Episode 18: Two Petes In A Pod

Greetings once again readers family and friends.  It is great to be back reviewing The Brady Bunch.  I will say I was hoping for more feedback on the Leave It To Beaver blogs.  Thanks for all those who shared their thoughts and those who did not are still welcome to do so.  “Two Petes In A Pod” ranks among my very least favorite Brady Bunch episodes.  It is probably second only to “You’re Never Too Old”.  The sheer absurdity of Peter meeting somebody who seems to be a perfect DNA match to himself, save the need for eyeglasses, has always fueled my dislike for the episode.  Even as a child I found the likelihood of this ever happening straining all credibility.  I can’t think of any way a story like this could have been written within the bounds of credibility.  Somehow, Robert Reed could be motivated to vacate the set over a plot involving faulty hair tonic, yet he stuck around for this?  As always, the episodes review will be fair and balanced despite my dislike of it.  If you have similar or different feelings regarding the episode, please do share them.  Let’s begin our review of “Two Petes In A Pod!”


The story begins in the halls of Fillmore Junior High.  Peter begs and pines for a date with a girl named Michelle.  After Peter suggests he is developing a rejection complex after she has turned him down all semester, Michelle relents and agrees to go to a costume party with him.  This is surprising as many women would not find such desperation on Peter’s part attractive and would have continued to turn him down either due to genuine lack of interest or to stroke her own ego in knowing there is one suitor that just won’t be obliged.  Men are just as guilty of doing this as well.  Michelle must be a special kind of gal or Peter is so infatuated that he is okay with taking her out only because he wore out her resolve.

Kathy O’Dare

Michelle was played by Kathy O’Dare. IMDB lists this episode as her second acting credit.  The few that followed were nothing memorable, save two appearances on Happy Days.  Her final acting credit was in the 1978 feature film “Texas Detour”.  Kathy O’Dare passed at the relatively young age of 52 in 2010.




Just after landing a date with the object of his affection, Peter rounds the corner and meets Arthur Owens.  Arthur looks exactly like Peter Brady.  The only difference between them is Arthur wears glasses.  The pair of boys even have the same hairstyle, tone of voice, complexion and build.  Shenanigans await as the two fellows consider the possibilities of having a carbon copy of themselves.




That afternoon, the identical duo put the resemblance to the test.  While Peter hides in the garage, Arthur enters the house with a rundown of the names of the other kids.  Oliver is observing a checkers game between Bobby and Cindy.  He subtly coaches Cindy with nods or shakes of the head.  Bobby takes issue with this.  Bobby must really stink at checkers if he must bemoan Cindy getting help from an eight year old.  When Arthur enters, he declines any interest in playing and declares checkers a drag.  The other three kids find this strange as Peter typically is a big fan of the game. Alice offers up a slice of pie and is shocked that “Peter” would want cherry and the rash that comes with it instead of lemon.


The deception continues when Greg and Marcia invite Peter to accompany them to go swimming.  “Peter” declines saying he doesn’t swim and refers to Marcia as Jan.  Greg mentions Peter’s fine swimming ability and says it is probably best he doesn’t go since he seems to be acting so strangely.  I have no recollection of this particular part of Arthur posing as Peter.  I noticed a slight change in the picture quality during the exchange which leads me to believe it was excluded in syndication.




Things turn awkward as Arthur lays eyes on Jan.  He is love struck at Jan’s appearances and starts fawning over her.  She finds this strange, but not creepy as one might think she would.  While Arthur helps Jan with her algebra, he agrees to keep Mr. Phillips’ niece Pamela company on Friday night.  He also agrees to continue helping Jan with homework.  As she goes to retrieve more study materials, Peter summons Arthur back out to the garage.  They both have a laugh over the ruse and Arthur is on his way.  He mentions nothing about the promised date on Friday or helping Jan further with her studies.


Back inside, the predictable reverse of all the scenes just played out follows.  Peter wants to play checkers, eat some pie and not help Jan with homework.  Not helping Jan seemed quite rude.  First off, she is his sister and he should lend a hand and second, surely he could reason that maybe Arthur had just promised such in his stead.  Next, Peter learns of another obligation Arthur committed him to; the Friday night date with Pamela.  For this obligation, just being a jerk won’t free him from it.  Mike says the date will be kept!


Peter phones Arthur and confirms he did in fact commit him to chill with the boss’s niece.  Peter just doesn’t know what will be done, even though 99% of the viewing audience had likely figured it out by this point.  Arthur will come to the house on Friday, dressed the same as Peter and keep Pamela company while Peter goes out with Michelle.




To put his plan into action, Peter seeks to vacate the house.  Mike and Carol are all ready attending a banquet with Mr. Phillps, hence the need for his niece to be kept company.  Greg and Marcia have dates.  Peter springs for the cost of tickets for Jan to take Bobby, Cindy and Oliver to the movies.  When Peter approaches the younger three, they decline as they want to watch TV that night.  They shoehorn in some popcorn, soda and ice cream as part of the movie package and agree to go.  In the episode’s lone funny line, Bobby was only going to bargain for soda pop, but at Peter’s mention of ice cream has it added to the bill.  If movie tickets and concessions were of a similar cost in 1974 as they are today, this bribe is costing Peter a bundle.


