The Brady Girls Get Married

Hello again friends and readers!  Thank you for joining me today to review “The Brady Girls Get Married”.  The world first saw Marcia and Jan get married (not to each other) on February 6th, 1981.  By this time, the original series had ended seven years before.  The Variety Hour had brought the family back to TV in 1976, but was short lived.  This TV movie was the first and last time the entire original cast reprized their roles at the same time.  Future reunions had at least one character being portrayed by another actress.  I’ve heard this “movie” was originally a few episodes of The Brady Brides series constructed into a TV movie or maybe it was the reverse. I am sure some dedicated fan out there can share the truth with us.  I am sure by 1981, fans of the original show were happy to see the Brady family together again.  I remember seeing this movie air on some now extinct cable channel in the late 80s or early 90s.  This time around, I had to rely on Daily Motion to view the film.  The video link is below.  So dear readers, if this upload excluded some iconic or fabulous scene, forgive me for not knowing about it.  Please share with us something the link below may have excluded.  Let’s begin reviewing “The Brady Girls Get Married”!

Video Link:

The movie begins with some guy we have never seen before entering an apartment building.  Can you imagine viewers chomping at the bit to see the Bradys again, only to see this stranger enter the scene?  It turns out the fellow is Philip Convington, Jan’s boyfriend and soon to be fiance.  The classic trope of a nervous husband to be fumbling about with the engagement ring as he pops the question is played out here.  I will say the years continued to be very kind to Eve Plumb.  She looks fantastic in this movie.  Maureen McCormick certainly looked nice too, but there is something about Eve….


The engaged pair pay a visit to Mike and Carol.  They are relaxing on the couch when Jan and Philip arrive. As they turn off the TV, we learn they were watching Gilligan’s Island.  It was a fun nod to Sherwood Schwartz other iconic creation.  Jan and Philip share their good news and Philip asks Mike for Jan’s hand in marriage.  I thought this was supposed to be done before the groom pops the question, but will admit the practice now seems so outdated that my knowledge of it could be off.  Mike and Carol give a lukewarm response to Jan and Philip’s news.  The reason for this was quite absurd.  They feel Marcia should be getting married before Jan.  What?  This was 1981!  I assume Jan has her own career by now.  She definitely has her own place and has been seeing Philip for a while.  She is expected to put her own nuptials on hold until Marcia gets married?  We soon learn that Marcia isn’t even seeing anyone!  I’m surprised Jan was even allowed to move out of Mike and Carol’s home if such archaic mindsets are in place with Mike and Carol.  The newly engaged pair leave disheartened at Mike and Carol’s response; and rightfully so!


Here is a nice shot of a 1980s Mike and Carol Brady.   Carol fondly remembers her father catching her and Mike in the backseat of a car making out.  Mike informs her that the memory is not about him.  If Mike and Carol had dated as teenagers, this would have been funny.  All regular viewers and fans know that Mike and Carol were grown adults with children while they dated.  The gag just falls flat here.

The courtship of Marcia and Wally soon commences.  A chance meeting at a cafeteria sows the seeds of love between the pair.  Well, not at first.   The man who has just met her can tell something is wrong and Marcia opens up about her not being hitched and Jan wanting to be and the problems it has caused.  Wally must have a thing for troubled women so willing to share as he asks Marcia to get married after knowing her only a few minutes.  He says he has been looking for her all of his life.  Shivers!  I suppose what passed for comedy in 1981 is considered creepy by today’s standards.   Marcia arrives home that night to flowers on her doorstep from Wally.  How did he know where to send them?  He went to Marcia’s workplace where they gave him her address.  Shivers again!

Maybe I can be a tad forgiving of Wally’s efforts.  A man my mom dated for a while in the late 90s contacted her workplace in hopes of getting her phone number.  Thankfully, the lady working the desk refused to give it to him, but did pass his number along to my mom. It turns out my mom was interested and they dated a long time.  Wally’s creepiness and contacting Marcia’s workplace are excessive, but Marcia’s employer handing over her address is unacceptable in any day and age.

Wally crashes Marcia’s workplace under the guise of being a clothing inspector.  He won’t leave until Marcia agrees to date him.  If any man or woman seeking a date are reading this blog, DON’T DO WHAT WALLY DOES!  What made for funny in 1981 could get you in a lot of trouble today.  For whatever reason, Wally’s persistence has worn Marcia down and she hides a smirk at his actions.  What follows is a montage of scenes showing the pair out on dates.  At their conclusion we learn they have been dating for seven days.  Based on the clothing changes, they have had a very active seven days.  It reminds me of the montage of dating scenes in “The Naked Gun” that show Frank Drebin and Jane on all kinds of dates and concludes with Jane sharing they met only yesterday.

