Episode 9: Quarterback Sneak

Hello again readers and friends. Today we review “Quarterback Sneak”. It is a fun season five installment. This time, Marcia must suffer the phony affection of a suitor following a self serving agenda. The episode’s b-plot is also well remembered among fans. The character associated with it, Tank Gates, has been mentioned among fan message boards as one of the most annoying of the series. This episode also features the fourth appearance of Chris Beaumont in his fourth guest role. So, let us hide our playbooks and begin reviewing “Quarterback Sneak”!

The episode begins with Marcia walking about town putting up posters for the upcoming football game. One will notice here that she is in front of “the market” Mike and Sam visited in “Snow White and the Seven Bradys”. The posters Marcia is putting up are encouraging a violent victory over Westdale High’s opponent in the upcoming football game. They read “All The Way With Westdale – Massacre Fairview”. While Westdale seems content with violent jargon to lead their team to victory, Fairview schemes even dirtier. Nearby, Fairview quarterback Jerry Rogers and some classmates observe Marcia open3in action. With the knowledge that Marcia is sister to a Westdale player, he turns on the charm. He approaches Marcia with his casanova ways and says he will help her put up signs for the rest of the afternoon. Marcia shares with Jerry that her brother is on the Westdale High football team as he is the team photographer and has a press pass and everything. Actually, she shares that Greg is a player for the team. Whatever reservations Carol had about Greg playing football in “Click” are now forgotten.

Back at the Brady house, Greg practices with his younger brothers. The trio is none to happy to see Jerry walking Marcia home. Marcia is falling fast for the rival quarterback. An afternoon of sign hanging and his charm have wooed her. With her new affections comes agnst in the family. Peter angrily enters the girls room and seizes the posters Marcia was tasked with hanging. At this point, somebody on the writing staff must have told the writers, “Give Benedict Arnold a rest. Viewers are probably tired of hearing about him.” This scene was the perfect opportunity to reference the famous traitor. One will also notice in this scene that the wallpaper hung in the previous episode is now gone.

Jan and Cindy chide Peter for his ire at Marcia. In a funny set of lines, they question how he could compare romance to football. Peter says that is easy as football is important. Jan counters with a football game lasts only sixty minutes and a romance can last a whole month.

The b-plot begins in the next scene. Mike arrives home wearing the pajama shirt with this suit again. I guess last time wasn’t just an accident. People did dress that way. The phone rings and the caller asks to speak to Twinkles. After a brief moment of confusion, it is discovered that Twinkles is a pet name given to Carol by her high school suitor, Tank Gates. Tank is in town and wants to pay her a visit. Carol reflects on what a stud Hank was. Even his muscles had muscles. Mike displays some jealousy over Tank and Carol takes it as a compliment. She and Alice relish in what a great thing it is to have a man be jealous. Once again, Carol seems to be taking delight in her husband being unhappy.


The true nature of Jerry’s nefarious intentions are made known as he chats with classmate Rich. The pair discuss Jerry’s plan to steal Westdale’s playbook from Greg and gain a most unfair advantage in the upcoming game.

The afroed Rich was played by Don Carter. He just has one of those faces, coupled with a hairdo, that stand out on camera. He was no stranger to TV in the 60s and 70s. He was in the feature films “A Boy and His Dog” and “Cat Murkil and the Silks”. IMDB lists his final role as being on an episode of CHiPs in 1983.

Jerry drives Marcia home from school and seeks a reward a-la a cold drink. As they head inside, Marcia introduces Jerry to Bobby and Cindy. Cindy confirms Marcia’s sentiment that Jerry is gorgeous. Bobby shows no love or respect and lets him know Westdale high will be victorious. When Cindy tries to chide Bobby’s harsh words, he says she knows nothing about love or football as she has never experienced either. This was a funny line.
Inside, Jerry searches the family room on the sly while Marcia gets him a glass of attempt1bustedlemonade. He even asks if he might see Greg’s room to get some ideas for an attic bedroom of his own. After a quick look around, Jerry finds the playbook under a newspaper in the family room. He makes his first attempt to swipe it by placing it in a non-existent sweater pocket. Seriously, it looks like he thought it might just hang there magically. Bobby is walking past the window and observes this. Perhaps Jerry was jittery due to the drop as he makes no second attempt to steal the book. He just puts it back on the table. He was not aware that Bobby saw him, so that can’t be the reason he did not take the book then and there.

