The Brady Brides Part Two

Hello again!  Thank you for joining me today as we take a look at some more episodes of The Brady Brides.  As a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch, I am glad I gave these episodes a look, but don’t think I ever will again.  The show never hit any kind of stride that left me wanting to see more of the characters or know what would be happening next.  I know that new programs have to find a groove and get their footing, but The Brady Brides were unique in that the show came with ready made characters viewers all ready knew and would enjoy seeing again.  The problem was the writing staff for the show never seemed to take advantage of that and write any good stories for them.

The Mom Who Came To Dinner

Air Date 3/27/1981

Video Link:

When I first endured watching the earlier episodes, I thought to myself that maybe what was missing from the show was a strong lead character, a voice of reason or an anchor for the rest of the cast.  Well, this episode proved me wrong.  Carol is an overnight guest at her daughters’ home and the show still stunk.   The ever present adult thrown into the mix did nothing to improve the story.

Just to make sure some hijinks were in store, Philip rigged up some crazy scientist contraption to operate the appliances and alert all emergency personnel should they be needed.  I can’t even see the professor on Gilligan’s Island inventing something this dumb.

There was a funny line when Carol says she will wash the dishes.  Wally assures her she doesn’t have to, she can wait and do them in the morning.  With the tastes of dinner still lingering on their palates, the entire household decides to hit the hay.  What follows is a musical chairs version of sleeping arrangements as different household members swap beds and the guest cot.  Just to keep things wacky, Harry comes over to spend the night since his mom is working late.  Philip serenades him to sleep with an overly long and overly loud version of Moon River.


Another glimpse of the original greatness of The Brady Bunch occurs when Alice comes knocking at the window since she is locked out of her house.  She delivers a line about it being too early for the late show or too late for the early show.  That was some classic Alice there.  The line was a nice reminder of how great the original series was and a bad reminder of how lousy this one was.  Alice’s visit activates Philip’s moronic invention making the appliances go haywire while the police, fire department and paramedics were summoned.  Folks, this was more fitting for the Brady Kids cartoon and even then it might have been one of their worst episodes.


The Siege

Air Date: 4/3/1981

Video Link

Speaking of The Brady Kids cartoon, the plot of The Siege is more fitting of a cartoon than any live action program.  Philip’s next big job as a college professor requires he have a security clearance.  Inspector Mann arrives to initiate it.  Wally, who has racked up hella parking tickets, thinks the inspector is there for him.  So, Wally puts on the guise that he is Philip. Before making his exit, the inspector snags a water glass.  From the fingerprints on it, he learns that the man posing as Philip Covington was Wally Logan.  Wally’s suspicious activity warrants further investigation!


If this was not contrived enough, the Logan/Covington abode is soon surrounded by a plethora of trench coat and fedora wearing government agents seeking to know more about Wally Logan. Wally thinks all this nonsense is because of his parking tickets.

This episode gives us two more damn make out sessions with Wally and Marcia, a visit from Carol and Harry and virtually nothing of redeeming value.  This episode has to be the worst of the worst of The Brady Brides.

Cool Hand Phil

Air Date: 4/10/1981

Video Link

Philip arrives home disheartened that he got zero votes for favorite professor at the college.  Jan comes home with the great news that she has the opportunity to design a rich lady’s vacation home.  Phil seeks to undo his stuffy and uptight ways via instruction from Wally.  Harry shows up too and gives some lessons in coolness of his own.


For some reason none of the residents of the Logan/Covington home have realized that having potential clients and employers over is a terrible idea.  Jan has the rich lady, Mrs. Richardson, over to look at the model of the home she has built, just as Phil puts his newly learned cool ways to use.  He is way too fresh with Jan’s potential client and an appalled Mrs. Richardson leaves.   Sigh, maybe Jan can pitch that A-Frame design to a KOA.


There was a fun scene with Alice in this episode.  Jan and Marcia are angry at each other and Alice tries to intervene.  A funny line is shared as she asks “Have you forgotten you are sisters?”  Marcia answers, “I’m trying.”  It gave me a chuckle.  In the company of all the other attempts at humor in this episode, it’s gut busting hilarious!  Oh my side, my side….