Soon we see Mike and Carol lamenting they have not heard from Jan in over a week.  It seems Mike and Carol always encouraged their kids to do the right thing and apologize when they were wrong.  Here, Mike and Carol have not reached out to Jan in a week?  Just as they seek to amend the error of their ways, Jan arrives with apologies.  Mike and Carol share their own.  Seconds later, Marcia and Wally arrive to share the news they are getting married.  However, they won’t do it without the consent of Mike and Carol.  Mike and Carol ponder the matter for a few brief seconds and consent.  This same couple that did not want Jan married until Marcia tied the knot give their marriage blessing to Marcia after a seven day courtship.  Jan learns of this and the two eldest Brady sisters are elated at the idea of sharing a wedding day.  This was a bit of a surprise for me.  I could easily see Jan being dismayed at Marcia stealing her thunder by arranging a marriage of her own so soon after Jan had announced she was getting married.  It seems most any bride would want her wedding day to be all her own.  Jan, who always felt overshadowed by Marcia in the original series, has no problem sharing her big day with her older sister?  Perhaps this was meant to show Jan was older and more mature now, but even a grown woman might be disappointed to learn she was sharing a wedding.

In the next scene, we finally get to see the rest of the Brady kids.  Carol phones them all to share the news of Marcia and Jan getting married.  Greg gets the  call first.  He is now a doctor!  In seven years, he completed his undergraduate degree, medical school and is now practicing medicine.  Based on the timeline, he should still be in medical school.  Peter is serving in the Air Force.  In one of those annoying, but necessary lines, Peter says to Carol “..I enlist in the Air Force a while so I can decide what to do with my life…”.  Yes, the audience needed to know this, but I am certain Carol knew and did not need the reminder.  During their conversation, Peter holds up a general trying to leave the flight line.  It seems Peter would be controlling access to the flight line, not those exiting it.  The phone call to Bobby and Cindy are both at college.  Susan Olsen is looking great even with that 1980s hairstyle.


As wedding preparations begin, we finally see Alice.  She and Sam have been married four years now.  She is there to help with all things wedding.  However, she can’t stop crying at the idea of Jan and Marcia getting married.  She fondly remembers Marcia as a child writing in crayon on the family room walls.   This is another head scratching line for devout fans.  By the time Carol and her daughters moved into the house, even Cindy was well beyond the age where she would be writing on the walls.

The wedding preparations or lack thereof are made evident with Alice’s arrival. Marcia and Jan have completely different visions for their wedding.  Jan wants a traditional event with formal wear, classical music and the like.  Wally and Marcia are imagining a casual BYOB type event that the guests will find not much different than the regular boozy weekend parties.  Oh, except there will be a live rock-n-roll band.


This of course causes conflict.  The two couples’ clash continues into Mike and Carol’s living room where they all meet for the first time.  The obvious solution here would be for each Brady girl to have her own celebration.  Mikes does suggest this.  Well, such a common sense resolution would not make for a good movie.  No resolution is reached; Wally and Philip are now having second thoughts about getting married at all.   I was not quite clear why they felt this way.  Maybe neither guy wants the rest of his life dictated by Jan and Marcia not getting along?

“Okay, let’s give this a spin and see that this is one of the stupidest ideas we ever have.”

The Brady girls getting married plot line had all ready moved on to a shaky track, but the next plot resolution sends it sailing off the track into the ravine.  The dueling couples meet at a restaurant, down a bottle of wine and decide to course the wedding by spinning the empty bottle on the table.  Yes, they are going to decide what kind of wedding they will have by spinning a wine bottle.  The bottle lands between Marcia and Jan, leaving them to conclude the wedding should be half traditional and half modern.  This is some classic Brady nonsense here.  I could see this having been some kind of resolution on the original show when it came to some song Greg wrote, a play the kids were putting or maybe two girls sharing hostess honors due to the banquet guest of honor being an astronaut.

The wedding is planned in less than a week due to Peter’s Air Force service sending him off on an exercise.  This comes at a great inconvenience to all the Brady kids, but they will be there.  Somehow, all of the other guests coming could rearrange their plans.  Maybe this abrupt change is why we don’t see Aunt Jenny as she was in Washington DC advising a newly elected Ronald Reagan on how to deal with the USSR.

The wedding begins with more lame jokes.  Bobby arrives still wearing his cleats.  How did he “accidentally” put cleats on after changing out of his uniform into a suit?  Greg arrives wearing white doctor shoes and is laughed at as only the bride is supposed to wear white.   I will give kudos to the production of this movie in that they at least make clear the wedding was taking place someplace besides the Brady house.   However, the wedding is moved there as rain soon cancels the outdoor nuptials.

