The Brady Brides Final Episode

Original Air Date: April 17, 1981

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Hello again friends and readers.  Today we end our blogging adventure that has been The Brady Brides.  Thank you for all those who have suffered along with me as we reviewed some weak plots, idiotic scripts and underdeveloped characters.  If you enjoyed these episodes, I want to thank you for joining as well.  I will say that of all The Brady Brides episodes this one, “A Pretty Boy Is Like a Melody”, was probably the best of the lot. I reviewed the writing credits for all of the episodes and they list Lloyd J. Schwartz and Sherwood Schwartz along with another writer or two.  For the painful experience that was “The Siege”, Hope Sherwood was one of the writers.  She played Greg’s date Rachel in the episode with the frogs in the backseat at the drive-in.  The episode we are reviewing today was penned with the assistance of Richard Gurman.  I scanned his other writing credits on IMBD and he wrote scripts for some series I have enjoyed; among them are episodes of The New Leave It to Beaver, Married… with Children and Still Standing.  I am not saying for sure I saw the ones he wrote, but his resume suggests some talent and it shines through in “A Pretty Boy Is Like a Melody”.  IMDB notes Richard Gurman wrote  the script for a well known Happy Days episode that has Fonzie integrating a diner in the south.


Something I noticed with The Brady Brides was the Logan/Covington home shares something in common with the childhood home of Marcia and Jan.  The outside doesn’t quite jive with the inside.  The front door appears to be to the far left of the front porch, while interior shots indicate it should be to the right .


This time it is Marcia’s turn to have her livelihood threatened.  She arrives home with the fantastic news that some of her designs will be part of a fashion show with a big shot critic in attendance.  The scene plays out in the kitchen.  Before this episode, we only got to see the kitchen through the opening from the dining area.  I hope the production getting the funds for a full kitchen set didn’t get their hopes up that the series would be on a while.

Some genuine humor plays out when some models arrive at the house to be fitted for the fashion show duds.  Wally is expecting some fine looking ladies to grace his living room.  He answers the door to find Harry standing there.  A few seconds later, it is revealed some studly men are modeling Marcia’s clothes.  Wally is dismayed by this and as Harry leaves he laughs at him through the window.  This was quite funny and I still chuckle thinking about the exchange.


Jealousy abounds as Wally must share the company of the two hunky dudes and learns they work with Marcia regularly.  The models throw a few barbs at Wally.   The David Hasselhoff looking guy, Brandon, tosses his coat on Wally as he disrobes for a fitting.  As Marcia begins the fitting, Wally asks if they don’t all ready know their own measurements.  The reply from Brandon is he does in fact know them and they get bigger every day.  Wally’s jealous way eventually annoy the pair to the point that they decide to leave.  The guy who looks like Scott Baio, Lance, tells Marcia that Muhammad Wally is a bit much and they are out.   The entire scene had me laughing out loud a few times.   Oh, if only the other episodes could have done that.

Brandon and Lance were played by Tom Gagen and Tom Jordan.  Tom Gagen’s IMDB resume lists little of note and no acting gigs beyond a 1982 appearance on The Powers of Matthew Star.  Tom Jordan’s acting career continued until 2017.  He appeared in 146 episodes of Fair City along with other appearances on TV and in movies.  Tom Jordan died in 2019.


Without models, Marcia’s show can not go on.  She states it is the weekend and the agencies are closed, leaving her with nobody else to hire.  Surely in southern California there were models to be found for work on the weekend!  So her career may not end, the husbands agree to model for the show.   Philip is of course cajoled into it.  The fashion show exhibits the typical nonsense that was to be expected with this show.

Marcia’s designs are all sportswear of some sort, despite her company’s name being Casual Clothes.  A fencing get up, leopard print shorts and a scuba suit are hardly what I would consider casual.   Wally and Philip clumsily model the clothes and Wally is soon stuck in the scuba suit and unable to model “Jungle Fever”.  As Marcia dashes backstage to help, Carol gets on stage and stalls the audience.  Philip’s unwillingness to walk out on stage in the leopard shorts should be the comedic high of the episode, but in my opinion that happened already.  The fashion show concludes with the big shot fashion critic telling Marcia she will do fine as a designer.

There is a scene back at the house, but at this point dear readers, I am done with the Brady Brides.  I welcome your own thoughts on this episode and the series as a whole.  Thanks to all who have shared their thoughts thus far.  I’ve really enjoyed reading your commentary.  My plan is to review the first two of the parody movies next.  However, with two small children and the holidays rapidly approaching, I am not sure when I will have time to sit down and scrutinize a film from start to finish.   So, it may be a while, but I will be back with more Brady blogging!

Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

31 thoughts on “The Brady Brides Final Episode”

  1. Dear Blogger/Reviewer Mike,

    You deserve a well rested break before your return. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to actually watch these last 3 or so eps, myself, and maybe squeeze in the movies. I will certainly watch the Brady ChrX episode and the Very Brady ChrX tv movie, as we do every year. I like to watch those Christmas eps of old tv shows, around this time, including “I Love Lucy”, “TWILGHT ZONE”, “Gilligan’s Island”, and perhaps even throw in when Batman and Robin greet Andy Devine’s Santa sticking his head out of a Gotham window.

    The difference in the outside to the inside of the Brady House was made clear to me by a woman whose site comes up with floor plans for sitcom and movie homes.
    She showed that from outside, the Brady house stretches far to the left of the front door before reaching the driveway. But from the interior, there is a wall immediately to that side of the door (where the tv is seen). What is all that extra space that has no access from the inside about? That blew my mind! Not even the HGTV series on renovating the home mentioned it. (They ended up using that whole side to recreate Greg’s groovy attic room, without having to change the roofline of the real house).
    Say – perhaps that was a seldom used guest wing for the likes of Aunt Jenny, and the great grandparents who visited?

    Mike – when I looked at the pix you choose of Marcia’s models, I thought, “Hey, that one guy looks like Hasselhoff.” When you described him as such and added the other guy looked like Baio, I had a chuckle as I could totally see it!

    Another picture shows Alice. Did she have any Alice “moment” is this best written episode?

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    1. Thanks Vincent! I don’t recall any great Alice moments in the last episode. She was only there to help backstage during the fashion show. The opening credits of the series always included her, but her appearances seem really limited. As I think on it, a great way to have included her more would have been for the newlyweds to move into a house she owned with her living in another portion. It would have been great to see Allan Melvin show up occasionally too.

      Another great Christmas episode is the only one The Andy Griffith Show ever made. I watch it annually and choke up towards the end every year. I wish TAGS would have done a few more Christmas installments.

      Speaking of house layouts, the Beverly Hillbillies mansion doesn’t jive well unless one imagines an open air courtyard in the middle of the house. While that is plausible, it is hard to imagine the Clampetts never mentioning it.

      Thanks again for all your comments!


  2. Oh.. lala….. Brandon is hunky…. Too bad RR wasn’t around or I’d like to see him in the buff.. Oh wait, he is like that in the Hawaii episode trying to save Greg. This was a good episode to end the series. I think it would have been better if it was just the movie though.

    I don’t know what it is about Mike but I did miss seeing him even though he did the wedding.

    I confess, I know its just a show but its fun to think about what happened afterwards. Did Wally and Marcia decide to move elsewhere and when? Jan and Philip move away when? Do all the kids end up moving away from their parents?

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    1. Mike Brady was a great presence in the Brady universe. I would like to think Robert Reed’s sway is what kept the original series from reaching the nonsense levels of The Brady Brides. We might not have ever had such a memorable original series had Robert Reed not been “difficult”.

      I always enjoy theorizing what became of characters after a show ended or filling in the gaps between the original series and reunions.

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    2. Andrea, that’s why I enjoy this blog so much that I make time for it. There are others but this one has followers who are right in step with what I enjoy reading about: it’s never harsh; there is no foul language; the readers’ comments are just as informative as Mike’s and his reviews are funny, yet still critical. I too enjoy thinking what happened between scenes or explaining away show gaffes, earning what Stan Lee used to refer to as a “no prize”.

      I wish Tweety was adding to these post series comments; I always enjoyed his numbered thoughts.

      I agree with Mike that:
      Brady – Reed = post Brady Bunch quality downgrade.

      However, I much prefer his look from the early seasons, clean shaven and straight hair. Once he got those greying curls and moustache, I associate with his vampire role he had on (maybe?) Fantasy Island or such, his look never appealled to me in the same way I can’t enjoy watching Dick Van Dyke, post his own show and “Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang”, once his hair got all wavy.

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      1. I was hoping Tweety would grace us with his thoughts too. I can understand though if he has no interest in watching The Brady Brides. Many fans of the original show never saw the later series. I include myself in that lot as this blog was my first viewing of The Brady Brides.