Many fans know this episode was the first one filmed with Oliver, but the second one aired.  As I watched it, I noticed it was not stated explicitly that Oliver lived at the Brady home.  We never see the boys’ room with the third bed.  Maybe this episode’s script originally sought to have Oliver just visiting or hanging out so viewers might become acquainted with the lad.  The closing credits even introduce Robbie Rist.  The credits also state Arthur was played by Christopher Knight.  I am glad this was made clear as I was wondering where they found another actor that looked so similar.




Craziness ensues on Friday night.  Pamela arrives before Arthur does.  As soon as she comes through the door, Arthur calls Peter to let him know he is running late.  He must babysit his kid sister until his parents get home.  He doesn’t know when that will be!  Arthur is either one flighty or inconsiderate dude.  First he doesn’t tell Peter about committing him to the date, then he calls at the last minute to say he is stuck at home for an undetermined amount of time.  If Peter didn’t have worries enough, Michelle shows up early!  In a semi-funny bit, he slams the door on her twice.  He stalls Michelle in the living room, making sure her back is to the kitchen while he also goes to attend to Pamela.




Pamela likes the idea of dancing around the family room and snapping fingers with Peter for a while.  Peter obliges her until he fakes an injury to leave.  He rushes back to the kitchen, puts on his costume for the party and then returns to Michelle.  He then must stall Michelle again to return to Pamela.  This back and forth continues for four of the longest minutes of television I’ve endured for a while.  Whatever movie Peter set Michelle in front of must be really engaging as she never once turned around at the sound of the family room shutters closing, Peter changing his clothes or talking to Alice.  Arthur finally arrives and Peter sends him around back to Pamela.  More family room dancing ensues between the pair and Arthur is oblivious when Pamela questions the status of “Peter’s” injured knee.


Pamela Phillips was played by Denise Nickerson.  Her most well remembered role was that of the marathon gum chewer, Violet, in “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”.  As a kid, I really enjoyed the scene where she blew up into a huge blueberry.  She also had regular roles on Dark Shadows and The Electric Company. Her final acting gig was in the 1978 feature film “Zero to Sixty”.  Sadly, she suffered a major stroke in June of this year.  Per a Facebook page sharing her progress, she has experienced some recovery.




Peter’s scheme unravels completely as Mike and Carol return home unexpectedly.  They pass through the family room and say hello to the dancing strangers in the family room.  They enter the living room to find yet another stranger.  Michelle introduces herself and beams that she has a date with Peter.  Peter then starts downstairs in full costume and realizes at the sight of his parents that the jig is up.


There is no lesson or talking to for Peter as the episode wraps up.  Pamela doesn’t mind hanging out with Arthur as he has two good dancing knees.  Michelle is flattered at the length of scheming Peter pulled off to keep their date.  Carol is satisfied with the outcome as no feelings were hurt.  Mike was noticeably absent from this conclusion.  I could not help but think whatever lines Robert Reed had for this part were flat out refused by him.  Mike would be livid that Peter would pull something like this on his boss’s niece.


The epilogue has little to do with the episode itself.  Alice shares with Carol that Peter’s Dracula costume gave her bad dreams all night.  She dreamed that several different monsters were carrying her away.  What made the dreams bad was that none of the monsters proposed to her while carrying her off.

Thank you friends for reviewing “Two Petes In A Pod” with me.  Had such a plot been part of Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched or some other show that often flaunted the credible, it would have been fun.  However, The Brady Bunch was typically kept within the bounds of credibility with strains existing on the actions of the characters, not the overall circumstance itself.  If you enjoyed this episode, please share your thoughts in the comments section.  If you did not, those comments are welcome too!  Next week we will be reviewing “Top Secret”.  See you then!



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I am a lifelong fan of the Brady Bunch. I love it for it's wholesomeness, it's absurdity and how it serves as a time capsule for a time that really never existed, but so many of us wish it did. The show was off the air by the time I was born, but I enjoyed it daily at 4:35 PM for years on Atlanta's Superstation 17, TBS. Through the years I've enjoyed the Brady Bunch spinoffs (however short lived), revivals in pop culture, books, reunions, movies and spoofs. Now, I am excited to be revisiting the show after nearly a decade's hiatus from viewing. I am a parent now, so there may be some new perspectives never before experienced. I hope my fellow fans, lovers and haters alike of the Brady Bunch will join me on this blogging adventure and share your own thoughts and observations.

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  1. Really interesting to learn that Pamela, played by Denise Nickerson, was Violet in “Willie Wonka” I never knew that! Agree that this plot is not at all credible, but I always did enjoy watching the scene where both girls are at the Brady house and Peter is furiously racing between the rooms they are in, while also having to don a costume for one.
    I was sad to learn that you didn’t get enough comments on Leave it to Beaver. I tried three times to leave a comment, but I was having trouble logging in and finally gave up. I’m going back right now and leave the comment that I wanted to do. Am enjoying your blogs on both Brady and LITB!