It seems to be such a TV sitcom mainstay that characters get married on the main set of the show.  I remember an episode of Good Times where James’ father was getting married and the ceremony took place in the Evans’ apartment.  When this was mentioned at the Sitcomsonline board for the show, somebody commented to the effect of, “If they would have had Thelma get married in that damned apartment…” and I still laugh thinking about that.  For the Brady brides, at least we have rain to blame for them getting married in the Brady home’s living room.

The half and half ceremony plays out onscreen.  Jan and Philip swap traditional vows while Marcia and Wally share some they penned on their own.  Stewart Copeland jams alongside Carlos Santana while a violin players strolls about the event.  The wacky wedding ends the same way Mike and Carol’s did.  However, this time it is Wally who finds himself covered in wedding cake.  It was a nice subtle nod to the original series.


I want to thank you all for reviewing “The Brady Girls Get Married” with me.  Please do share your own thoughts!  My own line of thinking here is that it was nice to see everyone again, but the level of enjoyment is nowhere near what I found with the original series.  A sensible and responsible gal like Marcia agreeing to marry a man after a week’s time was a stretch.  Maybe if it was Desi Arnaz Jr, I might understand, but not some guy who sat beside her at the Piccadilly.  As mentioned before, the willingness to have a half and half wedding might have worked on the original series, but here just rings hokey to me.  In the coming days, I will be seeking episodes of The Brady Brides out and another blog will post before too long with a review of those.  Based on the TV movie, I can’t see reviewing each episode one by one.  Again, I hope you will all share your own thoughts!   See you again soon.


Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

41 thoughts on “The Brady Girls Get Married”

  1. Good Morning Reviewer Mike!
    Well, it is Election Day and my vote? More Bradys! Mike ran for office in THE BRADYS and became POTUS in the third parody movie (Please say you will be reviewing the movies here, as well?)

    But back to TBGGM. I advised you of the Daily Motion link and admit was confused by the first scene of Philip. I can’t help but think they had the usual squares and theme music in some form and hopefully another reader can confirm, one way or another for us. I admit I have yet to watch past the opening scene; did the end credits have any familiarity to them?

    Philip was so nervous, he forgot to ask Mike first before popping the question to Jan. Perhaps the lame reason of the parents wanting Marcia to get hitched first was a way of showing annoyance in this breach of tradition.

    I know there are Jan fans but in that first shot of her, she looks positively school marmish, with the hairdo and collar reminding me of Miss Hathaway on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES!

    Wally wearing down Marcia reminds me of Pete’s efforts with Michelle in “Two Petes in a Pod”.

    Now the shot of the Brady Girls – Marcia looks fashionable and great; Jan is in a grandmom sweater and hairdo.
    Greg – thankfully, no giant, black comb under his nose yet; Peter looking handsome in a uniform; Bobby looks like he has dark hair again and gratefully, no fro; and I agree that Susan does look good.

    Seems Alice has a touch of what Carol has: completely wrong memory syndrome.

    Mike, that was a hilarious line about Aunt Jenny. I guess the great grandparents have both passed away and other people from the original series (including Mike and Carol’s parents and family?) just couldn’t make it in so short a time.

    Wait — now Bobby has a sort of dark blonde, mixed perm in the cleat shot?

    Since there are what, six episodes of TBB (The Brady Brides, that is), perhaps an overview would be fine with maybe an in-depth commentary for the best of the Bunch (*sorry*, couldn’t resist.)

    If after watching it all the way through, it merits more commentary, I’ll be back here with them.

    Great job as always, Mike; keep it coming!

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    1. Good point about Aunt Jenny……never thought about that….

      I was hoping Sam would be there..maybe a nice shot of him and Alice together? Maybe Carol and Mike wouldn’t let her bring him….after telling Jan she couldn’t get married before Marcia who knows else those monsters might have not allowed.

      Even worse where was Oliver?? He lived with the family for what is assumed to be an extended time…..was he snubbed??

      Thank God “Killer Carson” was there to save this turkey

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  2. I hate it when shows make a movie then have episodes after it. So its the 2 hour movie then 6 episodes? I remember watching this movie and some episodes that is now on Youtube. So hard to find now so I need to buy that Brady Bunch set.

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  3. Something else I just thought of.. After the Variety hour ended, how did Mike and Carol get their house back? I thought they had sold it or maybe they said they sold it but really didn’t.