Marcia fumes at Bobby’s accusation that Jerry tried to steal the playbook. She says her new suitor would never stoop so low. Bobby is certain of what he saw. Greg decides the best course of action is to offer Jerry another chance to make off with the playbook. If he does not, Bobby and Greg will apologize. Imagine if Jerry had managed to swipe the playbook elsewhere and made no second attempt at the Brady house. What an awkward apology that would have been. Part of Greg’s plan is “Operation Wipeout” which will see that he drafts a fake playbook for Jerry to swipe.

Adorned in a new dress, Carol excitedly welcomes Tank to her home. Ever the brute, Tank can’t even take the time to learn Mike’s name, calling him Mack, Mick, etc. Any jealousy Mike might have experienced before seems long gone at this point. His reactions to him show how he finds Tank to be a braggart and oaf. Mike enjoys a magazine while Tank and Carol visit. One thing I found a bit odd was that the boys had no interest in meeting Tank Gates. He speaks of his college and professional football accolades. If the boys were so interested in seeing Joe Namath and football in general, it seems they’d also want to meet another pro football athlete.

Denny Miller

Tank Gates was played by Denny Miller.  Denny had a career in Hollywood that spanned several decades.  His only regular role was on the western Wagon Train.  He had plenty of one time TV appearances on countless hit shows.  It appeared he never lacked for work after getting started in the business.  He even played Tarzan at one point.  He was also a college basketball athlete, playing for UCLA.  His final credit on IMDB is a film released in 2015.  Denny Miller died in 2014.

As Tank and Carol look over an old high school annual, Tank only wishes to reflect on memories of himself. He rudely cuts Carol off as she tries to point out a picture of herself. Upon seeing a picture of him scoring a touchdown, the real craziness begins. Hank reenacts the entire play right there in the Brady living room. In one of my favorite moments of the episode, Mike slides the magazine he is reading under Tank’s foot before he can put it on the coffee table. The reenactment of the touchdown reaches cartoonish proportions as Tank plows into the couch and eventually lobs a pillow that breaks a planter.

Marcia’s doubts are vanquished and the boys’ suspicions confirmed with Jerry’s second visit to the Brady house. This time, he wore a jacket more conducive to playbook theft. While Marcia prepares him a cold drink, he swipes the phony playbook. Then he feigns a reason to leave suddenly and does. Marcia is quite heartbroken to see the playbook gone and that her brothers were right. Maureen McCormick should have been nominated for an Emmy in this scene. She does a fantastic job in front of the camera portraying her heartbreak.

Upstairs, Mike intervenes as the voice of reason in the entire matter. He shares with Greg that Westdale giving the cheating Fairview some cheats of their own makes them no better than Fairview. Greg realizes this as he had not considered that previously. As a kid watching this, I will admit that I learned a lesson too. I was 100% on Greg’s side with the fake playbook, but Mike’s brief lecture had me realize that the fake playbook was just as low down as stealing the real one. Greg calls Jerry to tell him the truth, but Jerry denies knowledge of the stolen book and carries on with his ill design on winning.
Greg’s phone call should have tipped Jerry off that something was amiss. If Greg knew he took it, then Greg could have told the coach, his own teammates or even the referees. Regardless, Jerry should know at this point his plan will fail. Apparently it does not though. Jerry still relishes being in possession of the playbook.  If it was even suspected that Jerry took the playbook, the thief would now know that Westdale would changing up their own plays, rendering a stolen playbook useles

The final scene has the Bradys arriving home and celebrating a fair Westdale victory. Fairview’s coach got wind of Jerry’s actions and pulled him from the game in the first quarter. While the ringleader of the swipe was out of the game, what about the rest of the team? At least two other guys were in on the plan. Fairview should have forfeited the game. However, that would not have made for as good of an ending to the episode. Also, the gag about Alice making two cakes would have had to be scrapped.