  3. I enjoyed reading your commentaries so much! I actually enjoyed The Brady Brides series- I thought it was cute. But you’re right- better writing and plotlines would have helped. Plus Ann B. Davis should have been featured more!
    I agree with taking a break- but would you consider reviewing the A Very Brady Christmas movie? I just watched this last night and it does show what the Brady kids did next in a way. It was a fun watch and I’d love to hear your take.

    To me, Brady Brides shows a slice of life in 1981- the fashions (though they could have had Jan wear more flattering clothes), home decor, etc… To me looking at different eras is always interesting.

    I too read Maureen’s autobiography and loved her talking about this series and how Jerry Hauser came to her rescue. Reading the backstory of their relationship in real life does make the show more interesting to watch.

    Plus, the Brady husbands made an appearance on HGTV’s Very Brady Renovation! I loved seeing those men again- it was too funny!

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      1. I must have forgotten that- I thought I read every Brady post Mike wrote, lol! Thanks for the share 🙂
        Mike, have you considered reviewing The Bradys in the future? I am looking forward to your reviews of the 1990’s movies!

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      2. Mike,
        I have thoughts on the Brady Kids and Maureen’s autobiography and hopefully will get to see both the ChrX episode of BB and A Very Brady ChrX movie, this year, but I wanted to ask again if you’d be reviewing Barry Williams book, as you did Maureen’s?

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      3. Hi Vincent,
        The copy I had of Barry Williams’ book fell apart and I am without one now. I read the book over a decade ago and would need to find another copy, purchase it and read it again to review it well. I love to read and currently have quite the backlog of books I am wanting to read the first time. It will be hard to find time to read it again (I am a slow reader), but anything is possible!

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    1. Jill, I totally agree that they kept Jan in unflattering clothes.
      Removing her “middle child syndrome” antics really did not give her anything much to play against, on her own show.

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  4. After reading through all these reviews, if The Brady Brides received a stand-alone DVD set, the collector in me wouldn’t consider buying it. Other than the novelty of reuniting the original cast in the pilot film, these episodes don’t sound very memorable. With the Christmas film and it’s following series on CBS, the Brides episodes still have to be considered in-continuity. So, both the characters and the viewers have received the family growing pains of The Brady Bunch, sitcom farce with The Brady Brides, and the adult drama of The Bradys. In the long run, I believe it’s all about the execution of the concept, like going from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Lou Grant. Despite the ratings, the Brides didn’t seem like a very funny program.

    I’ve been looking forward to a review & discussion of The Brady Bunch Movie & A Very Brady Sequel on this blog for awhile. In the meantime, hope everyone here has a happy & safe holiday season!

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    1. And let us not forget the 3rd parody movie featuring the classic, “Mom said – don’t play ball in the (White) House!”

      Happy Thanksgiving
      Merry Christmas
      And a Bright, Shiny New Year to Ernie and everyone!

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  5. Seeing Wally w/ that huge floral arrangement w/ the big smiley face made me think this show spent on huge props what it didn’t spend on sets, when I think back to the impractically huge stuffed gorilla too.

    There’s finally another set (other than THE NEWLYWED GAME set) for the actual fashion show (and including the new kitchen set too, which features a favorite of mine from tv sitcom kitchens, a double oven). It seems to be pretty big too and probably had to have cameras out of audience view for the backstage shenanigans.

    All I remember about Mr. Blackwell specifically is that I read that he sued Johnny Carson for satirizing him once & having him called Mother Teresa “a nerdy nun”. I’ve never bothered to find out the result of that suit, but I doubt it went to trial.

    At the end of the episode, the 2 couples arrive home, and Wally’s still stuck in the scuba diver’s outfit. Marcia lures him back to the bedroom, and he’s sure to figure his way out of that suit!

    I’m looking forward to your movie reviews, as well as your review of THE BRADYS. I rewatched that initial 2-hour BRADYS movie when transferring it to DVD, and I hope to find my notes on it for my own review of it, Tweety-style w/ a bunch of numbered points.

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  6. Well, I just finished this episode, via the link, and it was saving the best for last. The funniest parts were during the fashion show. I agree with Jon that Wally will find his way out of that rubber suit and into another kind without the speargun – and just why is he still wearing the fins to walk? Surely those and the bottom half could have been removed at the show.

    Can anyone confirm what Jan said to Marcia after Marcia said that she couldn’t find any agency open on Saturday and what could be worse. It sounded like Jan replied, “Well – you could be black.” And Marcia replies, “Thanks.” I played it twice and that’s what it sounded like to me.

