Episode 17: Jan’s Aunt Jenny

Hello again! Thank you for joining me to review “Jan’s Aunt Jenny”.  It is an episode played mostly for drama, despite the whacky and eccentric visit by Aunt Jenny.  In this episode, Jan fears being ugly one day instead of thinking herself to be that way in her current state.  The episode’s guest star leaves little room for the b-plot in this episode where  Mike tries to repair an antique gramophone.  Although, it would not have been surprising to learn of a cut scene where Aunt Jenny fixes it with skills she learned from Thomas Edison.  Let’s begin our review of “Jan’s Aunt Jenny”!


The episode begins with the girls, Mike, Carol and Alice carrying things downstairs.  The Bradys are cleaning out their attic.  According to Carol, they are getting rid of old junk to make room for new junk.  As they carry the junk to the family room, one will notice large oldphotobags from Goodwill and The Salvation Army.  Perhaps some older readers can confirm if these organizations once provided bags for donated goods.  I’ve never seen it in my lifetime and I’ve given my old junk to Goodwill a couple of times.  Jan and Cindy find a box of old photos and laugh at the bathing suit styles prevalent when the photo was taken of Carol’s great grandmother.  Then another picture is found that appears to be Jan.  Carol says it is of her Aunt Jenny and it was taken 40 years ago (1930s).  It looks to have been taken 100 years before based on Aunt Jenny’s attire and hairstyle.  One would almost expect to see Mary, Laura and Carrie Ingalls alongside Aunt Jenny.  Poor Aunt Jenny must not mean much to Carol for her to allow this framed photo to be tossed in a box and stored in the attic.  The resemblance between Jan and Aunt Jenny is uncanny.  Jan is understandably interested to know what Aunt Jenny looks like today.  She decides to write Aunt Jenny and request a photograph right away; she can hardly wait to see what this aunt looks like as an adult.

In the next scene, Alice laments being asked by Jan daily, for ten days, if a letter arrived for her.  Jan is thrilled the reply has finally come.  Alice questions who the letter was from.  Over the course of ten days Alice never bothered to ask why Jan was so anxious to get mail?  Jan reads the letter (with her glasses on) and soon finds her future crushed.  The picture of Aunt Jenny is not very flattering.  The background music played as Jan sees the photo is comical in nature with that “Whop whop waaaaah” vibe about it.  We will soon learn Aunt Jenny is a woman of some means who brushes elbows with celebrities while traveling the world.  Her providing this photo that looks to have been snapped in a photo booth is surprising.


Downstairs Mike is trying to get the old gramophone working again while Bobby is observing.  The episode’s laugh out loud moment came for me during this scene.  Bobby first uses the gramophone’s horn as a bull horn.  Mike tells him to stop horsing around.  Bobby then uses it as an ear trumpet and says he is a little “deef”.  I laugh every time I see this part.  His third act in the routine probably would have gotten The Brady Bunch cancelled if it aired today.  After being asked to fetch some oil, he uses the horn as an old style Asian hat and does an impersonation, a-la-Jerry Lewis, of an Asian person while squinting his eyes.  Recently, Yuli Gurriel of the Houston Astros was suspended for 5 games after making an eye squint gesture to Dodger’s pitcher Yu Darvish who is Japanese-Iranian.  Bobby’s similar gesture made it to prime time in 1972.


With Bobby and his comedic gestures exiting the room, Jan enters.  She questions Mike about genetics.  Mike gives a distracted explanation about genes and chromosomes.  He explains how chromosomes and genes carry a person’s heredity.  That is why beans look like beans instead of cucumbers.  Jan questions if two people look similar in their youth, are they destined to look the same into adulthood.  Mike shares there is a chance.  The distraction of antique repair must have caused him to not surmise Jan was asking because of the old photo of Aunt Jenny.  We must give Mike some credit too when it comes to his dedication to repairing an antique.  He’s been tinkering with the old gramophone or planning to tinker with it for 10 days now!