The epilogue has Tank Gates paying Twinkles one more visit. We learn here that not only is Tank obnoxious and self absorbed, he’s also shallow in other ways. He learned that Jerry had swiped the playbook and thinking they had the game in the bag, bet against his old alma mater.
Overall, “Quarterback Sneak” is a fun episode. The lesson or moral of the story comes only at the end of the episode. It is a very good one though. Cheating the cheaters puts all the players in the game on a dishonest footing. I think this may be my favorite “lesson learned” that the series had to offer. Your own thoughts on this episode are most welcome! Next week we will review “Try, Try Again”! See you then!

Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

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  1. Denny Miller played a similar role on an episode of I Dream of Jeannie, though in addition to being a former high school football star acting out a play in the living room, he was the jealous husband. He also appeared in two episodes of Gilligan’s Island, once as a surfer and once as a Tarzan-type movie actor.

    I notice the Baltimore Colts and Oakland Raiders posters behind Jerry, during the phone conversation. Speaking of Jerry, this role makes Chris Beaumont’s earlier one as Eddie, the slick car seller with a lemon, look righteous.

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      1. Denny Miller even pops up on the Gilligan’s Island knock-off Dusty’s Trail as a crooked boxer! My favorite role of his was on The Incredible Hulk as a wheelchair bound personal trainer.

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  2. Tank’s touchdown tale seemed a lot longer than the yardage he needed to score, with all the lateral running he did before he went forward. But what bothered me about this scene the most was his handling of the extra point. “Lobs a pillow’, my foot; actually it was Tank’s foot. It’s not clear if Westdale needed two points to win. If they did, how did the coach react to Tank’s improvisation? If only one point was necessary, why didn’t they just kick the ball the usual way? You hardly see teams fake a scrimmage play to kick a field goal–and a drop kick, at that–except in The Longest Yard (1974).

    Alice outdid herself by preparing two cakes to cover each possible result of the football game. But what were they going to do with the extra cake, donate it to feed poor people in some country that’s never heard of Westdale High, or The Brady Bunch?

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    1. Your mention of what to do with the unused cake reminds me of those sporting events where the winning team members immediately put on championship t-shirts. I’ve read that those useless t-shirts do indeed go to poor people, though I have yet to see anyone, poor or otherwise, wearing a Texas Rangers World Championship t-shirt from either 2010 or 2o11.

      I guess Bobby forgot about Cindy’s love that he set up with Tommy Jamison, unless he knew that was only friendship over lizards, etc.

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      1. It wasn’t uncommon for teams to run for two after every touchdown in the 70s…..I played high school in the mid 80s and we had one of our offensive lineman do kicking duties….The extra point wasn’t automatic and was sometimes an adventure…..I’m assuming since Tank was an all-american in college he was elite in high school…..running for the conversion was the wise decision and Fairview likely knew it.

        Also is anyone concerned about Tank betting on high school football? I have no issue on him betting against his Alma Mater but betting “a bundle” on a high school game because you got a tip on a stolen playbook is definitely worthy of attendance at a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting or two………I don’t even think Pete Rose sinks that low

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  3. Marcia should have been suspicious from the start when Jerry offered to help her put up posters rooting against his team. Putting up posters, now matter how many will not increase or decrease the chances of winning or losing.

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  4. My comments…actually this is one of my favorite episodes and the fav of many of my friends back in the day. Let’s face, it was kind of silly and little stupid. Just like some movies are so stupid that they are fun to watch. By stupid, I mean the fact that Tank Gates was such an over the top buffoon. As one commenter on one of the message boards said, there’s no way Carol would have dated a twerp like that. And they called each other Twinkles and Tank??? Could you imagine Tank Gates dating the Carol from Season One? And the scene where he goes nuts with the touchdown run and the drop kick. Silly but laughable. Opie and Anthony did a segment about this episode. It can be found on YouTube. I’m not a big fan of their humor and the segment is rather lewd. If you can stand it, some parts are kind of funny.

    Denny Miller was one of John Wooden favorite players at UCLA. Hi father was friends with coach Wooden which is why Miller chose to attend there. He was smart and worked hard but, not quite as talented as his teammates so during games he mostly rode the bench–eventually quitting basketball after his junior year in order to pursue acting. He probably could have played for a less prestigious program and gotten a lot of playing time. Or he may have finished out his UCLA career except that UCLA had just signed a guy the year before named Denny Crum, after playing JV his freshman year who was NOT going ride the bench.

