Episode 3: A Moving Experience

Original Air Date: February 16th, 1990

Video Link: https://dai.ly/x4jvubm

Hello again fellow fans, readers and friends.  Today we review the episode “A Moving Experience”.  Urban expansion and interstates see that the Bradys must find a new home.  Instead of that, they just decide they will relocate the home they have to a new lot!  It is another slow paced and less than interesting Brady adventure.  Please share your own thoughts!

The story begins with a documentary like clip about interstates and freeways.  In case Ken Burns is reading this, I think a documentary about the Eisenhower Interstate System would make for interesting TV.  Maybe this episode should have talked about freeways a bit longer as that might have been more engaging than the story we got.


The story begins with Wally leaving for work and a brief reminder that he and Marcia are shacked up at Mike and Carol’s house.  However, bad news soon arrives via a certified letter.  A weak attempt at humor is attempted as Mickey calls it a fertilized letter.  The letter states the Bradys have 6 months to vacate their home as a freeway will soon be laid through it.  Mickey attempts a joke about looking both ways before crossing the kitchen.  Marcia admonishes him as the house being razed is a serious matter.

Mike pitches to the local councilman why the freeway plans are a bad idea.  His well researched pitch falls on the ears of an inactive politician.  He tells them he will voice their concerns, but their cause is hopeless.  He leaves with the the admonishment that he is just telling them like it is.  As the Bradys leave defeated and dejected, Mike is approached by a group that suggests he run for city council.  While he was talking to these concerned citizens, some kid off camera yells loud enough to drown out the conversation and distract this viewer.  Seriously, how did the sound man miss that?


Mike and Carol stroll about the house and reflect on all the happy memories that were created in a more entertaining series years before.  We are treated to a run of clips from the old show that include Peter practicing magic, Carol’s favorite vase breaking, Bobby flooding the service porch, Mike cleaning up the kitchen, Bobby and Cindy’s teeter-totter record attempt and Greg’s desire for his own room.


Out of the mouths of babes comes a solution to the Bradys’ dilemma.  Mickey and Jessica are playing with toys.  Mickey says Jessica needs to move her toy house so he can build a bowling alley.  This gives Mike and Carol the idea that they can just move their house to a new lot.  I don’t know a thing about moving houses, so whether or not this is feasible I have no idea.  Carol calls all the kids to let them know about the moving plans and we learn that Greg and Nora are moving back to “the city”.

The scenes that follow show more about Cindy’s romance with her boss, Mike being approached again about running for city council and the trauma center at Greg’s new employer being closed.   Cindy and her boss almost break up, but end up making out.  She will meet his kids later in the episode and it does not go well.

The house is moved with the family running alongside the truck watching.  I can’t see any house moving company allowing this!  I can’t see too many parents allowing this either!  Both Marcia’s and Greg’s sons run all around the moving truck as it hauls the massive house down the road.  I noticed Robert Reed is absent from this scene.  I can see Robert Reed crying foul many times over at the idea that the safety of so many would be disregarded.


With the Brady home’s new location still requiring some setup, Mike, Carol and the Logans must call a new house home for a month.  The place is small and under a direct flight path.  The sound of planes flying over are heard continually.  Whoever called this place home before must have been deaf with the amount of air traffic overhead.

The smaller place sees that the kids must sleep on the couch while Mike and Carol and Wally and Marcia sleep in the bedrooms.  The roaring planes overhead give the youngsters such a fright that they can’t sleep alone.  The solution is that the three fellows will share a bed as will the three ladies.  This leads to a chatty Jessica keeping Marcia and Carol up.  A jumping Mickey keeps the men awake.  Why didn’t Mike just go sleep on the couch?  Or maybe Wally and Mickey could have dozed on the couches while Mike and Carol took a bed and Marcia and Jessica did the same?


Alice tries to pay the Bradys a visit after an RV vacation and finds the Brady home no longer there.  This had the potential for humor, but again the writing is just so drab and dry that the story just plods along.

Such a pain in the rump is living in the tiny house that Mike is motivated to run for city council.  While they celebrate his birthday in the small abode, a lady shows up with a petition to lower the sounds allowed overhead.  With her complaint, the family all voices their own troubles and decide Mike Brady is the man to run for council.

Thanks again for reviewing another episode of The Bradys with me.  There’s not much for me to conclude with. This show offered beloved characters in a boring story. Please share your own thoughts!  See you next week.

Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

15 thoughts on “Episode 3: A Moving Experience”

  1. Surely Carol could have done a better job of finding a bigger place for them or maybe she and Mike in that place and the Logans in another? Hotels could not have been that expensive, back then right?
    It feels like RR has no pull anymore and the Schwartes didn’t care what Bob thought and did it their way. When Reelz did a behind the scenes show recently, Lloyd admitted his dad was stubborn so maybe we had 3 stubborn guys..
    Notice, no Marcia or Jan with the memories thing, I am trying to think of one with them and I can think of one in the backyard.
    I really really don’t see the city allowing anyone near a moving home so, yeah, I could see Bob crying about it but I wonder what the actors thought of that scene and the parents of those kids.
    I bet Florence enjoyed hitting Robert with the pillow. lol I can’t imagine how tiring that must have been for him in that scene and when he was yelling in the phone, depending on how bad he was feeling that day.
    It feels like the Schwartzes are trying to make the series kinda like Gilligans’ Island it seems.