The cool lesson for Phil continues at a local cowboy bar.  In the company of a drunk bar patron, Phil takes to the bottle.  The party follows Philip home.  Catastrophe awaits as Mrs. Richardson has returned to give the A-Frame house another look.  As a crowd of drunks spills into the living room Mrs. Richardson is aghast.  However, Jan wins her business by stating how all these boozy people are there to suggest a western motif for her potential vacation home.  Mrs. Richardson buys Jan’s ruse and likes the idea of a western design.  Mrs. Richardson must be really gullible.  I wonder if the vacation home Jan is designing is going on Mrs. Richardson’s newly purchased Tennessee beachfront property?

Well friends, we have one more episode to review. “A Pretty Boy Is Like a Melody” was the last one of the series.  I’ve watched it already and it was probably the best of The Brady Brides ever offered.  We will have a look at that one tomorrow.  Please share any thoughts with us on these three or the series as a whole!  See you soon.


Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

13 thoughts on “The Brady Brides Part Two”

  1. Blogger Mike,
    Your reviews are like Robbie the Robot’s “WARNING! WARNING!”
    Yet, I still feel the need to get “down in the trenches” with you, as it were, and share the misery by using those provided links to watch them. Without them, I’m not sure Id’ve spent any time looking for these particular shows. So….thanks?

    Lumping these 3 together pretty much tells me all I need to know about their quality.

    Judging by the pictures you provided, Maureen continues to be dressed flatteringly, whilst Eve stays conservative and formal.

    The one picture of the cast surrounded by the trenchcoated agents, shows them ALL with their mouths agape, which just continues to affirm the hamfistedness of the direction and writing.

    Saving the best for last is a hopeful sign.

    Heading now to the airport and back to NJ from the Mouse House!

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    1. Your comments are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you had a fantastic trip. Please don’t get your hopes up too high for the final episode. Even at the end of the day at the AMC factory, there was a Pacer that could be considered “the best”.

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  2. Thanks for watching these so we don’t have to. If I remember right from TV Guide listings, Gloria Henry from DENNIS THE MENACE played Mrs. Richardson.

    I may watch that last episode if it is considered the best of the series, no matter how little that may be saying. In their defense, Sherwood & Lloyd Schwartz were producing this show at the same time that they were producing HARPER VALLEY PTA, THE BRADY BRIDES’ Friday night neighbor on NBC, so they had much less time for this show while they were producing the other.

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    1. Thanks for commenting Jon. I thought I recognized Mrs. Richardson. You shared a great link a few weeks ago. On it is a comment from Lloyd Schwartz that reads as follows:

      **Producer Lloyd J. Schwartz notes that there is a perception on some people’s parts that The Brady Brides was a failure, but, he points out to us, that wasn’t the case. “It was actually winning,” he says. “It followed Harper Valley P.T.A., which I also created. They aired back-to-back and were the only things doing well on NBC at the time. But what happened was new management came in and it certainly wasn’t Grant Tinker’s kind of show, so that was the end of it.”**

      If The Brady Brides was winning against other shows, I shudder to think what the quality of those other programs was like. I’ve never met a person who viewed the series Harper Valley PTA. Years ago on Jump the Shark I read where some people bemoaned the casting of the daughter in contrast to the girl who played the role in the movie.

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      1. I saw HARPER VALLEY PTA a few times. The sitcom came about after NBC ran the 1978 movie, “Harper Valley PTA”, which starred Barbara Eden, who also starred in the tv series. This movie got an unusually high rating (for NBC at the time anyway), so NBC made a sitcom out of it. The movie was inspired by the 1968 song of the same name, sung by Jeannie C. Riley & written by Tom T. Hall.