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    1. In the Variety Hours that I saw, they didn’t mention the old home in the pilot but it obviously was a small set on the Variety stage that served as the new house.
      In another episode (featuring Mr Lee Majors and Mrs Farrah Fawcett-Majors), Rip Torn was a real estate agent who double booked showing the Bradys’ new vacation home to the Majors (not sure if the Bradys were looking to sell it or had just gotten it).

      As for how they got their original home back, it wasn’t made clear if it was ever sold or not. But why they’d all move into a much more cramped place and still keep it, is a puzzler.

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      1. The movie did not begins with Philip’s proposal. Mike and Carol just got back from sending Cindy off to college. Carol was upset because all the kids were gone and Alice no longer worked for them. It ended with Marcia,Jan and their husbands sharing a house and clashing with a bitchy neighbor named Ms. Fritzsinger

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  4. When NBC originally aired “The Brady Girls Get Married”, instead of airing it as a 2-hour tv movie, NBC split it up into individual 1/2 hour episodes, only the 1st 3 of which covered up to the double wedding. NBC made this decision so late that TV Guide listed the full tv movie but the network aired just episode 1 that night. Lloyd Schwartz stated somewhere for THE BRADYS that he & his dad just wanted to produce 1 2-hour tv movie every 6 months or so, but someone at CBS said “Networks are built on series” and forced the terrible BRADYS series that way, scheduling it against FULL HOUSE of all things. NBC made this same mistake back in 1981, possibly for the same reason. I remember seeing the 2-hour movie shown in syndication ending w/ what became what would’ve been the 1st series episode, as I share below.

    The 4th 1/2 hour episode was the 1st episode which dealt w/ the 4 newlyweds sharing the house and fighting w/ their prudish neighbor. I still remember her stock prude line “Why I never…” (What does that really mean anyway?) and Phillip (I think) saying “Well maybe you should!” as he flashed her w/ his undies.

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  5. With the original series, the cartoon, and the variety show all airing on ABC, this movie & series marked the first time a Brady-related program debued on a different network. As a fan, I made sure to check this out back in 1981. However, like the Gilligan’s Island reunion shows, I also had more of a thrill seeing the castmates back together again than watching a passable plotline.

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    1. And IIRC, the two Schwartz shows finally got a crossover (of sorts) in the 2nd BB parody movie (with Jeannie thrown in for good measure)!

      Can’t wait to see those parody movies reviewed (hint, hint).

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  6. Got the 50th anniversary DVD and just finished watching the Brady Brides movie and looks like they tacked on the episode where the girls move in too. I missed the Aunt Jenny reference unless that got cut. Think the collection set is uncut which stinks. When I watched the TBBGM many years ago on Youtube, I could have sworn seeing a scene where the reverend talked about officiating a wedding where the groom got plastered with cake and while Mike and Carol had told him it was them then he realized it was them. Not in the DVD but maybe that scene wasn’t there? I’d like to think that Mike or Carol made a speech or something.

    Thought it was kinda dumb in a way but I guess they had to have some craziness. I assume most of the kids lived near home? Not sure about this movie and series though. I’m sure Reed was thankful for just doing the movie part and not the other episodes.

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    1. Lol. I don’t recall any actual Aunt Jenny reference. I just made that comment when reviewing the blog.

      The whole cake scene seemed silly to me. No caterer worth a darn would need to dance around with a cake like that. He’d just steady himself and set it down.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    2. That scene w/ the reverend talking about the cake happened in THE BRADYS when Bobby was married. Dabbs Greer played the minister both times, so he was remembering Mike & Carol’s wedding at Bobby’s wedding. Mr. Greer also played the minister who married Rob & Laura Petrie on THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and he played Walnut Grove minister Robert Alden on LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

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  7. Ah, right scene, wrong movie. Thank you.

    DVD for this movie is good and not having any issues. Need to go through The Bradys and the BB series and make sure there are no issues as in scratches since the package was set up badly. Discs on top of each other was a very bad idea from what I read on the comments at Amazon some discs had scratches and some had issues when they tried to play it and it was past the return deadline.

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  8. I forgot to mention this, there was a 4 minute scene that was cut and is in the DVD but you have to go to the menu to get it. It had to do with the movers moving everything and Logan/Convington pair not talking to each other about what needs to be put in the home. I have a hard time believing they would have the house that packed like that ant not at least say something to each other or the other pair.

    I liked seeing the reaction on Mike’s face as well as Carol’s when she makes a mistake. I would think RR would have had something to say unless he thought that part was a bit funny, and I did think it was.

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  9. As mentioned above, the original movie was split apart into half hour episodes. The first three episodes had the classic Brady opening. They used the season 3/season 5 vocals, with a new orchestration by Frank DeVol. You can see it on YouTube. After the “Brady Bunch” title appears, it zooms toward the screen and breaks apart, with the “Brady Girls Get Married” title appearing after.