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    1. I just re-watched that part of the episode to check Jan’s “exact words” (hehe), and she said “Your face could turn black”, not exactly what you thought it was, but not much better. I think I remember not getting this joke either. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a racial joke or just a joke about what would be something worse than Marcia’s models quitting.

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      1. Thanks Jon. Yes, I do recall now Jan including the face part but for 1981, that still doesn’t explain what THAT meant.
        Wonder if Eve ever questioned any scripts the way Reed did.

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    2. I watched this episode last night. Boy, this show certainly sucked! I was out if the country the year this series aired and I never knew it existed until probably sometime in the 90s. But I had never watched it until this year. I think *maybe* the Newlywed Game episode could be considered kinda good but all others were cringy to the extreme.

      Now, as far as Jan’s purportedly racist comment… there is a 0% chance she said “black” in that exchange. ZERO PERCENT! This was 1981, not 1881. Even at a Trump rally, this sort of comment would be frowned upon (I think). I agree that it kinda sounded like “black” but I am rather sure the word she said was “plaid,” like the pattern. It even makes more sense in the context of a fashion show.

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      1. Toad, I think you may have hit upon something here. I just rewatched and relistened, over and over. First, I watched Jan’s mouth, then I closed my eyes and just listened. As much as an awful line it is, I believe you are correct: “Your face could turn PLAID,” is a sitcom-y line at its worst but, the more I WATCH the forming of the words, the more it looks like she forms “blaid”, which makes NO sense and so, “plaid” I am willing to accept.
        Good job, Toad!
        (Although, I’d still had hoped the cast would have argued for a better punchline. Where’s RR when ya need him?)

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      2. Vincent, this being the last episode of the batch, I had gotten the gist of the “humor” and the writing style associated with this show. So I heard “plaid” almost immediately. There was just no way they were gonna make a racist joke on this show. They bent over backwards by adding a child of color to the cast. Honestly though, his presence really didn’t feel natural at all but there was an obvious concerted effort for inclusion of members of the African American community in the casting… probably partly because of the success of wise-cracking Gary Coleman of Diff’rent Strokes. The kid they chose wasn’t as lovable as Gary but he was probably about the same height at least! Sadly, I think they stereotyped that character. There were TWO times when Wally reminded the youngster that he didn’t want him out “on the streets.” And if I remember correctly, the audience followed with approving applause both times. LOL. Something about that rubbed me the wrong way. While being inclusive, the Brady Brides didn’t completely succeed in making everyone seem equal. But hey, they tried their best I guess.

        Anyhow, the writing on this show was very poor in all aspects. The Brady Bunch, despite some corniness, was quite well written in my opinion. I also thought the acting was very solid in the original series. I don’t know if Eve and Maureen were dumbing down their characters to be like Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company or what exactly they were doing. But they were very hard to watch in The Brady Brides. There was nothing realistic or natural about either of their characters. Even Florence Henderson was bad in this. I mentioned Diff’rent Strokes & Three’s Company and if you sprinkle in some Mork & Mindy, then reduce the funny by about 37%, you get The Brady Brides.

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      3. Toad – I think you just mathematically figured out their recipe for disaster 😄.
        I wrote earlier that the girls have practically nothing to work with; all the characterization is between the “odd couple” grooms.
        And, meanwhile, Florence really seemed to be playing to the back row. In this show, the word “subtlety” never entered the directors’ nor writers’ minds.


    1. We’d like to think so, Andrea. Thus far, I’ve been rereading Maureen’s autobiography and, am up to the BBVH. Maureen was pretty messed up, by her own account, while filming, and knew the scripts were subpar. Eve was trying to springboard off her success as a “Teenage Runaway” and, opted not to participate. What a letdown going back to BB material or must have been.
      I’d like to read a 1 on 1 interview with Eve but have never found one.

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  7. I just finished watching the first part of ‘The Bradys’. I’m pretty sure it has been hacked on that DVD which I knew would happen but I wanted to get the whole series to.

    I’m surprised Bob kept coming back to do some of these scenes and i admit, I’m not liking it already. I wonder if the network realized this was really a bad idea after the first movie aired. He really did not look well either and I do remember reading Maureen’s book where she said that he looked unwell and went crazy about the scripts. I’m surprised they didn’t fire him after the movie too but it would be too strange not to have Mike Brady.

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    1. Agreed, Andrea. If they had replaced Reed in a sixth season, and kept that guy for reunions, I doubt we’d be talking about the show in the same loving tones (or even have reunion shows to talk about).

      The new guy would not be rocking the boat and the scripts would be even more off the wall, IMHO.

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