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      1. Mike, I’m confused.
        You just wrote that Peter racing back and forth was “a fun scene” but, in the original review, you stated, “This back and forth continues for four of the longest minutes of television I’ve endured for a while. ”

        I happen to agree with your original assessment and may be the first episode in this rewatching experience, to find little to nothing of entertainment value.

        Did you change your mind from that original assertion or did I just misread what you intended, which could certainly be the case?

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      2. I was more saying that the need for Peter to do it was a fun idea. This episode just ran it way too long. It’s kind of like a joke that’s great the first time you hear it, but keeps getting retold and goes stale.

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    1. I came across this because of Denise Nickerson’s untimely death today. RIP Denise. But I share the same sentiments as you. I cannot believe that Robert Reed could stick for this but abandon the final episode. As a child watching it I didn’t pay much attention but now in my adult years this is the most farfetched episode Sherwood Schwartz could have ever come up with. I still enjoy watching all the reruns.

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  2. I was unaware until now that Kathy O’Dare had passed away at such a young age and am sorry to read that. Because of her appearance on HAPPY DAYS I’m surprised she was so young at the time (about the same age as Eve Plumb). She appeared on the HAPPY DAYS pilot, and I guess because of this she was chosen to appear with Ron Howard on the first of many TV Guide covers for HAPPY DAYS:

    I’m also sorry to read about Denise Nickerson’s stroke. It pains me to see pictures of her from the last few years, as she’s in her late 50s but looks about age 70 and very thin. I hope she recovers soon. I’m still hoping someday to see her full appearance from TO TELL THE TRUTH in 2000, as she was the subject of the game and had 2 impostors with her, each claiming to be Denise Nickerson. There was a still picture of her as Violet in that show, but her face was covered to prevent anyone from associating her current appearance with her appearance back then.

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    1. Jon, I went from your provided link on Ms. Nickerson, to a English paper article about what led to the seizure that put her in the hospital for the final time. A really sad story. This and the final moments of Ann B. Davis, make you realize how much of a fantasy was the world of The Bradys.
      Looking at it from that context, any plot is possible.

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  3. Having recently viewed this episode, I noticed the set echo that other commenters have mentioned. As for the familiar sitcom plotline… for Pete’s sake! With all the fanciful tv shows I grew up watching, the idea of trading places with a doppelganger seemed out of place on The Brady Bunch. I enjoyed this outing more when I was younger.

    We have another familiar scenario with Peter attempting to juggle two dates at once until Arthur arrived. Served him right for wanting to trick his family! And for a show that usually portrayed the children as being creative, that Dracula costume was awful! Pete would have been in big trouble changing if he decided to really slick back his hair and wear a faux tux to the party.

    Notice how Arthur turned his back on Mike and Carol when they returned home. Perhaps he suspected Peter’s parents would recognize an imposter up close. With the impending cancellation of the show, we were all cheated out of an episode where the Owens family are deceived by someone posing as their son.

    When Tina Louise played Ginger Grant and Eva Grubb on Gilligan’s Island, she was credited for both roles like Christopher Knight. Bob Denver and Jim Backus did the same thing with no additional listings. I honestly wonder if portraying a dual role requires an extra credit, and extra pay, for an actor if they make an issue of it. As for any possible confusion among faithful viewers, The Adventures of Superman had an episode where Jimmy Olsen was replaced by a look-alike criminal, and Jack Larson later said he was complimented when asked where they found an actor that looked like him!

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    1. Thanks Ernie. That’s a neat bit of trivia about Superman. Good catch on Peter turning his back too. That Dracula costume was lame. The fake vampire teeth from the 80s allowed kids to close their mouths without the fangs protruding. That rubber toupee was pointless if it didn’t conceal all of one’s hair. A top hat would have been better.

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      1. There’s another Superman episode, “The Face and The Voice”, where George Reeves played two roles (or was it three) as Superman/Clark Kent and a guy called Boulder who goes through surgery and vocal training in order to impersonate Superman. If Arthur had entered the Brady home with his glasses on, maybe they would have known he wasn’t Peter!

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    2. Ernie, agree about the two dates running back and forth scenario used a lot. Three’s Company used it of course… John Ritter was funnier doing it then Christopher Knight.

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      1. If this was an episode about Peter accidentally making two dates for the same evening, that would have been more entertaining, and would have taken some serious doings for Pete to get out of!

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    3. I remember an episode of “Family Ties” in which Alex (Michael J Fox) somehow wound up with two dates for the prom. The prom was held in the school gym, and his best friend Skippy tried to help Alex keep the girls separated. They divided the gym into “Area A” and “Area B” and had to keep each girl in one area and make sure she stayed there. I think that Alex was named the Prom King, and when the announcer (over the loudspeaker) told Alex’s “date” to come out of the crowd to have the next dance with him, both girls emerged, eying each other as they slowly approached Alex, who fainted dead away. It was a funny episode.