    Later on, after the “Brady Brides” series was cancelled, the first four episodes were put back together as a two-hour movie and rerun on NBC.

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    1. Thank you Margie, for that breakdown.
      Maybe I’ll look for that opening on YouTube.
      Ah, whom I kidding gang? I’ll be looking for it as soon as I complete this sentence!

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  10. Okay, here is the opening left off Mike’s link of the movie:

    Someone earlier described this opening scene to a “T” (or, in this case, to a “B”, would be more appropo): the theme song with old credits, Carol and Mike coming home with Carol suffering serious empty nest syndrome, and Mike countering with that ever generic, “Let’s take that cruise we’ve always been threatening to take.” Way to get the blood pumping, Brady, for a cruise to wherever.

    Then it switches to an establishing shot of the outside of Jan’s apartment, in the evening. This is the same scene that starts off the Daily Motion “Brady Girls” movie link.

    So unless there was a missed ending, we got the whole movie now.

    Thanks again, Margie!

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    1. Thanks for posting the link, Vincent. Since Barbara Cason is shown among the actors here, that proved to me that the first “Brady Brides” episode, “Living Together” was included in the 2-hour version of the tv movie, since Ms. Cason didn’t appear until she was the Logan/Covingtons’ neighbor. I’d love to know if there was ever a 2-hour version of this movie that would’ve been aired stand-alone. As I’ve mentioned before, “The Brady Girls Get Married” was originally supposed to be aired as a 2-hour tv movie, but NBC had it split into 3 or 4 episodes too late for TV Guide to mention this change. This change makes me wonder if 1/2 hour was cut from the movie as originally filmed to make it 3 “Brady Brides” episodes rather than a 2-hour tv movie.

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  11. Speaking of openings, the BRADY BRIDES had the most cloying.
    🎼”Jan fell in love with a man named Philip, the nicest guy she knows”🎶
    They then accompanied this ditty by showing Philip kissing a stack of books, as he entered the house. I think a better verse to go along with that scene would have been,
    🎵”Philip, the most myopic guy she knows”🎶

    Now I admit to having a preference to Marcia over Jan but, even I wouldn’t mistake her feminine form for some overdue library books, no matter how conservative they dressed her!

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  12. This whole movie was so unrealistic, that I am probably thinking what Robert Reed was thinking. There is no way that a family with six children, who’s ages all conveniently fell in line like dominoes in the original, are all going to lead such orderly lives. With SIX children, there’s going to be at least one or even three kids, who don’t just go off to college the minute they turn 18, leaving an instant empty nest for the parents, once the youngest child adulthood.

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    1. I admit, I would have thought maybe at least one or 2 of the kids would kinda do their own thing and not be as close to their parents kind of thing.

      Peter in the Air Force? Really? I guess they needed to come up with something for Peter. Yet, they got stuff for the other kids that sorta make sense.

      I remember reading somewhere that Florence threatened not to come back if Carol didn’t have a job during the time of the reusnions and she did state that she wanted Carol to have a job during the show. It appears she didn’t like that they had Carol as a Real Estate agent. lol

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      1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I got the impression that Peter was probably the kid who didn’t go to college, and went straight to Military. He did have the fancy office job in the Christmas reunion movie, but you don’t necessarily need college for that.

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      1. I’ve said it before, Blogger Mike is going to need some coffee and make sure his kids are in bed when he watches the movie since there were some um… scenes with the Covingtons that I think was a bit much… ewwww..

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  13. Since this is about marriage I’m going to put it here… Your site is great for reference if I need to and if I’m lazy popping in the disc to look at. lol

    Thank you Mike. 🙂

    So Alice married in 77 and I checked the ages that I made for the kids and disappointed to see that Bobby and Cindy were almost out of the house by that time. But I guess I could tweak it and have it where she didn’t work for the Bradys a few years before her marriage.

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  14. I have not seen the film / series and I can only comment on your comments but the plot seems ridiculous in itself. Was there a two-for-one offer on weddings? It doesn’t seem like it was a thing Jan wanted (least of all when her wedding proposal, Marcia’s was non-existent). The first photos Mike posted of Jan and Philip reminded me of the series “The roaring 20’s” …

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Daniel,
      You’re right! Jan’s plastered down hair and white lace collar, reminded me of Miss Crabtree from “The Little Rascals”, and Philip in his 3 piece suit looked like he stepped out of an old “silent” movie.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂

        Imagine starting to watch TBBGM show and see this guy walking down the hall instead of Mike and Carol, I can see people flipping channels…

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