    I mentioned before how the Brady household was like mine in that everyone, mainly the males, loved sports. I didn’t play sports nor did my father or brothers but we were all big fans of college and professional sports.

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    1. Denny Miller wasn’t the most famous actor to play for John Wooden. That honor went to Michael Warren, who shot to stardom as Bobby Hill on Hill Street Blues. Warren is also Jessica Alba’s father-in-law.

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  5. I thought it was very clever of Greg to fake Jerry out like that, and Jerry deserved for that to happen. Not saying Greg was right, but it was karma. What I think Alice should’ve done was just bake 1 cake and wait till the family got come and announced the outcome. Then she can write Congratulations or make it into a concession dessert. Jerry probably just thought Greg was trying to make a desperate attempt to get the book back. Also, I can’t believe Peter wasn’t in high school yet. What was he, like 15 or 16 in the final episode?

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      1. Re reading some of the comments and I have realized something. Doesn’t Jan also go to Westdale the same year as Peter does? It almost sounded like only Peter goes once Greg graduates.

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  6. This was a great episode, great review as well!

    1)    Marcia drops the poster and she turns around immediately and Jerry happens to be kneeling behind her?  What exactly was he doing down there, or should I ask?

    2)    A sort-of-famous blooper occurs when Greg is teaching Bobby and Peter how not to get faked out by a runner… The second time Greg tries running the football against Peter and Bobby, his foot opens up a seam in the AstroTurf, and it comes apart… you can see the turf come apart at the seam.

    3)    As noted in the review, once again they missed the Benedict Arnold reference with Marcia dating Jerry, although I think Peter did call her a traitor.

    4)    Jan explains to Peter that “a football game only last 60 minutes but a romance can last a  whole week (or maybe she said “month”) ”;  then Jan storms out of the girls’ room and into the bathroom…then Cindy throws up her arms and says “…at least!” Then, Cindy storms into the bathroom and the sliding bathroom door immediately closes behind her…who pulled the door shut? It started moving before Cindy would have had time to reach back and grab it.  Reminds me of the opening credits of “Leave it to Beaver” (season 5 I believe)… June Cleaver comes out of the front door carrying a tray with drinking glasses and a pitcher of lemonade on it. She’s carrying the tray with both hands. Ward, Wally and the Beaver are all working in the yard. Yet somehow, the front door closes behind June after she steps outside. Who closed the door??

    5)    Looks like Fairview has the exact same shrubs and hedges that Westdale has (I think Fillmore Junior High has the same ones as well).

    6)    That was definitely a great exchange when Cindy says to Bobby “Love Is more important than football” and Bobby replies “How do you know? You never played either one!”…

    7)    I see that Jerry Rogers is glancing through the “Home Décor” magazine while Marcia  is fixing the lemonade… it’s the same “magazine” that Peter was reading when Marcia temporarily moved into the attic room.

    8)    I, too, remember watching this episode as a kid and at the time, I thought Greg’s “Operation wipe out” was a GREAT idea! But Mike was so right in pointing out that a win in the big game would only mean something if it came about honestly. 

    This thing could have played out any number of ways. I think Greg did the right thing by letting Jerry know that the playbook was a fake. If Jerry believed him, that would have ended it right then and there.

    I also think that Greg should have told his coach about what happened (and maybe he did). The Coach could have then informed Fairview’s coach, who would then take whatever action he felt was appropriate re: Jerry’s behavior (and that of his two buddies).

    Another question is, did Jerry tell his coaches that he stole the play book? If so, that should have ended his plot right then and there, assuming Fairview’s coaches were men of character (back then, most high school football coaches were). If I was Fairview’s coach, I would have demanded the playbook and taken it right over to Westdale’s coach so the W-coach would know what Jerry stole. If he’d stolen the real playbook, Westdale could change its plays, if not, no real harm done.

    Did Jerry keep the Westdale playbook a secret from the coaches, and only shared it among the players?  How did Fairview call its defensive plays?  Did the coach send in every play or did the defensive captain set the defense? If the coaches sent in the defensive plays without knowing about the playbook situation, things could have gotten crazy.

    Boy, this really could have played out any number of ways!  But overall, the writers did a nice job with a 30 minute script.