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  4. Doppelgänger episodes were de rigeur in the sixties and seventies—and not only for sitcoms, but many dramas, too. This episode must be seen in that context. As with any plot device that is overexposed over many shows, the basis of the doppelgänger storyline varied greatly, with some semi-plausible explanations—usually involving plastic surgery—used, but many far-fetched explications, too, or even, like this episode, none at all. Sometimes, like on The Lucy Show or Sanford and Son, the doppelgänger was the star playing him- or herself, as well as the familiar character, without any explanation for the resemblance. So Arthur Owens was hardly alone in his unexplained presence. It was merely part of the suspension of disbelief needed to watch television at the time, the same as was needed for stories involving amnesia, or white lines down the middle of a room after an argument.

    I liked the fact that Mr. Phillips was mentioned so repeatedly in this episode, without being seen. It provided some continuity in the series, especially given how late this episode was. (Did Pamela call him Uncle Harry at one point?)

    I believe that all of Oliver’s episodes billed him as “introducing Robbie Rist.” The same was done with Ricky Segall on The Patridge Family. A way of introducing young actors, it would seem.

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    1. I think it was actually HERE’S LUCY where Lucy Carter met Lucille Ball. It was an overused plot device at the time, I think.

      Sherwood Schwartz could’ve borrowed the idea of having Peter & Bobby split their room in half from GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, sinch Gilligan & the Skipper did that once.

      Freddie Prinze also had the “Introducing” credit in Season 1 of CHICO AND THE MAN, though he got a “Starring” credit by Season 2.

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      1. Thanks for commenting. I’ve never been a regular viewer of any of Lucille Ball’s shows. Fred Sanford also met Redd Foxx on Sanford and Son. The show had run its course by the time that episode aired. Peter and Bobby did split their room after Bobby took advantage of Peter’s vow to be his slave for life.

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    2. Thanks for commenting! I recall the S&S episode you mentioned. The plot involved a Redd Foxx Look Alike Contest. While that episode was a later season clunker, at least Fred and Redd weren’t carbon copies. Fred still looked haggard and like himself while Redd was debonair and looked like a celebrity.
      For TBB to go to this extreme, it just seemed too much for the show. I think back to the dramatic elements of earlier seasons compared to this live action cartoon and its just too much. A white line down the middle of the room was used earlier in the series and it worked well.
      Pamela does bid her uncle goodbye when Peter answers the door. It was a nice bit of continuity for the series.


      1. True about Pamela’s saying good-bye to “Uncle Ed.” Mr. Phillips’ name in the early tonsillitis episode was Harry, which is why I joked about what Pamela called him in this episode. The continuity had changed in the episode where Greg works at Mike’s office, where the boss was referred to by Mike as Ed Phillips. They stuck with that Ed here, when Pamela calls good-bye.

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  5. I mentioned in my review of “The Elopement” that that episode was the worst season 5 episode pre-Oliver. Well this clunker is my least favorite season 5 episode with Oliver on board. “The Snooperstar” (coming up in a couple weeks on this blog) is just too weird for words. Oddly, this outing is the one with the least amount of Oliver time. The plot is the main reason I never cared for the Patty Duke Show, which aired about 10 years prior. Identical cousins. Really? What’s the heck’s wrong with the more plausible twins? And this BB show is even worse. Pete has a genetically identical “brother from another mother” and they only cross paths now? Yep, the script writers were scraping the bottom here. If there’s no relation at all between one of Pete’s parents and one of Arthur’s parents, there’s no way in heck this could occur. I know, suspension of disbelief. Kathy O’Dare was actually appearing on Happy Days concurrently with this episode (both were in early ’74). And it was a pleasure to see Denise Nickerson in her lone Brady Bunch appearance. As others have said, the echo problem during much of season 5 is REALLY noticeable in this episode. Too bad for Christopher Knight that the final Pete-centric BB episode was such a dud.

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    1. Great question about why identical cousins and not just twins. There was a Full House where Michelle’s identical Greek cousin visits. However, Full House should not be used as a comparison for anything unless for things bizarre.


      1. Identical or near identical cousins can happen. King George V of England and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia are an example. Their mothers were sisters. Before all that nasty world war and revolution business. George is on the right.

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      2. King George V was also a 1st cousin to Tsar Nicholas’ wife, the Tsarina Alix, through his father, King Edward VII. They were both grandchildren of Queen Victoria. Alix & Victoria also carried the gene for hemophilia and as a result both had sons with the disease.

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    2. The premise of the Patty Duke Show was that the two cousins were from very different backgrounds. Patty was a typical American teen, and flighty at that, whereas Cathy was part Scottish, smart, very level-headed, and a product of finishing school. Cathy’s slight Scottish accent made it easy for the audience to tell them apart (when the girls weren’t intentionally posing as each other). The cousins looked alike because their fathers were identical twins. Cathy’s father, an American, had moved to Scotland, so Cathy grew up there and picked up part of the accent. A bit of a stretch, but necessary because the girls had grown up in such different environments. I realize that the children of identical twins, having different parents, are not identical, but in the sitcom world of the time, that was a fairly plausible-sounding explanation.

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      1. To Judy’s point – when I married my bride (seven years ago this month), her cousin and sister were her bridesmaids.