Upstairs, Jan tries to fight the aging process by pushing and squinting her face.  Greg and Peter enter the bathroom and make the jokes typical to adolescent boys regarding Jan’s looks.  Jan lashes out and says it is the cruelest of cruelty to kid a person about her looks.  Greg tries to smooth things over by saying Peter was only kidding.  With her over the top reaction, Greg says Jan is weird.  In a cute scene, that I’m not sure was written to be that way, Jan’s mind immediately goes to Greg saying she is weird looking.  Greg tries explain himself and says he only meant strange.  Jan’s eyes bulge out at the outrage of being called strange.  In her mind the insults are still about her looks.  She says she can’t do anything about her face and asks, “..so why tease me about it?” She then exits the bathroom.  This scene once again shows what a marvelous actress Eve Plumb is.  During the course of doing these reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion she was the best child actress on the show.  Don’t mistake me, all the kids were fabulous actors.  However, Eve Plumb seemed to have an edge on the others.


After inquiring with Greg and Peter about what just transpired in the bathroom, Marcia goes to console Jan.  The two have a sisterly heart to heart talk.  Jan explains the reason for her angst.  Marcia tries to talk some sense into her younger sister by pointing out the futility of worrying about something that won’t happen for forty years.  Jan’s spirits are lifted briefly and that instills brief optimism that she may not look like Aunt Jenny someday.  However, with another glance at the picture, she laments “But I will!  I will!” and buries her face in the pillow crying.

The b-plot ends with the gramophone still not operational. Mike briefly plays an old record on it before it conks out.  Carol is standing by to share the news that Aunt Jenny will be coming for a visit the following day.  Aunt Jenny must not be much on planning ahead or giving advanced notice.  She has sent this news via a telegram.  Do any readers recall ever sending or receiving a telegram?  Carol shares the news of the impending visit with Jan and asks “Isn’t that wonderful news?”  Jan asks, “What’s so wonderful about it?” and walks off.


Jan’s icy reaction prompts a visit to her bedroom by Mike and Carol.  It’s hard to imagine they were completely unaware of Jan’s gloom and doom at the receipt of the photograph.  Carol rightfully states that Jan’s finding Aunt Jenny so unattractive is just her opinion.  In my opinion, Aunt Jenny looks like a typical lady in her 50s/60s.  Jan must have hoped to get a photo of one of those rare timeless beauties like Ann-Margret or Dolly Parton.  Mike states that the photo Jan received is just a bad picture.  He also shares that a person’s looks can be influenced by environment, diet and emotions.  Jan ask her parents to guarantee she won’t look like Aunt Jenny.  The scene ends with Mike and Carol giving Jan sad and concerned stares.


The next scene begins with Aunt Jenny’s arrival.  For reasons not explained, she is being given a police escort.  The officer escorting her rides up the driveway with his siren blaring.  She gives the driver of the car, Sam, some instruction on car maintenance.  This poor guy must have slept in the car and been told to stay out of sight for the duration of her visit.  He is not seen or mentioned again!  Perhaps Aunt Jenny put him up at a nearby motel while she visited the Bradys.  Alice walks around the car and does appear to be speaking with him.  Aunt Jenny and Carol embrace and share how wonderful it is to see one another.  One would think here they were close and shared some kind of bond.  However, Aunt Jenny acts as though she just found out Jan has five siblings and questions the duration of Carol’s marriage.


Inside the house, Aunt Jenny is introduced to the children, minus Jan.  Jan not even coming down to meet Aunt Jenny is the epitome of rude.  Instead of being so distraught at her looks, maybe Jan’s manners should be her chief concern!  Aunt Jenny has come bearing gifts!  In a funny line Marcia says that wasn’t necessary, but Bobby adds it is nice.  Aunt Jenny replies, “Never look a gift aunt in the mouth”.  Bobby’s gift is a basketball autographed by Wilt Chamberlain.  This is one of two references to the famed basketball player on The Brady Bunch.  This one is less infamous than the future one.  Peter is given a pair of handcuffs once owned by Harry Houdini.  Here we get the only reference that would suggest what Aunt Jenny does/did for a living.  She says she and Houdini played the same vaudeville circuit where she did a tap dance and snappy pattern routine.  How she would later come about her means to travel the world and brush elbows with the rich, famous and powerful is never made clear.  Maybe there was a cut scene where she stated, with a wink and a smile “John Dillinger and I used to visit the same banks together”.  Marcia’s gift must have been something Aunt Jenny had lying around and was looking to get rid of.  She gives Marcia a shofar that is to be blown on Rosh Hashanah.  Golda Meir gave it to Aunt Jenny.  It is a strange gift for a teenage girl who past episodes would suggest is not Jewish.  This was probably bound for the attic after Aunt Jenny left.  What gift is given to Greg is never made known.  If one looks closely, Cindy’s gift appears to be some kind of yellow shoes.  The yellow objects are suddenly sitting in front of her as the scene continues, but we never see exactly what the gift was.