    The lady who came in for them to sign, that was Anne Haney, Robert’s friend. She helped him get his medicine and I don’t know what other things she did but she did get his daughter to be with him in his last days. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

    One big question though… Can a city really demolish homes to made a freeway ramp? Not even sure that would happen.

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    1. Great point about Carol not being able to find a more suitable place. She is a realtor after all!
      As for your question, I know it happened in my area around the 1960s. I-24 was being built and it saw several homes razed as a result. My late friend remembered it happening and the home of somebody he knew came down so the freeway could come through.

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  2. This was the final nail in the coffin for the original Bradys.

    In my opinion, I find the addition of the Brady Brides and Very Brady Christmas cast incredibly jarring and annoying. Every time Phillip, Wally, Nora, and the new characters are on the screen, they make me grit my teeth.

    The planned Series 6, in my opinion, would’ve been better since we could’ve gotten some more character development. Bobby’s relationship with Millicent was supposed to be developed, Peter would’ve dealt with drug abuse, and the family would probably be coping with the loss of Mike due to Robert’s departure. That would certainly be a more fitting finale for the series.

    I can’t wait if you review the Brady Bunch albums I sent you.

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    1. I’m not sure I trust Sherwood or Lloyd to make a sixth season as when you look at the Brady Brides and The Bradys series, it just doesn’t feel like the same show anymore. What if they did replace Bob? I don’t think we’d be talking about this show if they did that.

      They should have stopped at the movies but I guess the showrunners couldn’t tell the network, no.

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      1. I suppose they were rather incompetent writers. I’m just glad that the 2 90s movies completely retconned The Variety Hour, Brides, Christmas, and Bradys from the continuity of the series

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  3. I dunno, Mike, I seem to recall a number of original shows of BB in which nothing really happened, no conflict, just a simple misunderstanding, resolved in 25 minutes.
    In that manner, this really did feel like a normal episode to me. For an hour, though, the focus was mainly on Mike this time, with a bit on Cindy.

    Why does Cindy now wear such flouncy clothes? A hip DJ should be wearing more flattering outfits.

    Throughout the ep, Mike seems more interested in only his own home’s situation, more than he does about others:
    He states that his alternate plan would “only affect 1/4 of the proposed houses” … which is STILL affecting 25% of his neighbors but, hey, as long as your house isn’t in the affected area, then your plan should be the selected one, is that it Mike Brady?
    And when the solution is to move the house, it only solves BRADY’S issue. Now, it is back to the ramp taking out ALL the neighbors and not just his proposed 25%. Way to leave the neighbors high and dry. In contrast, The Movie Mike extolled the virtues of the neighborhood. He wouldn’t dessert them, as proven when he refused to sell out to developers, in the first parody movie.

    When those 3 approaching Mike say, “May we speak?”, that little girl in red apparently thought they meant her; what a set of lungs!😯

    The boom mic lowers into the shot when Mike calls Fred from the kitchen wall phone.

    Hey Andrea – even during the move, that top-of-the-stairs door remains open!

    Jessica sleeping with her nude Dad, Wally, was about as kinky as THE BRADYS got.

    I guess Sam is never to be seen nor heard from, in this series. He didn’t even attend Mike’s party. Did he have a falling out with Mike over charging too much for rumproast?

    If only I could get all my guests to arrive one after the other, the way the Brady family arrives to the party, boy, would that make life easier!

    Moving a house (I’ve only seen single story homes on the highway), seems to be a “piece of cake” compared to HGTV having to rebuild it inside the frame of the original.

    They certainly don’t waste time bringing out the cake; that was one short party!

    Another two-parter. It’s like they made mini movies out of each couple shows.

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    1. From what I’ve read, Sherwood & Lloyd Schwartz had the 2 movies regarding Bobby’s injury & Mike’s run for city council planned following the Christmas movie, but CBS wanted to make THE BRADYS into a series and, even worse, run it Friday nights in its old timeslot against FULL HOUSE. I think the Bradys could’ve lasted longer in an occasional series of 2-hour movies, aired at a decent time.


  4. Rewatching this… still don’t care for it.

    Not only did I finally notice the girl with a set of lungs but the DVD had the subtitle where it said girl yells or something like that.
    I noticed a strange scene change in the bedroom. One scene Mike is talking about a birthday and Carol caresses his cheek then as the grandkids call for them, the next scene is a new shot and Carol’s arm is not caressing Mike’s cheek anymore.
    I cannot see the boom mike that came into the scene when Mike was making the call.
    Some scenes I fast forwarded through.
    Who is writing this crap? Oh wait… sorry, stupid question.
    Still hate the idea of a 60 year old man holding a stuffed doll like that.
    Why didn’t Wally have his own pajamas, I agree with RR. It isn’t sensible.
    Cindy played a minuet by Def Leppard in honor of Mike’s birthday. Was that supposed to be a quiet knock on RR or some sort of strange joke the way everyone is laughing?


    1. Andrea wrote:
      “Not only did I finally notice the girl with a set of lungs but the DVD had the subtitle where it said girl yells or something like that.”

      Only when I got to the “it said girl yells”, did I realize “notice the girl with a set of lungs”, was NOT what I first interpreted it, to be 😆.

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