    9)    Lol, “Tank” certainly was annoying, but Denny Miller did a wonderful job with that role! I remember him from the “Surfer” episode of Gilligan’s island. And Robert Reed was great in his interactions with Tank…

    Tank: You ever play ball, Mac?

    Mike: It’s “Mike”, and uh, yeah I played some ball, not football, but..

    Tank: I didn’t think so.


    Tank: I scored so many points that I can’t remember the total…do you remember, “Twinkles”?

    10) “Twinkles” is a pretty cute pet name for Carol!

    11) Lol, Carol certainly did enjoy making Mike “jealous”. I don’t think that TV Sitcom writers ever understood that jealousy is never a good thing.

    12) Lol, when Carol bought the new dress, Mike says “is that for Tank?” and she says “of course not, it’s for you” then she kisses him and walks out of the room. Cute scene, that’s part of the great on-screen chemistry that Reed and Henderson shared.

     I really like this episode, I can watch it any time it’s on. Sometimes I have a tendency to remember Season 5 less fondly than others because of you-know-who, but this blog has reminded me that there were so real gems in there!

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    1. Thanks for some great comments Tweety. You had a keen eye in this episode in this episode. Your catching the Astroturf split and the bathroom door totally escaped me. I did recognize the magazine, but could not have stated where we’d seen it previously. Maybe the playbook Jerry took was just for offensive plays.

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      1. True, I assumed greg would just have the offensive plays…that’s why I wondered about how Fairview’s defense called it’s plays.. do they have a captain to set the defense or is that dne on every play by the coach? Jerry would have shared the book with the defensive captain, but did the coaches know about it?

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    2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve noticed that on LITB before. It does seem strange that some extra unseen person would be in the Cleaver home opening the door. Also, it take June calling each family member’s name before he notices her standing there. That opening is my least favorite of those used in the series.

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      1. Lol totally agree about the S5 opening of LITB. The lawn mower Beaver is using is an old style mower on which the blades are directly connected to the wheels, and spin around to cut the grass when the mower is pushed. There would be no loud engine noise to drown out June’s voice.

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    3. I assumed Jan was waiting on the other side for Cindy to walk through. So upset was she at Peter for dropping the (foot)ball on a perfect set-up to use the “Benedict Arnold” line, that she barely allowed Cindy time to pass through before slam/sliding the door shut.

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  7. One must wonder what kids who went to fair view would think if they saw their quarterback hanging posters rooting against his team, or anyone noticing him wearing a Fairview letter and hanging up posters rooting for the rival team.

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    1. I can accept that Mike somehow found out about the fake Playbook by being told about it by one of his family members. What I find a lot more far-fetched and unbelievable, however, is how Tank would have found out about the fake Playbook. My only guess, and this is a big guess, is that perhaps he played at Westdale with the current football coach and that the current coach told him. This would indicate that the current coach does know about the phoney Playbook. But we will never know of course how Tank actually found out about the fake Playbook.

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      1. I wonder where one would go to lay down a hundred bucks on a high school football game?
        Do you just walk to an OTB office and say “I’d like to bet $100 on Fairview to beat Westdale on Saturday” ? You win a couple of bets like that and next thing you know you’re hanging from the nearest lamp post.

        If it was a friendly bet with someone, who’s going to lay down $100 on a high school game in 1973? That’s the equivalent of $567 in today’s dollars

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  8. Yes, the girls wallpaper is not the same as the changed version used as the subplot in the previous episode My Brother’s Keeper. This is because we are viewing/commenting on the episodes based on air date order. However, if we consider the production order instead, we can understand the reason behind this “mistake”. Quarterback Sneak was Production #103 while My Brother’s Keeper was Production #104…so Quarterback Sneak was produced first but aired second. Someone decided to air these episodes out of order – maybe to align better with football season at the time? We will never know. Here is a link to all Brady Bunch episode air dates and including the Production Number Order.
    I may be wrong here, but we may experience a similar occurrance with cousin Oliver where we may see him in an episode before the actual episode where he is introduced to the family. I can’t remember exactly if this is accurate, but we will find out soon as we approach the rest of season 5.