Jan finally comes downstairs and meets her “look alike” and receives the worst gift possible.  After giving Aunt Jenny an icy reception, she is presented with a very unflattering caricature of Aunt Jenny and her assumed future self.  Aunt Jenny states that Pietro created the unflattering image of her.  Carol has to give Jan a nudge for her to acknowledge the gift with a word of thanks.  Aunt Jenny immediately picks up on Jan’s icy demeanor.


Aunt Jenny visits with Mike and Carol in his den.  Mike and Carol attempt to pass Jan off as just being shy and reserved.  Aunt Jenny calls “balderdash” on this and wants to know why she got such cool vibes from Jan.  She tells Mike and Carol to give it to her straight.  Carol shares that Jan’s being down in the dumps all started when she received Aunt Jenny’s photograph in the mail.  A few years ago, it was discussed on a message board Mike and Carol’s poor handling of this situation.   It seems as though they were saying, “Jan thinks your ugly”.  While this may have been true, it could have been worded in that at Jan’s age, looks are everything to a girl and Jan’s receiving a picture of an older woman not in tune with the styles and trends Jan finds flattering was a bit unnerving for her.


Now is a good time to pause and focus briefly on the episode’s guest star.  Aunt Jenny was played by Imogene Coca.  She began her entertainment career as a dancer but eventually segued into comedy.  The acting gig that saw she was a permanent mainstay in the in the industry was on Your Show of Shows alongside Sid Caesar.  While she never enjoyed the same level of success as she did on this show, she would remain a permanent fixture on television via other series and guest spots.  She earned renewed notoriety to kids of the 80s when she played Aunt Edna is the 80s hit comedy film “National Lampoons Vacation”.  Imogene Coca died in 2001.


The next scene has Jan and Aunt Jenny in the girls’ room hanging up Aunt Jenny’s clothes.  The Bradys have no guest room, so I couldn’t help but ponder the sleeping arrangements during her visit.  In this scene, Aunt Jenny shares with Jan she knows the reason for her angst and distance.  Jan is embarrassed to have Aunt Jenny know this, but Aunt Jenny is a good sport about it.  She says, “I’d rather look like Raquel Welch myself”.  She goes on to share that if she had desired to do so, plastic surgery would have been a option to pretty things up.  Instead, Aunt Jenny decided to own her unique look and not stop her busy life to change it.  Jan finally gives Aunt Jenny a genuine smile at the end of the scene.


Down in the kitchen, Aunt Jenny is cooking up a meal with Carol and Alice.  She shares the origin of the recipe as being one given to her by Emperor Hirohito’s chef.  As dinner is prepared, she receives a phone call informing her she was given a llama.  She acts as though it is no big deal.  The reason the llama was given and Carol’s questioning what she will do with it follow.  Aunt Jenny says it is no big deal; the llama can graze out back with her zebra.  This scene seemed longer than the one I remember.  I don’t remember it being shared that the humane society gave the animal to her or Carol asking what she’d do with it.  Only that a llama was delivered and her reply that it can graze with her zebra.  The extended dialogue slows down the crazy fast paced scene I remember.  While this is shared, Jan listens in from around the corner and is amazed at what she has heard.


The next scene has Aunt Jenny and the Bradys sitting in the floor eating the Japanese meal.  Aunt Jenny passes around a cup of tea for everybody to drink from.  She encourages them all to take big slurps.  Maybe this cup was also Houdini’s as there is no way that tea would hold out for nine people taking big gulps like that.  During the course of the dinner, we find out about more of the famous people Aunt Jenny knows.  She talks of meeting the king of Thailand and receives a phone call inviting her to a birthday party on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht.  She says she isn’t missing her Peace Corps assignment in Bolivia to go to his party, but she does enjoy Jackie O’s company.  Unless the party was in the next couple of days, did her secretary have to call with that news?  The next phone call is to inform her that “Lester” has sent a dozen long stem roses with a marriage proposal.  Marcia questions who Lester is and Aunt Jenny replies, “a United States senator.”  The kids are in awe that a senator has proposed marriage.

