance”. Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers (pronounced “EE-verz”) and Frank Chance were the shortstop, second baseman and First baseman, respectively, of the great Chicago Cubs teams of the 1903-1912 (roughly) period and are the subject of a famous baseball poem. All three are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Their 1906 team won 116 games while losing only 36, and the 1907 and 1908 teams won the World Series (the last Cubs series wins until 2016).

    15) Also Marty, I think the newspaper story referred to Coolidge stealing Fairview’s “bear cub” mascot… it did not mention the revenge raid… Mike even says “in my day we wouldn’t have taken that lying down”, meaning he wouldn’t have known about Westdale getting back at Coolidge.

    To our reviewer: Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation, and that you all stay safe in your travels!

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  6. The Brady Bunch- :Getting Greg’s Goat”

    Mr. Binkley, “Gregory, Mrs. Gould is in the closet!” LOL!

    This episode is an absolute gem! I love the blend of the seriousness of the stolen mascot story along with the hilarity in trying to get the goat when it gets loose in the house during Carol’s PTA meeting. Alice’s line “Now that’s the second goat, I’ve seen today.” as well as Mike’s line to Greg, “Why are you running a motel for goats?” is hysterical!

    Really surprised that Robert Reed agreed to direct this episode because of its comic element of goat chasing! That’s really not his style. And many might think that Robert would be fuming at an episode like this! Maybe he liked it in the sense that there is no slapstick. The seriousness of the mascot stealing blends in very well with the hilarity concerning the communication about the goat and the goat running around the house. This episode shows how well the Brady Bunch, with a well-written script and directing, can wok greatly as both comedy and serious drama.

    I love it when Greg comes out stuck in the shower curtain!

    Carol, “Greg that’s my shower curtain!”

    Greg, “I know! I know!

    Carol, “Where’s the goat?”

    Greg, “She’s in the bathtub.”

    Mike, “WELL, GO GET IT! LOL!

    This episode is funny and fun! I have no issues with it. As others have said, the only critique I have is that if Bobby and Peter can hear everything from the closet from the vent that goes to Greg’s attic room, then Greg should have also been able to hear their conversation. Barry, in his “Growing up Brady” book said Robert Reed allowed the cast to pick their own wardroom for this episode and some of their clothing choices look a little, strange!


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  7. Regarding the above observation,

    Mike reminds Carol that the kitchen is her pride and joy, trying to stop the ladies at the meeting and Mr Binkley from going upstairs as Greg is trying to hide the goat. Mike says, “I’ll lead the way.” Which helps Greg momentarily as he can hear them coming.

    Greg hides the goat in the linen closet. BTW, why did Carol make a big deal about showing the guests the linen closet? That would be my critique with this episode. Really Carol, you think EVERY HOUSE should have a walk in linen closet? LOL! I could just see some perspective buyers telling a realtor, “Well, as much as we like the house, we can’t take it. There’s no walk in linen closet!” LOL! That would so disappoint the family. Especially any kids! LOL!

    I suppose they had to set up the scene that way to get Carol to discover Greg hiding in there with the goat. It is funny. But I wonder how Robert Reed felt about this scene? Why couldn’t Carol had walked in to any room with the group, screamed after seeing the goat, and than after getting herself together said to Mike, “You knew all about this, didn’t you?”


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  8. Oh I have to mention this!

    I was great in English at college, especially composition and there is a HUGE grammar error by Robert Reed in this episode! This is HUGE!

    When Greg breaks the news to Mike about stealing Raquel in the mascot raid to get even with Collage High, Greg says to Mike “You did the same thing in school.” Mike says, “I didn’t say it wasn’t stupid.” This is the error, you never say a sentence with a double negation. “Didn’t” and “wasn’t” don’t belong together. You can only have one negative in the same sentence, otherwise you cancel both of them out of the sentence.” Mike’s verbiage should be spoken this way, ” I said it was stupid. I also said it was wrong, and if you want to know how wrong, you wait til your Mother finds out.” OMG, an end of sentence preposition “out!” I just noticed that now! Your not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition! Reed, the Shakespearean master, DIRECTED this episode, and two errors like this are unnoticed!


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    1. I often play grammar cop myself, but I don’t see any problems here in either case.