        Her sister looks nothing like my wife but their cousin and my wife had the same hair color, length, height, eye color and frame.

        Most guests in attendance assumed the cousin was the sister and the sister was the cousin.

        I’ve been referring to them as the “identical cousins” ever since.


  6. There’s an odd continuity error during Oliver’s chess scene that I’d never noticed until my last viewing. Oliver’s shirt changes between shots before Arthur comes in to talk with them. if anyone wants to see what I’m talking about without dragging out their dvd, look for Cousin Oliver’s Costume Malfunction on the verybradyblog.

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    1. Yes.. when Oliver is first shown he is wearing a Cal State Northridge shirt which is a school in the San Fernando Valley not too far from the actual Brady Bunch house and Paramount Studios. the next shot of Oliver has Cal State Northridge covered up with some lame looking tape that’s supposed to be like the pattern on his sleeves. I guess the producers had second thoughts about showing the school name. But it is quite bizarre when you watch it. IMDb also has this under there trivia or Goofs section for this episode.

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    2. Adambr,
      Guess Alice called laundry day (as she was trying to unwrinkle that “wrinkle free shirt”) and, Oliver pulled off the “State U” shirt and had another, similar one ready to go. Kids often have variations on the same theme, when it comes to clothes. Ollie had his change of shirt ready to go but liked the first version so much he wore it up until Alice collected it for the wash, then slipped on the similar one, immediately.


  7. 1. It appeared to me that Peter finally won Michelle over with his humor…not pity. Happens a lot in real life.. humor can lead to a date with someone who ordinarily wouldn’t consider it.
    2. Kathy O’Dare was a very pretty girl. She was WOW in the opening scene where Peter asks her out!
    3. The opening scene where they show the Fillmore Junior High School name on the building.. it so epitomizes the look of the Paramount Studios Lot where that scene was done of course, especially with the arched walls.
    4. Oliver is pretty smart. I can see that he would be an asset to Cindy by helping her with checkers and why Bobby would be slightly miffed with that.
    5. NO Arthur… do NOT put your glasses in your front pants pocket.. they will break that way
    6. Arthur’s shirt when he first meets the Bradys looks similar to Alice’s uniform.. especially the color.
    7. In the second scene as the Brady house is shown for the first time, the same blue car drives by… The Brady Bunch really got extreme value out of reusing transition scenes over and over across the seasons
    8. Right after Arthur first tricks the Bradys and he meets Peter back out near the garage..if you look closely just after Arthur leaves you can see the shadowing change on the righ of the screen including a bit darker shadow on the fence post in the middle of the screen. This is obviously because they just removed the split screen effect from the other side of the film and the lighting wasn’t exactly the same when they filmed Christopher Knight on the right hand side versus the left hand side. The rest of the split screen scenes in this episode came out flawless.
    9. It is indicated that Arthur can’t see very well with his glasses, however he doesn’t seem to have a problem when he’s helping Jan with her homework.
    10. I wonder if Robbie Rist really wore glasses in real life at that time.
    11. When Alice, Carol, and Greg are making fun of Mike and his lame roasting jokes.. all four actors seem to be truly enjoying the scene.
    12. Continuity error. During the same scene when Greg says it was a “joke” that Mr Phillips hired Mike as an architect, as he is saying this line his arms are under the table and the very next split-second shot his arms are on the table.
    13. When Peter approaches Marcia to ask her to watch the younger kids that night we have yet another scene of Marcia brushing her hair.. cannot count how many other times in the series she has done this and it is overused by this time of the series.
    14. Writers include a Jesse James reference when Peter was trying to bribe the kids with movies and he accuses them of being worse than the infamous outlaw. Would have been funny if Bobby had turned to Oliver and started to tell him how Jesse James used to be his hero.
    15. Pamela was wearing a blue outfit…maybe an inside joke to her being a blueberry in the Willy Wonka movie? Note that her collars/lapels appear to have strawberries on them!
    16. Speaking of Pamela, would have been funny if one of the pies that Alice made was a blueberry pie.
    17. Peter made a joke at the end that all vampires are weird. Does anyone know if Dracula was indeed a vampire?
    18. OMG at the end tag scene yet ANOTHER joke from Alice about someone not asking her to marry him.. this time movie monsters. This running joke is so stale by this time of the series that it is embarrassing.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that Robbie Rist really had to wear glasses at the time. If you look closely enough, you can see that his glasses are bifocals, and no prop glasses would be bifocals. I guess he either wore contact lenses or stumbled around when he was glasses-free in BIG JOHN LITTLE JOHN.

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  8. I’m in the same club as Ernie on this episode. I liked it a lot better as a kid.

    1) Re: Jim Michaud’s question as to how Peter and Arthur are only crossing paths now…Arthur explains to Peter that he just started school the day before they ran into each other. The real question is, didn’t ANYONE in school call Arthur “Peter” on his first day?? Didn’t any teachers comment on his resemblance to a student already attending the school? Didn’t ANY of the kids tell him “hey, you look just like someone who goes here” ?