Okay friends, let’s pause again for a minute.  A few years ago a message board poster bemoaned Aunt Jenny’s constant name dropping and it started a fun online conversation.  As a kid watching this, I never noticed how often Aunt Jenny had to make known the famous people she knows.  Perhaps that is because I didn’t know who most of them were at the time.  The online conversation stated how easily this globe trotting lady  could have replied to Marcia’s question with, “Oh, just an old friend” or something like that.  It got me thinking of how it might have been less obnoxious if Carol had passed along, “Lester Goldwater sent a marriage proposal”.  Mike says, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was Senator Lester Goldwater”.  Aunt Jenny could give a knowing smile and wink. Instead we just get some celebrity/famous person reference with most every scene that includes Aunt Jenny.  Just for fun, I poked around and found a politician named Lester who was a sitting Senator at the time this episode was filmed.  Let’s hope that guy wasn’t married and didn’t face some kind of political fallout from this episode!


Dinner is cut short with the third phone call Aunt Jenny receives during the meal.  She forgot all about a dinner she was to attend at the American Embassy in Paris.  She is leaving the Brady house right away.  First she gives little notice that she is coming for a visit and then leaves abruptly.  She is happy to know that Jan wishes she would not leave.  Jan has come to find herself very fond of Aunt Jenny in a short time.  Aunt Jenny says she will return.  As Aunt Jenny goes upstairs to pack her international  traveling duds, Jan says she hopes to be just like Aunt Jenny when she grows up.  Where she was before distraught at the chance that her genes may cause her to resemble her aunt, she is now hopeful of the prospect.


The epilogue gives us one last round of name drops.  While visiting Europe, Aunt Jenny broke her leg and it had to be in a cast.  She has mailed the removed cast to Jan chock full of famous people’s autographs.  Maybe Aunt Jenny’s high society life kept her from sweating much in that thing.  I can only imagine that thing stunk if it was on her leg for any length of time. As Mike, Carol and Jan marvel over the signatures on the cast, Jan gets a phone call from a boy asking her out.  She accepts but warns him she won’t be ready to settle down until she is at least 60 years old.

I wanted to share some nicer photos of the guest star before we conclude the review.

Thank you for joining me in the review of “Jan’s Aunt Jenny”.  While the episode is annoying in some aspects, it is not necessarily one I dislike or loathe.  It is just kind of a bump in the road when it comes to watching The Brady Bunch.  It’s there and enjoyable enough.  I don’t care for how Jan was so disenchanted with Aunt Jenny until she learned that she enjoyed a celebrity’s life despite her looks.  What if Aunt Jenny was a retired secretary who worked at a hosiery mill for 40 years and had spent her last penny to fly across country and visit Jan?  With no tales of scaling the Sphinx with Andwar Sadat, would Jan have ever taken a liking to this woman?  Let’s hope so.  Next week, we review “The Big Bet”.  See you then!







Author: bradybunchreviewed

I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

19 thoughts on “Episode 17: Jan’s Aunt Jenny”

  1. I like this episode because it combines the eccentric behavior of Aunt Jenny with Jan’s adolescent angst. Imogene Coca was known for her self-deprecating humor on Your Show of Shows, so that was surely part of the comical backdrop here. Her comedy was similar to a young Carol Burnett, often playing a drab, plain Jane, so the physical aspects were part of the humor here, though obviously without the self-deprecation. But that often happens with age; we gain self-confidence as we get older, and worry less about superficial aspects.
    I agree that most high-end jet setters would not name-drop like that, but this was family, and necessary to demonstrate Aunt Jenny’s joie de vivre.

    In the pre-fax machine, pre-overnight mail days, telegrams were sent when an urgent message was to be dispatched, or one that needed to be received on a timely basis. In earlier decades people went to a Western Union outlet, and later on they could send it by phone. You would call Western Union and dictate the message, and it would be charged to your home phone. If you didn’t have your own phone, you could still go to a Western Union outlet, which was often a check-cashing place, or sometimes a drugstore. You were charged by word, which is why telegram messages were always short. Delivery would usually be same- or next-day. I received a telegram from a family friend, congratulating me the day before my confirmation. My mother had mentioned it on the phone the previous day to a friend, and the friend rightly thought that receiving a telegram would make an adolescent feel important. A decade later I sent one to accept appointment to our state police academy, because that was what incoming cadets were told to do, and the message was timely. It cost me $31.50 to send, a nice bit of pocket change at the time. This was just before fax machines came in. That was the beginning of the end of telegrams, though Western Union continued to send telegrams until the early 2000s.