      I’m ok w/ how Mike said “I didn’t say it wasn’t stupid”. He was saying “I thought it was stupid” in a weaselly way, using a double negative to make a positive in a roundabout way. While Mike did say he helped steal a mascot, he thought it was stupid but didn’t admit that to Greg earlier. I think a double negative is only wrong when the final result is meant to be negative instead of positive, such as when “I didn’t do nothing” is intended to mean “I did nothing”.

      As used in the phrase “finds out”, “out” is an adverb modifying the verb “finds”, not a preposition linking an object, since the object (what Carol would find out) is unstated here and would be the object of “finds”. It would be something like “what you’ve done” (also referring back to “it”). This is similar to how “up”, while it usually is a preposition, is an adverb in the phrase “stand up”. It could also appear after the sentence object in a phrase like “You just found this out now?”.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. When Alice encountered the goat twice, did she think it was her imagination? It’s a wonder she didn’t scream and panic like one of Carol’s friends did, when the panicked at seeing a mouse in the impractical joker episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Hi there, great blog! I discovered it a few weeks ago and have been working my way through the archives since then. Just chiming in here to note that when I was in high school (graduated in 2010) there was a another school in the area that kept a live tiger cub named Obie as a mascot. The school was Washington High School in Massillon, OH, a well-off area where football is a huge deal. To my surprise, Google tells me they continue the tradition to this day, despite pressure from animal activists who argue that a noisy high school football game is no place for any tiger, let alone a baby one. To be honest, I agree with them, just as I did nearly ten years ago as a student!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Good question! They keep the cub in a wheeled cage on the sidelines during football games. It would appear that one of the reasons they’re allowed to display the little guy is that there’s a rule that it will never be in direct contact with the public. I did see an image from 2009 of one cub being led around a gymnasium on a leash a few yards away from some elementary students when I was trying to find out of the tradition still stood though. Also, because the state has tightened its laws regarding exotic animal ownership in recent years, the cubs are now driven in from an out-of-state facility for the games at which they appear, and it looks like they only do this for special games like the season opener these days due to the cost of transportation.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. At Benedictine High school they would let us pet the tiger mascot if we asked first and were quiet, no sudden moves.
        The fur of a tiger cub feels surprisingly synthetic, like a carnival stuffed animal. But the muscles underneath, even at a young age, are very real.

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  11. Observations:
    Only a few eps back, everyone mentions “thin walls, ceilings, floors”, as to why they all knew Cindy wanted to put on the Snow White play to raise funds for her retiring teacher; now, they needed a duct that starts on one side of the house then tracts the length of the attic to be on the far wall of Greg’s groovy room? Greg should have at least heard the girls’ shriek, whether it was through the vent or the thin floors.

    Reviewer (and may we learn your FIRST NAME, please? You know most of ours and it would be more pleasant to address you, properly):
    Your comments about Grandma Hutchins staying in the linen closet ( where Aunt Jenny also found roomy accommodations, I’m presuming) and Orville Redenbacher, gave me the longest laugh of all of these readings, by far! Oh my gosh, as laugh inducing as Mrs Gould’s face and squeaky noise she made, coming out of the closet was, your witticisms made me laugh longer!

    I think I like this the best of Season 5 shows, for the upstairs tour and you get a nice layout of the rooms and behind Greg’s bed. I notice a blanket hung up to the left of the sink and wondered if Mike put a toilet up there for Greg? If HGTV ever opens up the Brady home for a Carol-like tour, that’ll be one of the places I’m headed! Greg must broil in the Summer and freeze in the Winter, up there in that unfinished attic.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mike – a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir!

        Oh! Now I get the Mike icon as your header – I just thought you choose it as your the head of the whole bloomin’ Brady Blog!


  12. Robert ‘picky guy’ Reed directed this episode… Really? lol

    I hadn’t really thought of how he was as to being picky until reading this blog and chatting with all of you about it and I admit, this is not the kind of episode I would see him liking.

    I admit, I have wondered what other episodes he had issues with that we don’t know about.

    Sometimes I think it would have been better if they made the exchange and then Mike grounds Greg but then, he would have to explain to Carol why he was being grounded so that wouldn’t work. I’m not sure you can write a 5,000 word essay on the evils of mascot stealing.


    1. They sure saved on sets by having the Bunch talk about what they plan to do then cut to then returning from said plans. They cut down on extras that way, too.

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