    2) Re: Identical cousins on the Patty Duke Show… I never knew that Patty’s father had a twin brother who was Cathy’s father. I remember watching the show at the end of its prime time run and also in daytime reruns in the late 60s and very early 70s. I liked Patty Duke, I thought she was pretty (and Cathy was pretty too!) I always thought that look alike cousins was a strange idea, but TV shows used this all the time back then. So it was not that much of a stretch to see it happen to one of the Brady kids….but looking back, it does seem very out of place in terms of overall plausibility.

    3) LOL I too laughed when “Arthur” put his glasses in his pocket….although I did notice he did appear to have a glasses case in his pocket. Still, unless it was one of those hard plastic cases, the glasses would likely have been broken if he sat down…although, even when he was helping Jan, I don’t think he was sitting at the table…I think he was kneeling on the kitchen floor.

    4) Why does Alice tell “Peter” that she needs his “expert pie tasting abilities”?? Is that just a roundabout way of offering him a piece of pie? Why would she need her pies tested?

    5) Arthur says to Jan “gee you sure are pretty” and Jan doesn’t even think anything of it, other than telling him to “cut the corny compliments”. And she couldn’t feel Arthur staring at her the way he was?

    6) Speaking of Arthur’s attraction to Jan, In my town, I heard about two families (I didn’t know either of them) who were joined together when the father of one family married the mother of the other family. I also heard that one of the sons in one family was going out with the daughter in the other family. I never knew how that all came out, but has anyone ever seen a case where step siblings had actually dated prior to their families merging? I always wondered how that would actually work out? In today’s world, especially, that has to happen more often than we ever hear about.

    7) When Mike was telling his jokes, I didn’t see Greg’s hands under the table at all during that scene. Alice had HER hands under the table, but she moved them to the table top when the camera was on her at one point.

    8) I did like the three Tunes that were playing as the camera switches between the family room (rock record), the kitchen (“William Tell Overture”, also known as the theme from “The Lone Ranger”) and the living room “Theme from Romeo and Juliet”). But it seems that all the movie that Michelle was watching did during the entire time was play the R&J theme over and over again.

    9) Greg and Marcia were pretty dressed up to be going swimming at a friend’s house. Greg had jeans and a button down shirt, and Marcia wore a dress. If your going swimming at a friend’s house, all you need are shorts to change out of and into and a t-shirt of some kind. They were too dressed up to be going swimming.

    10) When Peter’s talking to Arthur on the phone and Arthur explains how he made the date with Pamela, Peter says “what am I going to do? I have to be twins and…”. Then Peter says to Arthur, “hey, did you hear what I just said?” and Arthur says “yeah….why?”. Excuse me, but “Why?” Is Arthur that clueless? What did he THINK Peter was getting at?

    11) When Pamela was dropped off at the Bradys, one of my pet peeves reared its ugly head… Mr. Phillips drops his Niece off at the house and doesn’t walk her to the door? He doesn’t bother to go in and thank Peter for entertaining Pamela? Sorry, that’s just wrong. It’s like when Oliver’s parents couldn’t be bothered bringing him to the Brady home, Mike had to bring him to the house.

    12) Peter tells Arthur to wear blue jeans and a white T-Shirt. Does anyone think the T Shirts they wore were actually white? They looked more gray or a tan color, but definitely not white. And they both wore T Shirts that had the exact same shade of whatever color they were.

    13) LOL, I love your comment “Pamela likes the idea of dancing around the family room and snapping fingers with Peter for a while.”

    14) I thought it was rude of “Peter” and Pamela to not stop their dancing so that Pamela could introduce herself to Carol and Mike formally. I don’t care how much they “dug” each other, there are certain things you do as a kid when an adult enters the room. Especially the owners of the home you’re being entertained at.

    15) All these years of seeing this episode, and I never noticed that Mike wasn’t in on the resolution scene in the living room. He most certainly would have been angry that Peter had tried to fool Pamela, even if it did turn out OK. Just like when Greg and Marcia used Warren Mullaney and Kathy Lawrence to get at each other…even though Warren and Kathy liked each other, Greg and Marcia still had to apologize to them for using them the way they did.

    Well, with what’s left of the BB episodes, I think there’s only one episode left that I think I sort of like… the Hustler. Other than that, it’s all downhill from here lol… Still looking forward to discussing the final episodes though… great job on this review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great thoughts Tweety. I had some of the same.

      1) Didn’t somebody say to Jan, “The new kid sure looks like your brother!”
      6) That is an interesting thought about blended families.
      7) I skipped reviewing Mike’s joke telling scenes. I am glad you and other commenters chimed in on it.
      9) I thought the same about Greg and Marcia en route to go swimming.
      11) Your thought about Mr. Phillips walking Pamela to the door gave me a funny alternate plot development. Perhaps all of Peter’s marathon clothes changing occurred after Kathy arrived and is sitting in the family room, prior to Pamela arriving. Peter must run between the family room and the front door as he waits Pamela or Arthur’s arrival. Finally Arthur arrives and Peter is relieved that he beat Pamela there. He hurries back into the kitchen and adorns his costume and the pair leave for the party. Just then Arthur answers the door to Pamela and Mr. Phillips. Uncle Ed sees Arthur and says, “You are spending the evening with Peter, not this guy.” Wop wop waaaah.
      12) Even as a kid I found it way too convenient that Arthur arrived in the same mother of pearl colored shirt after Peter gave instruction to wear a white one.