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  2. Thoughts:

    1) Off the top of my head, this might be my least favorite “Jan” episode… and it’s not even because of Jan (as rude as she is in the episode)… it’s because of all the pretentiousness and name dropping surrounding Aunt Jenny’s visit. I know the point was to show Jan that one can still be “important” later in life regardless of looks, but it was just kind of annoying to me. I hate to say that about something involving Imogene Coca, for whom I have a lot of respect.

    2) I knew of Imogene Coca from a role she played on a short-lived TV Series called “It’s About Time”. She played a cave-woman. I used to watch the show, it was a sitcom that only lasted one season…it was about two astronauts that travel back to cave man days…then, halfway through the first season, they return to the 20th century…with the cave family.

    3) I think there are a couple of “Jan” episodes that were worse than this one as far as the content of the episode itself… like the Miss Popularity episode or the tap dancing episode… but by then, Jan had grown up to be such a beauty that her looks made those episodes a little more tolerable to watch. Yeah, superficial, I know…

    4) lol, I thought the same thing about the pic of a young Aunt Jenny… could have easily been a stand in for Laura Ingalls on “Little House”.

    5) Must be tough to write to someone who travels around like Aunt Jenny…She goes from country to country faster than any letter could be forwarded to her. She must have picked up her mail on one of her rare stops at her actual home.

    6) When Aunt Jenny’s letter finally does arrive, it is not realistic that Jan would read the letter before looking at the picture, even if the picture was in its own envelope.

    7) Bobby was AWESOME in the gramophone scene… “Yes honorable father” LOL… I’m not sure he’s ever had a better scene than that one…I had totally forgotten how funny it was. It could possibly rank as the funniest laugh out loud scene in history of the show.

    8) When Jan was looking at herself in the bathroom mirror and tells Greg that she’ll be out in a minute, Greg says “you’ve been saying ‘a minute’ for half an hour”… Geez guys, leave her alone will ya? She’d probably be done if you didn’t keep pounding on the door and bothering her.

    9) When Jan asked if Mike and Carol could guarantee she wouldn’t look like Aunt Jenny that would have been a perfect time to lecture her about the fact that it’s not what a person looks like, it’s what’s inside that counts. But they both just sat there and said nothing. Mike and Carol have a history of sending mixed messages about the importance of looks… remember The Battle of Clark Tyson?

    10) Why would anyone need a police escort in that town? Dumb.

    11) Carol and Aunt Jenny seem to be very close but Jenny seemed practically oblivious to the fact that Carol had remarried… she even asked how many kids they had… but even though she didn’t know how many kids they had, she had the correct number of “gifts” with her, one for each kid.

    12) When Carol introduces the kids to Aunt Jenny she says “and last but not least is Bobby”… but Jan isn’t there yet. And you’re 100% correct, it was extremely rude for Jan to not come downstairs for the introductions.

    13) Aunt Jenny’s name dropping was really annoying

    14) Yeah, I’m sure the shell actually produced a trumpet sound when Jenny blew into it

    15) Jenny tells Jan she (Jenny) could have been beautiful if she wanted to…for example, she could have had plastic surgery… then, Jan asked why she didn’t have plastic surgery… wow, Jan just gets more and more rude as the episode goes on lol

    16) The Japanese tea ceremony was just way too pretentious… the idea that a host would be offended if you didn’t make loud slurping noises when you drank your tea?? Give me a break…

    17) During the meal, Peter says to Aunt Jenny “You must travel around the world a lot Aunt Jenny”… Jenny should have answered “well thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious! ”

    18) That darn secretary was really annoying as well, calling every ten minutes… It was really more like an answering service since the so-called Secretary is apparently unable to handle anything him/herself and has to call Jenny with every little question.

    19) In the early 1970s, people would have been far more impressed about a United State Senator than they are today.
    There have been two United States Senators named “Lester”. Both were deceased by the time this episode was made… Lester Hunt (in the Senate from 1949 until his death in 1954) and Lester Dickinson (served from 1931 to 1937. He passed away in 1968).

    20) The Ski cast autographs were beyond ridiculous… Jean Claude Killy, Peggy Fleming, Paul Newman, Sir Edmund Hillary… I mean, come on, man!