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    1. Oops..I had a typo in my post. Quarterback Sneak is Production Number 103 while My Brother’s Keeper is Number 105. So Quqrterback Sneak was made two episodes before the wallpaper change and not one. It is still the same result of seeming to be a “mistake” from our point of view based on the air dates for how we review the episodes.

      Fantastic comments/observations for this episode, everyone! I enjoy reading them all!

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    2. Yes, that does happen with the Oliver episodes you mention. Most stations I’ve watched “The Brady Bunch” on have aired the episodes in production order. Another continuity problem that occurs when the eps are aired in production order is that “The Personality Kid” airs before “My Sister Benedict Arnold,” and vice versa in original airdate order. Sheri Cowert appears in both episodes as Kathy, though it’s never clear if it’s supposed to be the same person. In “My Sister Benedict Arnold,” Marcia hates Kathy, but in “The Personality Kid,” she appears to be good friends with Kathy. It’s possible that the producers just hired the same actress because she was available and that using the name Kathy was an oversight.

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    3. Thanks for that link. Yes, “Two Petes in a Pod” was filmed before “Welcome Aboard”. The 1st BB book pointed out that while the episodes were filmed out of order, they originally aired in the correct order. I noticed there (and also in the 1st BB book) that episodes like “The Grass Is Always Greener” and “The Elopement” were originally aired long after they were originally aired, with many episodes filmed after them aired long before them. In the case of “The Elopement”, it may have been due to the episode’s relative quality or lack thereof. 😉

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  9. Tank Gate’s idiotic behavior kills what could have been a great episode!

    The biggest problem with some of the Brady Bunch guest stars is that instead of making them “normal” characters, they act too far out of place to be belivable. We saw this with Skip Farman, and now it is the same thing with Tank Gates in “Quarterback Sneak.” The guy is made out to be a retarded bafoon, a goofball. His performance is so over-the-top that there is no way that a woman with conservative down to earth values would date Tank Gates. The guy has all the personality of a total moron. In fact Skip Farnam and he, are the two Brady Bunch characters whom I absolutely despise!

    If Tank would been a person who acted normally and intelligently, this episode would be of fine quality. Tank wasn’t even needed as bad as he was. It just seemed to be a time killer involving his scenes.


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      1. That would have been funnier: Mike really wondering where those “muscles upon muscles” went; Alice’s face dropping as she got a good look; Carol now being the uncomfortable one, while Mike enjoys her squirming and being embarrassed.

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  10. Great your review as always and I enjoy every one of them. Did anyone else notice in the opening scene when Greg and Bobby and Peter are playing football in the backyard that the sod was clearly visible all over the place? Just really strange that nobody in the crew noticed that

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  11. I like this episode but thought the Mike/Tank/Carol part was cute. I’m surprised they didn’t do a good jealousy episode like they did in the first season.

    Wouldn’t Greg have taken his playbook to his room after he and Mike went over it?
    When Jerry asked to see Greg’s room, I bet Marcia didn’t think that would be odd at all but I think it would be.

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  12. Hi Everyone :

    I just discovered this blog recently so I’m a bit late to the party. I remember watching the Brady Bunch in syndication as a kid and loving it but it was only recently through catching some re-runs on MEtv that my love for the show was re-ignited. I just ordered all 5 seasons through Amazon and have been going through them the past few weeks.

    Couple points I noticed about this episode.

    1. I have mixed feelings over Mike’s lecture about the fake playbook. At first I was thinking that if Fairview was going to cheat and steal the playbook they got what they deserved. However, it occured to me that it was really only a few players involved in the plot so it wouldn’t be fair for everyone else on the team to suffer.

    But then again sports is all about preparing for the other team and you can’t always assume that what you’ve heard the other team is going to do is correct. In the end I guess I’ve got to take Greg’s side on this one.

    2. When they get home from the game Cindy comments that Westdale crushed Fairview 20-7. I don’t think I would consider that score to be “crushing” the other team.

    I would also like to commend everyone on here for being respectful with their comments towards others especially when disagreeing with them. Too many message boards and blogs turn vicious which is why I tend to avoid them.