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BBR, that’s a great point about Jan… through the years i’ve heard people point out that no one mentioned the lookalikes to Peter or to Arthur, not one person called Arthur “Peter” before the two of them met, etc…but that’s a great point, apparently no one mentioned to Jan that there’s a guy in school who looks just like her brother.

        11) lol, great scenario!!
        12) “Mother of pearl”…that’s it! I knew there was a name for that color, I just couldn’t think of it, but that’s it!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. 9: Greg and Marcia obviously weren’t going swimming at that “doctor’s family” house that Bobby and Cindy tried to go to before they got stopped by Alice! Lol

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Ray,

        OMG! I was thinking about Cindy and Bobby going to the Dr. Neighbor’s skinny dipping party, when I saw that scene.

        Now if it actually was JAN going swimming with Greg, Arthur may have well changed his mind, pronto.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. When Mike and Carol came home, they said that they forgot some notes, and we’re just coming by to get them. Perhaps in the scene where Carol is admonishing Peter, Mike was just in his den getting what he forgot.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Or, John, Mike was in a rush to get back, so he was sitting in the car, fuming, while Carol told him to calm down, that she’d handle things with Peter. Otherwise, Mike would be too riled up to be a good presenter.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Michelle’s pink dress is so see-through! I kind of wonder how any buxom, full-figured, etc. girl was able to stay fashionable and survive that decade! Especially with the sweaters, vests, and jackets that are boxy and end under the butt! But perhaps Pamela would show the way
    I am so sorry to hear that about Kathy O’Dare and Denise Nickerson.
    Wow the one time a guy goes gaga for Jan that doesn’t involve making herself over into something she’s not, it’s a guy that looks like her brother.
    I’m sorry but Pamela is gorgeous and (correct me if I am wrong) seems sweet with great style…..why Michelle?
    Alice wants to be ravished??? https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ArentYouGoingToRavishMe

    Liked by 2 people

      1. BBR, lol, I never watched Scooby Doo, but I know who the characters are, and I see what you mean about Velma lol.
        But i agree, Pamela was a very pretty girl and seemed very sweet as a person

        Liked by 2 people

  11. Can you imagine going to the office Monday morning and getting crap from your boss because Pamela told him who really took her out? I can’t see Pamela not saying anything to her parents at least but not sure Mike would say anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, Mikes not going to scream at Pete in front of company.
      I’m sure he would explain what happened to the uncle when he picked up Pam, had Pete apologize, and briefly told his boss after the roast.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s so very true but Carol did that for Mike while he went to look for his speech in the den.

        My fan fiction senses are bugging about this situation…. hmmm…..

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  12. So I didn’t read through all the comments but did anybody notice in Oliver’s first scene his shirt looks like it has a college writing on it it says state. When they cut away and come back to him all the letters on his shirt are covered.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Another one I’m not sure I’ve ever seen but this is the first time Id’ve been okay to have missed it.

    Some of the following observations others have already expertly touched on and some are new to the blog, so I’ll just dive in:

    The stand in for the back of Peter’s head never looks like the same hair style, color nor texture as Chris Knight’s hair. Oh well, at least their voices are identical.

    Back from the first commercial break and darn if that neighbor in the blue coupe with the black top doesn’t know when the cameras are on the Brady home. He always passes by at just the right moment.

    Surprised Arthur didn’t also have the hots for Marcia. She looked positively aghast at being mistaken for Jan; for me, this was about the only laugh I got out of this episode.

    And what kind of pie tasting help to Alice is a kid who can only try one of her two pies, without getting an allergic reaction? Plus, she only allowed him one slice before dinner so, again, how is this helping her out exactly?

    Peter never looks directly at Arthur. He’s always staring over his double’s left shoulder.

    I heard no echoes but did see the backyard garage split screen effect that was mentioned by another poster.

    Poor Jan – another Friday night with no date.

    *Rant Time :
    TBB is notorious for always going with the generic – a “really good movie is playing,” not even “a good western” or a “good comedy”. The kids want to skip the “really good movie” to stay home and “watch tv” , not so much as “tonight’s our favorite show and we don’t want to miss it.” Other times, Greg wants to score tickets to “that great rock concert” and Peter tells his date that he wants her to watch “a great movie” on tv. A little creativity from the writers would have gone a long way. It just comes across as lazy.
    Rant Over *

    This is the 3rd Jesse James reference on the show but Benedict Arnold is still the top go to bad guy in the Brady house.

    I rewatched where Mike tries out his roast jokes and, Greg alternates between keeping his hands out in front of him, on the table, and folded in front of him but, he never places them underneath.

    Boy, Carol really delights in making fun of Mike and his lame jokes while Alice believes in job security and laughs her head off.

    By the way – Cindy’s newest hair style is very flattering to her.