    21) Re: Jan’s invitation to a party..if I invited Jan to a party and out of the blue was told by Jan that she’s won’t be ready to settle down until she’s at least 60, I would have thought that was kind of weird.

    22) It’s not clear how Aunt Jenny got all her money… maybe she was given a couple of million dollars for being Wilt Chamberlain’s 20,000th…um…uh…”customer”.

    23) Harry Houdini passed away in 1926…Jenny mentions that she and Houdini “played the same Vaudeville Circut”… perhaps that means that they performed in the same places (although not necessarily at the same time). If Jenny was about 13 or so when that picture was taken, it would have put her birth year sometime around 1920, give or take a year. She never said she personally knew Houdini, but only that the handcuffs formerly belonged to him.

    24) I only recall our family receiving two telegrams… both were sent to us in the early-mid 70s and were sent from Europe to inform us of of deaths in the family. I guess telegrams were less expensive than phone calls from Europe to the U.S. in those days.

    25) Some trivia that I just made up… This was one of 16 episodes in which one of the show’s main characters got their name in an episode title. Greg and Jan each had three such episodes, Marcia and Peter each had two and Bobby and Cindy each had one. Alice had three and Mike had one. Carol was the only character to never have her name in an episode title… (Too bad they didn’t name the Christmas episode “A Christmas Carol” instead of “The Voice of Christmas”).

    1) Getting Greg’s Goat
    2) Greg’s Triangle
    3) Greg Gets Grounded

    4) Jan’s Aunt Jenny
    5) Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?
    6) Jan, the Only Child

    7) Goodbye Alice Hello
    8) Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any More
    9) Alice’s September Song

    10) Marcia Gets Creamed
    11) The Liberation of Marcia Brady

    12) Two Petes in a Pod
    13) Peter and the Wolf

    14) Mike’s Horror Scope

    15) Bobby’s Hero

    16) Cindy Brady, Lady

    Imogene Coca made a lot of great (but unfortunately, mostly forgotten) contributions to the early days of TV and Variety Shows… I never saw her on Sid Ceaser’s show, but we can’t thank those early stars enough for what their efforts made possible.

    You found a couple of very nice pictures of Coca… I think she is both very pretty and very cute in those pictures.

    Excellent review, as usual! btw, you mentioned possibly doing the same sort of reviews for Leave it to Beaver at some point after you complete the Brady Bunch… I can guarantee you’ll get at least one reader for your LITB reviews if you do get around to it. I hope you do. Thank again for a great job.

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      1. Ah, interesting! I had pulled up a wiki page that listed every person who ever served as a Senator, and then did a text search for “Les” to see how many Lesters came up… and only found the two I mentioned. .. it didn’t occur to me that some folks go by their middle name and therefore might be listed as William L Armstrong who goes by “Les”. Excellent catch!

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  3. This is from IMDB which I found to be interesting.

    “Eve Plumb portrayed Aunt Jenny in the photo, making her the first of 5 members of the cast to play 2 different characters in one episode over the course of the series. Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, and Christopher Knight were the others.”

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    1. Great trivia! If you ask someone “Who are the five members of the cast to portray more than one character in the same episode”, most fans would probably get Robert, Florence, Ann and Chris… but I’ll bet not too many would remember Eve.

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  4. I’ve always liked this episode. The name-dropping was a bit fascinating. I always wondered why she never met the British Royals. I can see something coming from that encounter. Or gone to Italy. I can see her saying something about pasta. Maybe she also knew Davy Jones or Joe Namath?

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  5. When I watch the Brady Bunch movies I think Jan wasn’t nearly as crazy as they portrayed her to be. I see this episode again and I realize they weren’t too far off the mark. Imogene Coca was a lovely looking woman and quite a good sport in addition to being a comic genius. I wish there was a way they could have brought her back but she made her mark as the best guest star they ever had. My second best would be Davy Jones.

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  6. I realized how old I am when I realized straight off that Aunt Jenny was a “parody” or even a rip off of Auntie Mame. This was a big broadway play about an eccentric, world traveling, kooky lady Mame and the plot was told from the viewpoint of the nephew.

    Lucille Ball would later star in 2nd movie version as Mame, (way too old and the movie was awful but now a camp classic) in 1974,

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  7. Miss Coca was born in November 1908 so that would put her 63 in this episode (aired in Jan 72) so she was playing approx. ten years younger than her actual age.

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