        The sitcom cast originally included Anne Francine as Flora Simpson Reilly, Bridget Hanley (who was in the tv series HERE COME THE BRIDES) as her daughter, Wanda Reilly Taylor, Rod McCary (who appeared in several tv shows in the 70s & 80s, including THREE’S COMPANY) as Wanda’s husband, Bobby, Fannie Flagg as Stella’s hairdresser friend, Edie McClurg (whom most fans here likely remember from THE HOGAN FAMILY and a few 80s movies) as the PTA secretary, and George Gobel as Mayor Otis Harper. HARPER VALLEY PTA, like THE BRADY BRIDES, was a mid-season replacement on NBC, premiering January 1981, and Sherwood & Lloyd Schwartz produced both shows. The show was renewed for 1981-82 w/ a shorter title, HARPER VALLEY, as the PTA element (and some cast members associated w/ the PTA) were dropped, and Mills Watson, who’d appeared in NBC’s LOBO the previous season, was added to the cast as Stella’ uncle, Buster Smith.

        Sherwood Schwartz was quoted once as saying that he developed the sitcom to make Flora Simpson Reilly as the head of a force that Stella had to oppose every week, and I remember quite a bit of slapstick humor, including having Stella pretend to be a world-famous hairdresser, who goops up the hair of Flora, Wanda, and a few of the other PTA snobs and leaves it that way (the hairdresser offered to repair it afterward). I watched that episode and a few others from both seasons. NBC cancelled the show after the 1981-82 season. TV Land reran it a few times during its past days as a good classic tv channel.

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      2. In my previous post here, I failed to mention 2 Brady connections to the movie version of “Harper Valley PTA”. Pitt Herbert, Mr. Driscoll twice during Season 1, played Henry Reilly, henpecked husband of Flora Simpson Reilly. Also Molly Dodd, Mrs. Payne from “Kelly’s Kids”, played the embezzling PTA secretary who came to a particularly bad humiliation at the end of the movie.

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  3. I ordered the 50 year collection set of the show and hoping it arrives in the next few days. The tracking shows I should get it today and when I do, I will check out the BGGM and the episodes you have reviewed. Maybe I’ll play the link on the computer and then the DVD of the BGGM on the PS4 I have and see which scenes I’m missing. lol That would be hilarious to do. Just hope the DVDs are not scratched up as I’ve read from the comments on

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  4. Mom who came to dinner… I think Florence helped make this show a bit better than it was but not much. This episode was okay but I have to ask, why did they have to have the shutters closed in the family room that goes into the kitchen?
    Wally needs to learn to put his clothes on and thankfully he does that in A Very Brady Christmas but I’d like to think once they moved, he wore clothes at night when their kids would be born.

    So far I can’t tell what was cut out but I think some scenes were cut out for syndication and from what I’ve seen some episodes were between 22 and 25 minutes. If you just cut 1 minute out of every episode for the theme song.

    I’ll check the rest tomorrow.

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    1. I suppose the shutters were kept closed so the kitchen set would not have to be recreated. That was just a quick and easy way to show Carol talking on the phone without having to dress the set up too much.

      Thanks for the update on the cut scenes!

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  5. The Siege…. Are you kidding me? I’m sure we all know that they send uniformed police for a warrant and I didn’t know they had an inspector in the police department. Did have some funny moments though but I admit, this was not the best. What is the brown stuff that seems to make everything good?

    Cool hand Phil… shouldn’t it be Philip? lol Do they still do that favorite teacher in college? I would think that would be a bad idea whether its college or school k-12. You are right, Mike… this episode was hilarious. I laughed more in this episode than the others. Its good to know that Jan has a my way or the highway type client like Mike did in the show.

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    1. I graduated HS in 1996 and we were not naming favorite teachers then. The school did one thing I really liked. All of the students wrote something down about their favorite teachers and submitted them to the yearbook. The yearbook staff picked one of the complimentary quotes about each teacher and put it in the yearbook with the student’s name. That way, every faculty member got some level of praise. I graduated college in 2009 (yes it took me a while to get my degree) and we never ranked our professors via any school sanctioned poll. There was a website that allowed professors to be ranked, but it was not for any specific university. It was kind of like a Tripadvisor for college professors.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Andrea!

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