    So odd this tv trope of inviting two teens of the opposite sex, whose only common denominator is age, to hang out together, not knowing anything of the other, while the adults go off. Was this really a thing? Sure, when visiting family, cousins got thrown together and were expected to hang out but, I’ve only seen on old sitcoms where adults trust the other’s kid to behave responsibly and take some visiting kid off their hands. I’d be too afraid that a teen boy and a teen girl left unsupervised, would find their own trouble yet, it seems to be a plot device used over and again.

    Arthur never gets to trick his family.

    Thanks to Tweety for recognizing the R&J theme on the tv that Peter’s date was watching. It played on an earlier episode that, like this one, is not made available to streaming services. It makes me think they could not secure musical rights and had to leave them out of the rotation.

    This episode is one of 5 of Season 5 that are not shown through the streaming providers.

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  14. While I agree that this episode’s premise is far-fetched I’m not quite as critical of it as others because of a personal experience.

    Back in high school my sister and I were watching “Judge Judy” and there was a kid on the show who was a dead-ringer for me. When our mother was called into the room to verify even she admitted the resemblance was uncanny. However, there were a few small differences in appearance between us that would have prevented us from pulling off what Peter and Arthur did. Still I do know that it is possible to have a complete stranger bear a major resemblance to you.

    I’m a bit disappointed that the writers didn’t have Arthur commit to something more crazy than a date. If you’re going to have a zany premise you might as well go zany with the entire story too. The “two dates, one night” plot has been done to death on sitcoms.

    I’m watching the episodes on DVD a bit out of sequence but this is yet another storyline where a member of the family’s weekend plans have to be re-arranged because of Mike’s job. Has anyone else noticed a pattern of this throughout the series?

    Liked by 2 people

  15. As always your review is spot on, and really captured my own thoughts on this episode. This is maybe my least favorite episode ever, just an awful, implausible premise and few laughs. I am in full agreement with the posters who point out that Robert Reed agreed to be in this episode (albeit missing from the final confrontation as you astutely noticed), featuring an EXACT double of his son, but refused to be in the final episode, where a cheap hair product caused Greg’s hair to change color, something that can and does happen in real life? Not really sure what Robert Reed’s algorithm was for deciding whether something was too far-fetched but it sure isn’t the one I would use! About the only thing positive about this episode was the lovely Jan Brady finally getting her due as the knockout she became.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. On the final disc for the DVD set I bought regarding the series and I admit, I have fast forwarded through most scenes. Seems Alice was the only one who noticed Peter changing his shirt and I did notice Oliver’s shirt, one minute you can read it and the next its taped up or he changed shirts.

    Its really baffling that Reed would do this episode but would not want to be in the series finale. I wished he had asked to be in the final scene which I would have been fine with and I would imagine most fans would as well.

    I think the writing hasn’t been all that good the last part of season 5.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Kathy O’Dare was easily one of the prettiest actresses Ive seen on tv. Not just in Brady Bunch, but in all tv shows.

    Not long after Kathy died, I spoke to her then 13 year old daughter (Kathy never married). According to her, Kathy did “bad drugs” (What kind of “bad drugs” specifically, she didnt say) and spent the last few years of her life in a mental institution after a nervous breakdown. What exactly Kathy died of, I dont think she was sure. Heat exhaustion or heart troubles or a combination of both.

    Her brother, David, has just finished a bio book (“The In-Between Artist”) on their father. A vaudevillian and artist for Disney Studios. Earlier this year he said he was currently working on a book on his sister Kathy.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. 1. Lotta times when 2 people look exactly alike. 1 would be taller than the other and their voice would be different.

    2. Peter and Arthur really didn’t have much in common, despite their looks. Peter liked checkers and Arthur didn’t. Peter was a good swimmer and Arthur couldn’t swim. Peter liked lemon pie and Arthur liked cherry.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Peter having a doppelganger seems a ridiculous premise, but I noticed in the episode where Jan is campaigning for class president, one of the pissed-off kids she made empty promises to looked exactly like Peter. Maybe that’s why Mr. Brady didn’t storm off the set and fire off another angry and condescending memo.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Here are 10 things I disliked about this episode:
    1. Christopher Knight playing two different characters in one episode. We’ve already dealt with Alice and her cousin, Emma, we don’t need a rehash of that. To make matters worse, Peter and his doppelgänger Arthur share multiple scenes together and the only distinction between the two of them is that Arthur wears glasses.
    2. Peter playing a trick on his family by inviting his doppelgänger over.
    3. Arthur calling Marcia “Jan.”
    4. Peter begging for Kathy to go to a costume party with him, even though she’s rejected him many times.
    5. Speaking of Peter desperately wanting Kathy to go on a date with him, Peter assures Kathy that he’s “charming”, “witty”, “handsome” and “very modest.” That’s a very pompous thing to say when you’re trying to impress a girl.
    6. Peter turning down Greg and Marcia’s invitation to go swimming with them.
    7. Peter refusing to help Jan with her homework.
    8. Alice comparing Mike Brady to Bob Hope and Milton Berle.
    9. “Compared to you three, Jesse James was a choir boy!” – Peter
    10. There is no lesson or talking to for Peter as the episode wraps up.

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