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    1. Welcome Paul! I too am a late comer to the party. My wife had to explain it to me this afternoon for me to finally see what Mike was talking about….on the other hand, how long would a snatched playbook really effect the game: 3 plays? a score? before it’s realized it is not a beneficial playbook? If the Fink team found a way to steal it without Greg’s help, it’s on them. But, shouldn’t Greg have been pulled from the game, for laying the trap and encouraging the thievery? Isn’t he guilty of “aiding and abetting”?

      I’m just not sure if true justice was served, only removing Jeff. Perhaps he shared the playbook with the other two guys, who reacted to the wrong play sequences, which led to Greg’s side winning.

      Lot of gray area here. And, I agree that score was nothing close to “crushing”.


      1. It wasn’t uncommon for teams to run for two after every touchdown in the 70s…..I played high school in the mid 80s and we had one of our offensive lineman do kicking duties….The extra point wasn’t automatic and was sometimes an adventure…..I’m assuming since Tank was an all-american in college he was elite in high school…..running for the conversion was the wise decision and Fairview likely knew it.

        Also is anyone concerned about Tank betting on high school football? I have no issue on him betting against his Alma Mater but betting “a bundle” on a high school game because you got a tip on a stolen playbook is definitely worthy of attendance at a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting or two………I don’t even think Pete Rose sinks that low


  13. I do not believe I’ve ever seen this before; it’s like unearthing buried treasure!

    I also thought that Marcia dating Jerry was a perfect set-up for a “Benedict Arnold” line and did notice the room was back to its solid, painted walls. What I had to look on the dvd again to see, was the backyard astroturf lawn kicking up when the boys were scrimmaging. I admit, my focus the first time was on how Greg was landing on Bobby’s head and had to roll off it, further crushing him, and I wondered if that was expected or not.

    Greg seems to be playing football since S3 and Jerry remarks that he recalls facing off against him “last year.” Carol’s resistance to Greg playing seems to have subsided, as Our Reviewer pointed out. My sister was equally against my nephew playing football. Now, in his senior year, he is co-captain.

    Carol’s call from Tank:
    That sure must have been a warm football season.
    Did anyone else catch that little sleeveless, unbuttoned, croptop Carol was wearing, adding a hint of allure to her getting a call from an ex hs boyfriend? I disagree that she invited Tank strictly to make Mike jealous. It was apparent that Twinkles looked forward to seeing Tank, with Mike’s jealousy as icing on the proverbial cake.
    And I don’t understand this debate that Carol from the first season would not have been dating a guy like Tank, either because of her personality or that she’d still be grieving.
    Twinkles and Tank dated back in high school, nearly some 20 years earlier. Carol changed a lot in two decades and Tank did not. Perhaps she only remembered how flattering it was that she caught the top jock’s eye and how that made her feel special, when she was Marcia’s age. Now, on her second marriage and with children, her maturing made her realize what a lunkhead Tank was and, still is. But it took seeing him again to come to that realization.

    No one mentioned the best part! Bobby was always my favorite, not just because I’m the baby in the family (and the youngest of the three brothers), but because he was given the best lines:
    Marcia: “Get ready to apologize.”
    Bobby: “You mean YOU get ready to find a new creep to go out with!”
    Marcia: “Oh yeah? It takes one to know one!”
    Bobby: “Well, then you two should be really happy together!”
    Marcia, infuriated, with flaring eyes and clenched fists in the air, storms down the attic stairs.
    Greg and Bobby give a slow “high-five” to one another, before the commercial.
    Having to watch it again to get the back and forth correct, I still cracked up at Lookinland’s delivery.
    And when they coined the phrase, “She’s beautiful when she’s angry,” boy, they must have been picturing Maureen in that scene.
    That scene, together with Maureen’s delivery when Jerry is excusing himself, after stealing the playbook, is done great. The only qualm is the camera should have been on her face when she said with venom in her voice, “I understand PERFECTLY.” I agree she should have been at least nominated for an Emmy, for those two scenes.

    As Alice gets the 2nd cake out, and magically closes the fridge door, whilst Cindy looks bored silly, Mike and Carol react to an offscreen happening, and start to rush through the kitchen as the music and squares begin appearing. Back from the final commercial break, it’s revealed that Tank was at the front door.

    Did anyone else notice the
    cat o’ninetails hanging beneath Greg’s dartboard? I confess I only noticed it because HGTV pointed it out during the recreation of the attic room.

    Liked by 1 person

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